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Lots has been happening here over the past week.

Firstly we had unexpected visitors staying for 2 nights, Justin’s cousin Emma and her baby boy Neo (7 months). Renovations at MIL’s meant that they couldn’t stay there, so our guest room was hastily dusted and refreshed. It was nice to have them here but it coincided with my first 2 days of real work, and a 7 month old in the house was like stepping back in time to memories of interrupted sleep. They left today at 4am to drive home to Vic, and I don’t think I got back to sleep after that. I’m kinda pooped today.

So anyway – work was great. I was at the hospital where I had all the girls, so it was very familiar and I felt verysettled in there. I just love walking around the ward, finding my babies and filling in their blue books and files. I was SO meant to be a nurse! Maybe in my next life. A friend of mine had her baby girl on Tuesday so I was able to see them and test her hearing as well. Fortunately she passed.

Amy has been walking a lot more but not all the time. She likes to walk when no-one can see her because if you ask her to do it, she drops straight away. She is not an ‘on-demand’ performer yet! I have enrolled Jess in a 3 yr old preschool program, which is designed to make the transition to real preschool very seamless. At the meeting last night Lisa and I got roped into committee positions – she as Secretary and I as the Enrollment Coordinator. Looks like another busy year ahead.

Meg had an excursion to the National Gallery today, she broke her glasses yesterday and has a multitude of scrapes and scratches on her legs from falling over and being knocked around by boofy sisters. Holly is all legs – getting so long and also nearing the end of her fuse for being at school. Holidays in about 3 weeks I think. Yay!

Our beloved tarago, Bluey, has been giving us a rough time of late. Sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn’t. This week has been a shocker and I’ve been stranded a few times. A few other times it has come to life after being roll started down the street! I’m begging Jus every night for a newer version Tarago, but he is the anti-new-car bossy boots of the world. Maybe if I cry hard enough he’ll come around 🙂

Here are a few photos of the girls that I took just this week….
877 My beautiful Jess
880 My Baby Amy
883 My red Meg
886 Amy loving the Christmas tree (and loving standing up pulling the decorations off)

That is about it for this week. Christmas parties start soon, end of year concerts and gatherings. I love it all!

Have a great weekend.


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Little fingers, little hands and lots of missing objects. I’m wondering how to make it clear that if it isn’t yours don’t take it.

Today Jus couldn’t find his shaving brush. The brush that is always in the bathroom and has been for his whole shaving life. We do the rounds of “Did you take it?” and Holly turns up with it.. She had taken it to school because at lunch time they play “Paleontologists” and she needed it to brush the dirt off the ‘fossils’. Obviously the spoons that she had pilfered from the kitchen drawer for digging were not sufficient anymore – the game had evolved!

Working girl

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It was fun! I tested a few teeny newborn babies, that part was easy. The hard part was learning the procedure for paperwork, learning where to find the patients (over 3 floors and in different wards) and the names of the thousands of people dashing about. But, that will come with time. I loved having to go and get the bubs, seeing them all new and fresh and bundled up so tight. I really felt like this is where I am supposed to be.

A few things that I’ll have to get used to are – restricted times for eating (no grazing all day like at home!); parking was a madhouse. After 2 hours you have to go and move your car. How bloody unproductive is that?
People dress up in Non-Mum-Housebound kind of clothes – must go shopping. Shoes too are strappy sandals and not mum-heavyduty-longwearing kind of shoes.

I’m gonna love it!!

On Wednesday night Rach and I are going to the Hyatt for a dinner with author Paulina Simons. She has written several books, like Tully, The Girl in Times Square and my favourite series about wartime Russia The Bronze Horseman, Bridge to Holly Cross and the Summer Garden.. Can’t wait to see her IRL. Hopefully she will sign some of my books – I have them all!

It is going to be another hot day here. We swam a lot of the weekend and Justin made pesto which always reminds me of our old house. It is funny how certain smells can take you to another place.

Have a great week and keep cool!

long lost

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I am loving Facebook. Over the last few days I have found, and been found, by some very long lost friends. Girls from uni days that I thought I had lost forever. Isn’t the internet amazing!

Meg has a session at Kinder today. Just an hour to meet some new classmates, read a book with the teacher and be big. She can’t wait. Jess is terribly jealous and wants to go too. How will Jessie cope next year without Meg. How will I!!

Tomorrow is the big day for me. No butterflies in the tummy yet, but I’m sure that by this time tomorrow I’ll be a nervous wreck!

Enjoy the summersunshine.

super weekend

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Friday morning, bright and early, Rach and I hopped on the Sydney express and three hours later were at the hotel signing in for our 3 day scrapping extravaganza. The hotel was great – bar, restaurant and comfy beds, what more could we want? The actual scrapping started on Saturday, and we did a great class with a US teacher Stacey Julian and it was fast paced and absolutely fantastic. We made a 6inchx 6inch album and it was all about getting it done fast and not worrying about perfection or loads of embellishments. I loved it and plan to make a few more mini albums of events from years ago that I would never otherwise scrap – a great way to get them into albums with minimum effort – love it! My next class was with Nic Howard, a NZ teacher, and we made a chipboard album about ourselves and our confessions – you know those kind of weird quirky things that make you you. Eg one of mine was that I hate watching people brush their teeth. Makes me gag!

Next up we did a class that was about simple scrapbooking, and we did 2 layouts that were very classic and streamlined and not bogged down with heaps of content and extras. I really got a lot out of the whole day. On Sunday we caught the bus home and are now back into the routine, but I had the most relaxing and enjoyable weekend and it was just what I needed before I start work on Friday. OMG – Friday!!!!

Friday is an in-service at the hospital where I’ll meet the staff and sign the papers to get this all rolling. I’ll be on a 6 month contract to begin with and Leslie, my boss, is hoping to make me permanent after that. She is going on higher duties for 3 months and asked me to do her job which is just the screening bit at the Private hospital John James. I’m also filling in for staff who are on leave over Christmas, so that means weekends and boxing day even, but because the hours are 9-1pm and Justin will be home to mind the kids, it is ideal for me. No traffic either! I couldn’t be more excited.

So while I was away the girls grew. Talking to Holly on the phone was a big wake-up to me, cause she didn’t sound like a little kid anymore, she sounded like a growing up girl. It made my head spin. Amy is trying to walk. She took a few steps on her own to get from me to Jus, but she toppled over like she’s had a dozen schooners. She is certainly trying to stand up on her own, but not quite stable enough yet. Meg and Jess missed me a lot and were all over me which was nice. Nice to get cuddles instead of backchat!

My Dad’s Uncle John passed away on Friday. He was such a nice man and I have very fond memories of him. The funeral is tomorrow which Jus and I will both be going to.

Well, a million little things need my attention so better get that underway. I am so inspired by the weekend so want to get a few projects started too. Hope you have a good week.

I got a job!

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Last week when I thought that I should get in contact with the Hospital to put my name on a list for a job or what ever the process may be, I never imagined that this week I would have a job!

Two things came out of the interview yesterday. Firstly, they do have a casual position for me on the team for the Newborn Hearing Screening, with training hopefully before Christmas, and working up to 3 mornings a week. Perfect!

Secondly, they were ecstatic that I was an Audiologist (we are as rare as hens teeth) and are in the process of applying for funding for a new position that they want me to take on. This position would be like a liasion/support person, who diagnoses the hearing impaired child, then assists the family with the ongoing appointments like a medium who knows the lingo and the system and can help them through the processes and emotional rollercoaster that comes with having a deaf child. This is so up my alley I cannot believe it! They are also applying to get an Audiology Department set up in the hospital and will use my status as leverage to get that up and running “See we have an Audiologist, give us a department”. I would love that too. So all in all very good news, and from a cold call too. See, let nothing stand in your way.

As I left the interview, I walked down the stairs and could here the two of them whooppeeeing in the office. They are just as thrilled by all of this as me. Who would have thunk it!

Rach and I are off to a scrapbooking (Kiwiscraps) event this weekend in Sydney. Three whole days of paper, ribbons, photos, embellishments, classes and fun. I’m really looking forward to it.

Melbourne Cup proved a winner for us again this year. We went over the Matt and Penny’s with our fancy hats for afternoon tea and to watch the race. In the $1 sweep Meg came first and third and Jess came second and last. A clean sweep there! In the $2 draw, Amy came first winning $25. I don’t think we’ll be invited back there again next year!!

Enjoy the est of the week.


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I have a job interview tomorrow.

I am so excited. It is for a position at the Hospital, testing the new born babies hearing. I have just written a CV for the first time in my life. I hope that being a mum of 4 counts for some ‘experience’ with babies! And that organising the school fete counts as ‘people skills’ and ‘good team management’. How much more can I embellish this? 🙂

And what am I going to wear?