Pancake Tuesday

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I just looked at the calendar and was reminded that tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday. That is the day before Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent, which (if you are Catholic and abstaining from the some things during lent) means it is your last opportunity to have a little feast!

I’m dreaming of pancakes, bacon and maple syrup – which also reminds me that I promised to take Rach and Moi out to breakfast at some stage to introduce Rach to this delicasy. I still will girls, promise!!

The Canberra Show

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Another weekend came and went. This one was busy. It was Justin’s birthday (34 – ouch) and our friends come down from Sydney to visit for the day. We dragged them along to see an open house – a potential home, right suburb, right location, right looking place. It was so great. So much so that it was about $100k out of our pricerange! This place had it all and more. When they say “Auction” it is difficult to estimate what price they might want, but the agent was pretty sure they wanted over $600k. Hmm – too much I think, but I’m sure someone will pay that!! It just won’t be me. 🙂

Sunday we went along to The Canberra Show. I was skeptical, but it turned out to be a great day. We got there first thing, which was a good move and managed to see most of it witout battling too many crowds. The walk through the cow shed lived up to my memories as a child. Smelly, HUGE bulls and cows, noisy, and dodging the occaisonal cow pat and weeing bovine. Meg almost got pooed on, but managed to get past without any landing on her!!

Mum bought the girls Princess showbags and lots more. The pram was so weighed down with stuff that whenever Jess got out to look at something, it toppled over backwards, dropping everything into the dust. Ahh – a great experience all around 🙂

Great to have Rach home again after her whirlwind trip to WA for the Scrapboxx Retreat. She said it was great and I’m sure after sleeping for a few solid hours she’ll be back to normal EST!

Happy Birthday to Moi too. Hope you had a great day today 🙂


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Holly was delighted to tell me about a new friend at kindergarton.

“Mum, Priya’s dad is whole Indian and her mum is whole Australian, and that makes Priya HALF INDIAN. Isn’t that just great mum?”

I couldn’t help but smile and give her a cuddle. I hope life is always this magical for her.

Feeling better

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It has passed and a good thing too. I hate being sick!

OK so now to the answers –

1. True – My feet at size 8.5 – I know – huge!
2. False – my car is a manual so I can in fact drive it.
3. True – my Grandma is a “Dame” in her own right (just last year that title was bestowed upon her) and a “Lady” because my Grandpa was knighted by the Queen in 1977. They are Sir James and Lady Mary. Very lah-di-dah!!
4. False – Amen – I not pregnant with twins. There was only one in there last week when I checked.
5. True – I sure can recite that movie word for word. It was my fav movie on high school and now I’ve got Holly watching it and singing “my little buttercup…”
6. False – only been married for 8.5 years.
7. False – I only have 2 sisters
8. False – I love Chinese food. I love any food, I love all food. Mmmmm hungry now….
9. True – I did learn Irish dancing for 12 years. I was pretty good, won a few trophies, had some fun, but then injured my knee playing netball and that was the end of that. I did make a comeback for a concert about 5 years ago, but I had so much baby fat on me, I could hardly jump!! It was no Riverdance, believe me!!
10. False – I can curl my tongue!

Thanks for the giggle!

Pick the 4 correct statements about me!

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Following Moi’s fun blog entry, here are 10 statements about me. 6 are false and 4 true. Can you guess the correct statements about me?

1. I have a size 8.5 foot
2. I can’t drive a manual car
3. My grandmother is a Dame and a Lady
4. I’m pregnant with twins
5. I can recite The Three Amigo’s movie word for word
6. I have been married for 10 years
7. I have 3 sisters
8. I hate Chinese food
9. I learnt Irish Dancing for 12 years
10. I can’t curl my tongue.

Thanks for playing along 🙂

Rushing around

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Mornings seem to be bedlam here. Getting ready for school, daycare, work and all the extra’s that it entails tends to make my mind whirl.

This morning I was getting Meg dressed, all 3 hair done, shoes on, lunches made and me showered and ready. Justin took Jess and a screaming Meg to daycare and I took Holly to school. When I got to work, already feeling exhausted, Justin told me that Meg had not stopped her tantrum when she got to daycare, but that it in fact got worse when she pronounced that she didin’t have any undies on. Her frazzled mother had forgotten her underpants – how much worse can things get for a 3 year old??

I had to laugh, but I’m sure little Meggie will not be happy with me when I pick her up 🙂

The Cause for the Pause

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I’m back!

Been a crazy few weeks for me here and Justin gave me some advice which I gladly took. I was feeling very overwhelmed with my lot in life and he said “Sometimes you just have to step off the escalator, watch it speed past for awhile, gather your thoughts, gain some perspective, and then jump back on there again”.

So here I am , jumping back into the ‘frantic-ness’ of my life.

Firstly, I have a confession to make. The reason for my poor health is because I am Pregnant!
Secondly, the reason for my poor health is that I was not taking the news so well. This will be my 4th baby, and it took me somewhat by surprise. We had pretty much decided that 3 would be it. I was loving how everything was cruising along, I was in good shape, I was happy working, Holly was starting school and we had a big holiday planned for September while minding my neice for 6 weeks. Seeing that little blue line on the pregnancy tester that indicated positive meant that everything in my world was going to change. I didn’t take it very well. Ask Rach – I was a mess.

So the past few weeks have been a rocky time for me emotionally and physically. I’ve been feeling unwell with monring sickness and feeling crazy with mixed emotions. Basically I thought that I was insane, because I dreaded that people might think that I didn’t want this baby, but at the same time, I just didn’t want to be pregnant right now.

So I’ve worked through a lot of these issues and I started to tell people about the baby. Once I began to let go of the fact that nothing was going to change this situation and come September I would have another child, I began to feel much better about it. In fact I am getting rather excited about it. Today, Rach took me to have an ultrasound. It was the best thing I could have done. To see that little baby, all 2.58cm of it, heart beating rapidly, squirming around, bought a tear to my eye. I connected with it and said a little “hi baby” and now I just cannot wait to hold it in arms and kiss it’s little nose.

Nine weeks down, 31 to go. I’m going to be a mummy and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

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I thought I’d better update, but I really haven’t got much to say. I’ve been feeling unwell and really don’t have the energy to do much at all.

Holly Started school today. She looked so grown up, but I have to admit that I am relieved that I now have one less at home and under my feet, especially while not feeling 100%. SHe loved her day in “primary school” and I have no doubts that this will see her blossom into a confident, beautiful girl. I hope she makes friends that are dear to her for the rest of her life, while all the time remaining the lovely little thing that I adore. I am excited about this new phase for myself – new people to meet, tuckshop rosters and school fetes. I love that stuff.

So please excuse my absence of late. I’ll be back when I’m feeling a little better.

Tagged Twice!

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Where did the week go? Suddenly is it Friday again and the past few days are a blur. I haven’t blogged for 3 main reasons.
1 – we got our new 106cm Plasma TV and it is just awesome. I am seeing the world in Techniclour!!
2 – I was finishing the epic 3rd novel in the series of Tatiana and Alexander The Summer Garden and Linda was right when she said that she could read about them forever. It was a great book.
3 – too hot, too lazy 🙂

So now I have 2 out of 3 kids having a play at my sisters house (God bless my darling sister) and Jess is asleep, so a good time to tackle the mammoth tag that Julie and Moi have passed on to me. Thanks girls – here we are……………….

What were you doing 10 years ago
-I was living a great flat with 2 Uni friends and about to start my first proper job as an audiologist. That lasted 5 months (The boss was a sleaze) and I took up a Aud position in my dream job that lasted a further 7 years.
-I was about to get engaged to my beau
-my darling Nanna died and I was devestated.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
– Preparing for preschool, breast feeding a 7 mth old Jess, recovering frm Christmas in Perth, and planning the Carnival that I am an organiser for.

Five snacks that you enjoy?
1 cheesecake yoghurt with museli on the top
2 rice crackers with dip
3 chocolates
4 dried apricots/sultanas
5 prunes

Five songs to which you KNOW all the lyrics?
1 Advance Australia Fair – yes, even the 2nd verse
2 On top of the world – The Carpenters ( i even recorded my own version of this!)
3 Chiquitita – Abba
4 You little Thief – Fergal Sharkey (where did that come from!!)
5 Electric Blue – Icehouse (Ahh, Iva…)

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire?
1 Buy a great big house
2 Share it with my family and friends
3 have an O/S holiday
4 go to a day spa once a week
5 Employ a house cleaner, gardener, nanny, chauffer and cook full time

Five bad habits?

1 Bite my nails
2 can’t say “no”
3 don’t see my friends enough
4 don’t dust
5 wish I were a millionaire

Five things you like doing?

1 walking the dog in the fresh morning
2 getting newsy mail
3 being involved in the community
4 baking
5 drinking good wine

Five things you would never wear, buy, or get again?

1 Stonewash ripped jeans
2 wide elastic tight belts
3 glasses/contact lenses – I had laser eye surgury 7 years ago.
4 commodore 64 computer
5 cassette tapes

Five favourite toys?
1 My Blog
2 new plasma TV
3 3 little girls who live here
4 Rach – she is so funny
5 scrapbooking stuff

Phew, if you got through that, Well Done!

Thanks for reading…………………