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1. The Womens Marathon – OMG how buff are those Olympian Marathon runners. I couldn’t take me eyes off the TV or stop being inspired by their ages and capabilities. It got me thinking that I maybe could do the CT Fun Run (10kms) in a few weeks. I was feeling nervous about whether I could do it or not, so asked Holly to give me a pep talk. I said “Should I do the run or stay at home?” hoping she’d give me a run down on how fabulous I was and how she believed in me and that I could run 10kms no worries. But, she said…”Just stay home mum”. Mental note to self, teach the kids about the meaning of a pep talk!! Anyway, I signed up and the run is on 14th September.

2. Lice has returned. We have scrubbed and washed everything. No more talk about that 🙁

3. Homework. Should kindergarten have homework? Meg doesn’t get any (except readers), but Treasure across the road gets lots of spelling and maths and activities and seems street ahead of Meggie. I can see why they don’t give homework – because it is only kinder and no pressure etc, and I can see why they do. So I’m doing my own workbooks with Meg and she can do them at her leisure throughout the week. She likes it, but I don’t want to make it a chore or I will be battling her to do it for the next 12 years.

4. Babies – Tania is due in about 10 days. Penny in 11 weeks, and Sascha in mid Feb. I have RSI from making blankets, but they keep me warm while I’m doing it so can’t complain about it!

5. Trees – we have 2 massive ugly pines in front of our house and on Saturday we had them chopped down. It took about 2 hours for the bloke to do it. The girls were a bit horrified and ran out to get “memory pieces” of tree branches much to the arborists amusement. There is now so much natural light coming into the house that I don’t need the lights on in the day. So much better. Landscaping of the space is on the 5 year plan (nothing moves very fast here) but I hope to have a little courtyard, retaining wall, sail and new plants. In my imagination it looks sensational!

Thats it.


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We have seen the new Orthopedic Specialist today and he has said that Amy doesn’t need the braces on any more. He is of the school of thought that braces and harnesses are not advantageous to the overall improvement of the condition, and since it is not bad enough for surgery, he is happy to monitor her. Huge relief about the braces, but I still have a niggle given that she isn’t in the normal range yet, and what if there was something we could do before it become 3 more years down the track and she needs surgery then? On the bright side, I did see a big improvement in her X-ray from the last time, so his wait and see policy might be just the ticket. Let’s hope so!

We had snow here yesterday. It was bitterly cold and we had to get the girls from a party in Murrumbateman and the snow was billowing all around the car as we drove along. It was quite magical. Meg licked the car, gross, to taste the snow.

My new job is official and I am waiting on the paperwork to sign and then I start first week of September. I have a feeling it is going to be the start of bigger and better things and certainly get my confidence back up. I am a little nervous about remembering how to do all the testing, but I’m sure it will come flooding back.

I will certainly post when my ABC TV debut is going to be on. They aren’t interviewing me or anything, just reading out my question, so it is not actually that glorious, but just a little bit exciting.

I’m organising a Mini Olympics at playgroup tomorrow, and the craft will be to make an Olympic torch and then we’ll have torch races and obstacle courses. I even have ribbons for places getters and participants that are left over from the schools sports carnival last week. Speaking of which, it was great and Holly got a 1st and a 2nd and Meggie got two third places. Both were quite thrilled! Justin did a sterling job with running the shotput.

Enjoy this week!

Some things

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Not a lot to report but the kids have said some funny things.

Jess was so happy the other day she told me she was walking on Sunshine. She is really into thinking things through and I am surprised by how much she actually knows. She can count to 30 by herself, and she can recognise all the numbers up to 11. She is not much good at writing but she knows a lot of stuff!

Amy is into Hi-5. I told her she could watch it on TV, but I was a little early and so popped on the end of Playschool. She was rather cross about this saying “Mummy, no Playschool – Hi-5!” Clear as a bell! We have to see the orthopedic specialist on Monday, as she is refusing to wear the braces and actually takes them off herself. Think good thoughts for a good outcome with this!

I had a call from the ABC TV show “Can We Help?”. I submitted a question and they are using it on the show. Taping is happening now, but it won’t be on the TV for awhile. It is very exiting and the girls think I am a bit of celebrity (and so do I!).

Sports Carnival tomorrow and Justin and I are helping out. Hope it gets above 5 degrees or it might be a cold event!



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Last week when we went to the snow there wasn’t any, so we tried again on Saturday. It had been much colder and raining too, so we thought our chances were good. AND THEY WERE. Snow everywhere!
Meg had the most fun, and Jess whinged much of the time (yeah to my prediction there!). Jess didn’t like being so wet and cold, she just wanted to go back to the car and change pants and socks. Holly and Meg really enjoyed making snowballs and throwing them at Justin and I, as well as slip sliding through the ice. I think Meg would have stayed all day if we had let her. Just near the carpark the road was very icy and it was quite nerve racking feeling the car slide, even though we were going about 5kms an hour!

Last week I had to get Amy’s hips x-rayed for her appointment with the Orthopedic specialist. She has not been a good girl! When I put the braces on her at night, she screams bloody murder and then I go in later to check on her and she has taken them off. Smart cookie! So I rang the doctors office to have advice and they made an earlier appointment to check what the status of the hips are. I am hopeful that all is OK – I’m just putting that out there, because the more positive my thoughts are the more likely they might be true! So that appointment is next Monday. Anyhoo, I was waiting for the films and a friend of mine works upstairs so I popped up to say hi and see her new office. She was my boss when I was at the Hearing Centre all those lifetimes ago. She was showing me the new advanced hearing aids and equipment and it was startling how far technology is coming along – eg hearing aids that are tiny and can link up to bluetooth. Incredible! So we were chatting and she offered me a job. And I said yes. It involves hearing tests for the ENT specialists (pre and post surgery tests) GP referrals and some children. I am super excited. It is a regular gig, one day a week, so the babysitters are lined up and ready to go. Maybe this will be the start of me getting back into the field. I can still do some of my baby testing if they need me to fill in. All is good.


These are some pics from a walk around the mountain yesterday morning. Amy has grown so much lately that she doesn’t fit so well in the back pack anymore. She doesn’t like to walk for too long, but she was happy to run after me.

Have a great week.