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Today was my turn to do roster duty at Amy’s playschool. Jess used to call it “Judy” and we’d always wonder who this Judy woman was! So anyway, it was a good chance to see the littlies in action. As the teacher said to me this morning, Sam and Amy would be content all day if they had food, things to play with and each other. There is such a wide range of maturity levels and capabilities. I thought Amy was “up” there, but perhaps not after hearing this conversation…

Teacher: What are you going to be when you grow up?
Boy: Monster Truck Driver
Girl: Trickery (ie a Magician)
Boy: A scientist
Amy: A butterfly
Sam: A ballerina.

Oh dear! At least they are having fun 🙂

Some other news just to hand is that the Hospital job that has been going to happen for the past year, has finally happened. I got a call yesterday about it and they are considering only my “expression of Interest” and when could I start? After some negotiating with Justin, and then with them about the hours I think we have come to some agreement. Exciting times as this is a new position and it is basically building this new department form scratch. Scary and daunting as well, but I think I am up for it.

Holly has hounded me for a ‘party’ with some friends including a bunch of boys. She has a mad crush on a particular boy which is very much reciprocated, so I am entering unchartered territory here. We are keeping the communication lines open and she knows how to behave, so I have agreed to this little shindig. They want music, movies and pizza. Sounds OK to me!! I will be keeping a very close eye on that bunch though 🙂

Time is ticking away. My day off is quickly drawing to a close, so better get a move on with some housework.


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Holly’s swimming efforts at the school carnival have landed her a place on the school team for PSSA. This is an event for the Local region where the fastest swimmers from the school carnivals take part. It is next Friday.

Then at swimming tonight, she went up a level to K10.

All good!!


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Best time of year in Canberra and it has started out with a bang – wild weather with lots of thunder and lightning. One massive crack a week ago, set the house alarm off and made Jess and Amy scream and run for cover (my bed). They had every right to be freaked out, it really was a heart jumper.

Yesterday we had registered for a 25km Bike Ride but it was just too risky riding on the wet with the littlies, so sadly we gave it a miss. Bight sun shiney day today though!

Amy has learnt about traffic lights and now is quite the backseat driver whenever we go out. She sings this song from Playschool….

“Everybody stop and the Red light,
Everybody go on the green
Get ready to stop at the Yell-ow Lighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht
Yes that’s what the traffic light mean
That’s what the traffic lights mean”

She often has me in stitches. Just love that little girls to bits.

Holly lost a tooth last night. Wasn’t even really wobbly, at the first sign of wobbliness she got underneath it and popped it out. That is what happens when you are 9. No more fiddling with it till it is hanging by a thread. No sir, just pop it out. Unfortunately she is so low key about the whole thing that the Tooth Fairy invariably forgets to come (this is the 4th time that pesky fairy hasn’t shown up). She was bitterly disappointed, but my friend pointed out that at her place the money often gets stuck in the pillow case. We might have to look there after school.

Jess is cracking me up with her school work. She brings her readers home and “reads” for me. She is looking everywhere but at the words. The text is too predicable for her, eg: The Eggs are in the trolley, the bananas are in the trolley, the apples are in the trolley etc. She is reading everything, everywhere and basking in her cleverness! She is such a joy.

Meggie got dancer of the week last week. It think this has more to do with the teachers political correctness/fairness, but she was pleased. We are still patching her eye every day, to get the other eye stronger, and she is coping well with everything that gets thrown at her. Quite the peacekeeper.

Justin and I took Holly and Meg to see “Alice in Wonderland” yesterday. jess opted not to come cause someone told her there might be a scary bit in it. Probably a good idea, it was a bit dark!

Tomorrow we are getting roller shutters installed. I was not a fan of the roller shutter (still am not in a lot of cases where the house ends up looking like a vault) but this is upstairs on the top level where we cannot get out to raise blinds. Currently we have the oldest canvas awnings in Canberra up there. They are banging around in the wind and generally being horrible in their brown-ness. One more sleep till they are gone…..

Kate, Lisa and I have got some plans sorted for our holiday in June to Hong Kong. Prior to that though we have to go to Perth, get through Easter and school holidays, run the Mothers Day Classic and Organise the Charny Carnival (20 March, get on down there!).

That is it for now, got a banana cake in the oven for Amy and Sam when they get home from Possums.