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Only 2 more days of school holidays and then back to the routine. The holidays seem to have gone really fast, I suppose because it has been busy with lots of things to do. Justin fixed the solar heating and today the pool has been a delicious 32 degrees. Might go back in soon.

Building has resumed (since Monday) and the doors between the eating area and the playroom have been replaced with sliding french doors and they look great. Can’t wait till they are stained and finished.

I did my 2 day course in Family Day Care last week and at the end of it, I decided to go it alone and not through FDC. There were too many requirements and restrictions that I thought we over the top for home care (I’m not a day care centre for heavens sake!). So we’ll see where things take me over the next few weeks.

The gall bladder has been playing up over the past week or so, leaving me feeling a bit off, so I’ll be glad to see the Specialist in about 10 days time. I’m sure it will be coming out.

Meg had her pool party last weekend and it was a hoot. She had lots of school friends over and they were in the pool pretty much the entire 3 hours. They are a nice bunch of children so it was a pleasure to have them all here.

Amy is wearing undies!! She goes to the toilet all the time now and would rather not wear a nappy. We are still having some accidents, but that is part of the territory I guess!! She is very proud of herself and announces to everyone that she did ‘wee wees on toilet’. Clever girl. When I have a bit more time next week, I’ll put up some photos.

Time to make the dinner……….. 🙂

Welcome 2009

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Halfway through the month already!

Christmas was wonderful. Utterly, blissfully, fantastically wonderful. Thanks to Adas and Lin, our WA holiday was restful and eventful – the perfect mix of relaxation and outings. Truly, going there for a holiday is a REAL holiday. I didn’t have to cook or clean or drive anywhere. I felt a bit guilty being so lazy, but it was wonderful and they are wonderful, and we had the best time. Thank you so much xxx

So now we are back. It is hot and we are spending much time in the pool and with the girls friends over (to make up for the lack of playdates they had during the year when I couldn’t be bothered!). Holly had a sleep over last night, I am yet to see her, but I bet when she walks in the door she will be tired and grumpy.

My back in improving since I hurt it the second last day in Perth. It is now sciatica of the worst degree and yesterday I had acupuncture on it to alleviate some of the pain. It didn’t really work, but I am hoping for improvement over the next few days. if not, I may need another go. The needles didn’t hurt, but the massage and prodding after the needles did. I’m sure I have bruises 🙂

I’ve had a few shifts back at the Newborn Hearing Screening at the hospital and I remember how much I love it. I really love it. I wish that I could do it as my main job, but in a few years I’ll be in a better position to do it regularly. I just have to bide my time and get these kids off the school first. Not too long to go.

I was just looking back at my aims for 2008 and I achieved all of what I said I wanted to do (ie, 10km fun run, new wardrobes etc). This year, I want to do 2 x10km fun runs, finish the inside renovations, get started on the front landscaping and have the verandas rebuilt (after they were demolished in the roof renovations). I also wish for personal self satisfaction, as I am way too hard on myself. Self Confidence needs a good hard look at!!

So Happy New Year to you. Hope it is a great one. Love each day and live it too the full. Don’t sweat the small stuff and remember that everyone just wants to be happy… so let them!!

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!