Giving up

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The wee wee problem has not been fixed and I am giving up. We tried our best, but Amy is no where near ready for no nappies at night. There were a few nights that she was dry, but only because i got up several times to put her on the toilet. When I didn’t, she wet the bed, then put herself on the floor to sleep. It is getting too cold in the night to keep up these shenanigan. Also she still will only poop in the nappy. When she didn’t wear one for 5 days, she just didn’t poop. Now this is not good. No matter how many times I put on the loo and bribed her with wonderful things, it wasn’t going to happen. She flatly refuses. In exasperation yesterday, I put a nappy on her and within 5 minutes she had filled it and was feeling much better!

So that is why we are not pushing this issue anymore. She isn’t ready and I don’t want to give her a psychosis.

In other news….Meg finally lost her second top tooth. She looks hilarious – all red hair, freckles and gaps. I had Holly at the orthodontist last week and his exact words were…”Oh what a mess”. Upshot of that is to wait 12 months for the baby teeth to be out, then an expander on the top teeth cemented in for 6 months, followed by years of braces. Not that I am surprised. I had braces for well over 2.5 years and her teeth and a bit better than mine at the same age.

School back next week but before that we have an ANZAC Biscuit Bake-Off on Sunday at mums. The challenge has been called and we are all baking our best bikkies. I have had a few goes (thanks to Adas for the recipe) and the first batch were a bit hard and crunchy. Justin said that this was the first time he could use food as a weapon. How rude!! Next couple of lots have been much better. I have to stop eating them however. My waistline will never recover.

Soccer starts tomorrow for the girls. Jess is in the Pee Wee’s, Meg Under 8’s and Holly Under10’s. Of course all at different times and possibly different ovals. I guess that is better than at the same time but different ovals! I’m grateful for small things.

Have a great weekend.

A little breakthrough

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After all the washing, a day of dealing with my stoopid computer and almost putting Miss 3 on E-Bay, last night we were actually successful with her. I remade the bed, plastic sheet and all, and we had a good talk about what was going to happen. Off she went to sleep and at 10pm I woke her to go to the toilet. I then woke up this morning at 5am and she hadn’t been in, so either A) she had done it! or B) she’d been lying in a pool of wee all night.

I went in and she was DRY! So I gathered her up and put her on the loo again and then she got into bed with us. It was great and I was so proud of her. Golly, such a topic of conversation!!

The incentives are still in place for the next step – Babycino at McDonalds – but we are still waiting for that movement! I’ll keep you posted 😉

One of those days

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You know when you wake up and just know that it is going to one of those days. I am there. Reasons for my angst…

Last night sat up and watched some of the Biggest Loser finale and recorded the ending – went over time, didn’t it ..and we missed the winner!

We are desperate to get Amy toilet trained. She is 3 and a half for goodness sake, but also the most stubborn child of ours. She wears a nappy to bed and it is always full in the morning. She times it so that her bowel movements are always in the nappy. She has never done a poo on the toilet and pretty much refuses. We are over it, so last night in all of Justin’s wisdom, he set a cold turkey ban on night nappies. I put a waterproof sheet on the bed and thought that maybe, just maybe, she might get through, but was cross because this was a dumb idea and I would be the one left cleaning up the mess. Helllllloo, guess what happened? 11.15pm and Amy wakes me up with soaking clothes. I have to get up, I have to remake the bed, I have to do the washing. Justin gets the glare and the cold shoulder!

Putting out said washing and some of the other things are clearly not cleaned properly – redo the bloody washing.

In amongst all that is bootcamp which was really tough this morning so I am tired and sore, the kids are non-stop bickering and we have an awfully messy house. I have to go into work today to see my new office space and get a run down of what is going to happen, and I am freaking out about the parking, the drive to work and leaving Justin in change of the kids.

Woe is me. I’m just a bit over done. Rant over….

Term 1 down

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Wow it has gone fast! Seems not long ago I was writing that school holidays were over and term was beginning.

So over the past few weeks…

We had a lovely 5 days in Perth for the wedding of Justin’s cousin Ben. Weather was warm, we got to go out on Adas’s boat and sail on the Swan River and dabble our feet a few times in the ocean. The wedding itself was gorgeous and the reception was great fun. It is always nice to get to Perth because Adas and Lin look after us so well. I got to have a few sleep-ins and nights out (‘Chicago’ at the Burswood Casino) and it was Lin’s Birthday so it was great to be there to celebrate that.On Adas's Boat, on the Swan River with Justin in the drivers seat.

Kate was good enough to be the nanny while we were away. She ran a tight ship and the girls were mostly well behaved, and it was so much appreciated. She was then able to stay the next week into Easter, which meant a few more nights out and gatherings together. Good times.

I can’t remember if I wrote that Holly made it into the PSSA for swimming. She came first in her heat, but didn’t make it to the next round as it was based on times and she wasn’t the fastest. Nonetheless we were very proud of her.

Cross Country running was then on at school and Kate and Mum were on hand to cheer them on. Holly came 3rd, Meggie 2nd and Jess “somewhere in the pack” in their respective age groups.

On the job front, I have accepted the new position and I start last week of April. I am not so worried about the work, but actually how I am going to get everyone where they need to go in the mornings. I have had a good run the last few years with being able to get the kids to school etc, but now I have to start at 8.30am so this means a big shift in the way things are going to be organised. I guess it will take some time to get used to Justin taking on more of the “kid” responsibility, but I am sure he is up for the job as it means a lot to me and my career.

Amy is still talking in the third person. “Amy is hungry”. “Amy is cranky”, “Amy just saw a blue truck” etc. Since returning form Perth where she had us both with undivided attention 24hrs a day, she has become very clingy and won’t leave us alone. She chucked a major tantrum when I left her a Possums yesterday, and wouldn’t stay over at Jacob’s for his 4th birthday on the weekend. Hopefully she is going to snap out of this soon, cause it is wearing very thin!

Holly is making the Sacrament of Penance tomorrow Night. First confession we called it. In June she’ll be doing her First Communion but I don’t know if they wear the white dress anymore. Must look into it.

Lots of babies waiting in the wings at the moment. It was nice to see Sascha looking so well at 6 months pregnant. Emma is blooming with not long to go (will she make it to the baby shower Sim and I have organised for her????) and Rowena is 29 weeks. I’d better get cracking with some blankets!

Happy Easter just gone!