Oh well

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That challenge didn’t go very well did it? What did we do…. about 3 days!!! Just a bit too much happening in my life. It just always seems busy!

I’ve really not kept up to date with many things that have happened lately…

I guess the biggest things was Justin’s 40th Birthday Party. We celebrated it a month early so that visiting family and friends could come in the school holidays. We had about 60 people here for a pool party/spit roast evening and it was great. Justin even rigged up a projector so that the kids could watch movies while swimming. Such a fun night and lovely chance to see old friends and new, and celebrate a milestone with great company. I’m really looking forward to my party in July!

I’m busy training for my half marathon run on April 15th. I’ve been quite focused and really getting the most of my workouts and a few weekends ago I did my furthest run ever which was twice around Lake Ginninderra, about 14kms. The best part of that was that I really felt I could have kept going if I had too, so that makes me quite confident that I’ll be able to finish the 21kms and do it well. I’ve given up chocolate for Lent and drinking alcohol till the race, so am feeling very well and fit.

Had a little day surgery last week, that has put my training schedule out a bit, but I was prepared for that, so back into it next week when I get the all clear.

Meg and Jess have started playing basketball this term. So far so good. I think t will be good for both of them…Meg the little snippet that runs around and Jess the tallest girl on the team to get the shots in! Amy and Holly are continuing with Physie, but Holly has had a really sore knee so she is seeing the orthopedic specialist (hopefully it is not hip related) and also the Chiropractor. Having more success with the chiro right now, so we’ll see how she progresses.

I’m seeing the chiro too, as my shoulder has not really gotten better after it was sore from the mosaic in the laundry all those months ago. She is convinced that I have overuse injury, tennis elbow and golfers arm!! I’m not to do any housework (tearing up at that!) and to ice, heat pack and stretch. She also said I have runners hips, which is not as good as having good birthing hips! Some instability in the pelvis and a lot of tight muscles. I knew that already!! So on the road to recovery there.

Long weekend this weekend. Canberra Day holiday on Monday. Next weekend we’ll do the Big Canberra Bike ride if the weather is clear. Might see some balloons if the rain keeps away.

Then it is Charny Carny Time.

Ok that is it for now. Time to dash and do all the things I need to do before school pick up and the rat race starts again. Have a great weekend xx