The Tooth Fairy

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On Saturday night Holly’s tooth finally fell out. Unfortunately Justin and I were out at dinner and the MIL babysitter didnt tell me that it had happened “I thought I’d let Holly tell you herself” she said. Yeah Ok good, but that meant that Holly woke up on Sunday morning quite devestated because the Tooth Fairy hadn’t come!

So last night she was all ready for the TF to come. She had notes all over her room with arrows pointing to the treasured tooth so the TF would know where it was and where to put the cash. This was the cutest note – It was hanging from the doorhandle to her room…..

Wecelm to my bedroom. Come in to chanj my toofth so come in. I em dlited to have you in. So halo I’l ave 2$s ples. Goodbye naw I will sey you soon biy biy toofth fairy. Biy biy see you soon.

Another note asked for the TF to write her name on a peice of paper. So I wrote “Mary” in my most elabourate handwriting and she raced in to me this morning with the eveidence that the TF is real and of course her $2. God bless her!!

Our dinner on Saturday night was great – we went to Axis Restaurant at the National Museum of Australia. It is run by the Hyatt so it was very lah-dee-dah. It was delicious food and a great view of the beautiful Lake. The last time Justin and I went out for dinner alone was when I was heavily pregnant with Amy and we had a curry to bring on the labour! It didn’t work.

On Sunday morning, Justin’s 35th birthday, I went out to a girlie morning tea with Mum, Lisa and my gorgeous SIL’s Penny and Sascha. Coffee and Cake and lots of laughs. If it weren’t for the bird that pooped on our table, it would have been perfect!! (edited to add – Kate was very much missed) Came home from that, quickly whipped up an Orange Poppyseed cake and had the family over to help sing Happy Birthday.

Amy did much better last night. She is getting easier to resettle without a feed, and I’m hoping that tonight will be her best effort yet. Some tough love is happening over here, but she is all the better for it!

Have a good week 🙂

5 Months

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More milestones this week – sitting alone for a minute or so, reaching out for things that are in front and to the side of her, rolling over from tummy to back and drinking some water from a sippy cup. If only she would sleep better! Five months old today and I certainly remember Jess was sleeping through the night by this stage. We are nowhere close with Amy. I’m still up several times a night and it is all wearing a bit thin. Perseverance is my new middle name 🙂

Holly is home sick today with a heavy cold, drippy nose and sore eyes. Glen 20 has become my new best friend. I really don’t want to get it or for the others to get it either. She missed the swimming Carnival today, but got to have a rest and a play with Nanna who minded them all while I went to Preschool to help out. I really enjoyed seeing Meg in her new environment and how she interacted with the other kids. The teacher said she is doing really well and is always happy and sociable.

It’s Justin’s birthday on Sunday and I’m taking him out to dinner on Saturday night. He’s 35! I first met him at school in yr 11 in 1989, but he fancied my friend and we didn’t really meet properly until we spied each other across the room of a seedly nightclub in second year of uni. That was it for me. I knew he was the one and we dated for 5 years before getting married in 1997. It is our 10 yr anniversary in October and I am keen to take a week together in the Barrossa Valley to drink some great wine and see a few new places. Never been to SA before. Any takers for minding the kids for a week??

Have a great weekend.

Train Whistle Blowing

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A train whistle is very loud – as the girls found out yesterday when we took an historic steam train trip from Canberra to Bungendore. It was great fun. The trip took an hour or so, we then wandered around Bungendore looking at shops, having lunch and icecreams, and then got back on the train to go home. Great way to spend a day. The kids loved the train – walking around while it was moving (no seatbelts), going through tunnels and putting hands over their ears when the whistle blew. They were all so good too – I don’t think any of the 8 of them were naughty or misbehaving.






Other news on the home front, our new front door is finally complete and the new laserlite is going up over the porch as I type this. It is gunna look fantastic.

Amy is trying to sit up from a lying down position. She gets up on all fours and pushes herself up high until her legs are virtually doing the splits and then she topples over backwards. Very weird, but I guess the flexibilty will come in good at the 2020 Olympics.

Jess is going to the toilet all the time now and has dry nappies in the morning. This is such a major breakthrough and Justin is over the moon at the thought of never changing one of her dirty ones again. I can vouch for the grossness of it all!

Meg is just loving preschool and made a new friend last week. She is so tired when she gets home so that must mean she is putting in all her effort while there. I’m so proud of her. I’m doing roster next Friday, so I’ll get to see first hand what is going on and how she is interacting with the other kids.

Holly is just cruising along. She lives in the moment – I never know what is going on at school or wherever she has been. She just is – now. Don’t worry about what happened before! She is learning Indonesion and today leart to say “My name is Holly”. I managed to get that much out of her at least.

Well that is about it for the wrap of ours lives over the past few days. Hope all is good where you are.

On Valentines Day….

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……it was a day of mixed emotions.

Firstly, Amy has a heavy cold and kept me up 2 nights in a row, screaming and whingeing (and she wasn’t much better either!). I am so tired that it was inevitable that I was going to be emotional on Meg’s first day of preschool. She was so eager to go and I was so eager for her not too. She is such a delight to have at home – always happy and smiling and helping out and easy to keep entertained.


So I dropped her off and she was very brave, but at the last minute she held my hand and whispered “I’m going to miss you Mum”. Cue Mum for tears welling up in eyes and time to go! When I picked her up she ran into my arms and was full of chatter about what she had done, which painting was hers and how I only gave her 2 things for morning tea and everyone else had 3 things. Get it right next time Fran!


So the rest of the day has been tough with Amy screaming, not sleeping, and not feeding from my left side. It is now really sore and I can’t work out why she won’t have it, unless she has a sore ear on that side and it hurts to lay down. She had a go in the Jolly Jumper yesterday – I wanted to get her used to putting her legs down and putting weight on her feet. She still holds them up high like they were in the brace. She had about 10 minutes and was going OK until Jess came along and gave it a huge push which sent her swinging. Ovr the past 4 days she has been having some rice cereal and it is like she was always meant to eat – she got the hang of it pretty quickly.

586 Amy in the jumper

So as for Valentines Day itself, it is pretty much a non-event here. I was lucky to get a kiss as Justin raced out the door this morning. I guess I could get a phone call to say that Dinner is taken care of but I think I’d be dreaming!

Hope everyone else had a lovely day 🙂

PS – Holly’s loose tooth is hanging by a thread. Maybe the toothfairy will be coming here tonight.

School Girl

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Holly was so keen to go to school, but this morning she was quite nervous. Once she saw her friends though it was all good, and she off like a shot. They all chatted animatedly about their new bags, shoes, haircuts and Holly had made little paper flowers for her best friends so they were all agog about that too.


It is nice to be back at school – as much as it is such a task to get her ready and out the door, she loves it and I love seeing her blossom and learn. She is a marvel.

The Fran Bubble

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I don’t know where I am or what is going on – I’m living in the Fran bubble and I feel that I have missed the world going by this past week. So much has been happening that my head is spinning. It has been a whirlwind of ultrasounds, braces off, specialist appointments, doctor’s appointments, back to school, sleepless nights and kids coming and going. I don’t even know where to begin to note it all down here. So I won’t!

Let’s look at some pictures instead!

This is Amy in her cot peeking over the top of the side bar. She looked so cute with big eyes that I had to take a pic. She got the braces off on Friday and is still trying to get used to having so much movement. When I put her on the floor she pushes herself all around. I jsut went into the lounge room and could hear her but couldn’t see her. She was all the way under the couch!
This is me trying to feed her, but Amy being a big sticky beak and looking all around.
Amy’s first swim. She quite liked it. Note new SHORT haircut. I said I wanted short but not THAT short. This makes Jessica Rowe look like Rupunzel. However, as my Dad says “There’s only a week between a good and bad haircut”. Let’s hope that is the truth.
All the girls in the pool. Holly went up another level in swimming lessons and both are just improving so much it is astonishing. I’m loving having a quiet swim in the evening and have even been known to have the odd skinny dip. Don’t worry – it is totally enclosed, so no chance of freaking out the neighbours with a peep show!


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Last night Amy slept from 7pm till 6am. She had a big feed then and went back to sleep till 9am. God Bless that baby – just when I needed the break the most!

The last week has been kind of hectic. My sore back was getting no better, so I checked in with the Chiropractor whom cracked me and jolted my spine out of it’s twist and back into line. I’m feeling so much better but still have a few knots there that she’ll attack next week.

Amy had her 4 month immunization, which entailed a jab in each thigh. She weighed in at 6.9kgs which is 3 kgs more than when she was born. She is very fleshy so I was in no doubt that she was up there in her weight gain!

Meg went along to her preschool yesterday to meet the teachers (Yasmin – blond, young and gorgeous. Justin wanted to know how much of the drop-offs and pick up he could do!!). She is in the Dolphins group and goes three mornings a week. This all starts on the 14th Feb.

Katie Nanna is here again this week, and at the moment they are all in the pool. She minded all four kids while I went out on Tuesday and today as well, so I am loving having her back.

I’ve lost 4 kgs according to my scales and I’m fitting a lot more easily into my clothes. My goal of losing 3 by the time Amy was out of the brace has been reached and the next goal is to lose 4 more by Easter weekend – we have a wedding and I want to wear the dress I wore to James and Sasch’s wedding. I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it.

That’s all for now. Catch ya later.