It’s nearly the holidays

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Got into the Christmas Spirit last night by attending the school Carols as Holly was in the choir. It was really my first bit of Christmas as we have no tree (infested by rats in the great plague of 2009) and no lights up (that sort of thing is left up to the real die-hards!). Singing along to the familiar words and music was just lovely and made me a little giddy with Chrsitmas Cheer!

I’ve done a bit of present shopping but really don’t know what to get the girls that isn’t a DSi or ipod etc. I’ve made a blanket rule about no electrial giflts till they are 10. And then maybe I’ll even make it 15! Besides, they are very expensive and if I by one then the others are going to complain about why didn’t they get one as well. You know the drill.

School reports were great. Both Holly and Meg had improvments and i bribed them by saying i’d give them $10 for every A. I’m a little bit poorer as a consequence, but they are all the richer for the extra effort they put in and pulled off. Yay girls. Oh, and they also were promoted to the next class, so Meg into year 2 and Holly into year 4. Jess was placed in the Kinder/year 1 class which i am happy about. She’ll surely benefit from the maturity and independance of the year 1’s and the accelerated learning.

My running workshop was great. I learnt a lot about breathing, arm movement, cadence of steps, body position while running etc. I’ve been practicing and have noticed the difference. When the arms are in position everything else just falls into place and I don’t run like such a girl!

Had a funny conversation with Amy yesterday. We were lying down tyring to have a sleep. I was dozing and she strokes my face and says “I love you Mummy.” to which i replied “uhumm uhummm”. She says to me quite sternly, “Mummy don’t say uhumm uhumm. You say, I love you too Amy. Now …I love you Mummy…???”. Not wanting to be told off again, I gave her the right answer!! She is feeling much better now. Back to her normal self, eating everything and being happy. She loves all the Christmas decorations and visiting Santa at the Mall, but she is still too scared to sit on his lap. Maybe next week her nerve will improve!

On Sunday the girls had the Physical Culture dance competition and end of year concert. Holly came away with 1st place and a trophy. She was delghted but also a bit cocky! Meg came second in her division and was gracious in defeat saying that the girl who had one deserved it and was a good dancer! Jess, who has only been learning 2 terms was placed 5th in the 5yr old section. She got a medal, and this was good until all the trophies were handed out and she realised that she didn’t get one! She must have cried for about an hour. And of course, Holly’s cockiness didn’t help matters at all. It is very hard to be diplomatic and explain it all to a devastated 5yr old. She is s good dancer though, and next year will be her time, if she keeps it up.

Ok, this is long enough and has taken me all day to write. Got another busy weekend ahead with Christmas get-togethers and a baby shower. I really nee to wash the floor too!!