My favourite words at the moment are…

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“Mummy, I need to do a wee”.

Yes, I am taking on the toilet training, and Amy is now telling me when she needs to go. It is fantastic. Only took a few days with the both of us being committed, and the grandma’s getting her into it when she is at their places. Bravo little one – you are very clever. And we are a step closer to never having nappies in the house again.

Other extremely exciting news is that Justin has been invited to be a trainer for a certain product that he sells. His region is Australia/NZ which will mean a bit of travel. The first bit being very soon, for some training in Paris, France. And guess who is going too??? ME!! It is all terrible daunting and amazing at the same time. Never having been O/S before, I am starting to feel anxious about how much there is to do, and how the kids will be without us a that time. Nerve racking kind of stuff. First job is to get the passport sorted out. It will be a priority process now!

Last night we went to the Make-a-Wish Ball. These are the people that grant seriously ill children a wish. it was a fundraising event and lots of fun. Late night and we are paying for it today 🙂

Only 2 more days until Spring and while I didn’t do a fantastic job at blogging everyday, I kept my hand in and got around to it most of the time. I’m hoping to keep it up, even if it is just for me as I like to look back and remember the funny things that have been happening.

That is about it for today. I’ve been weeding the front yard and I need a coffee.

A nice morning

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Wednesdays are great. MIL has the 2 at home girls for a few hours and I can get to the shops or do what I like for that time. Today I went to the mall and got myself a few projects. Some blank canvases, paint, material and paper. I’m going to try my hand at some artwork. I saw this stuff when i went to Ikea in Perth. Easy but really effective, so here we go.

After that I went to visit Grandma. Grandpa is in hospital for a few days and it has been ages since I saw them. Grandma was in great spirits, wearing jeans!! I have never seen her in pants in my entire life. I only ever saw my Nanna in pants once and that was when she bought herself some smart trousers, modelled them for us but never wore them again! I couldn’t live without my jeans – nowadays it is more like my kids will never see me in a dress or skirt!

So anyway, Grandma and I had a coffee and caught up on all the gossip. She has a great sense of humour and we laughed and laughed. It was really nice.

Meg has been very diligent in her patching and this morning even made it up herself and put it on without me having to ask her. She is putting the finishing touches on her reward chart and is planning the things we’ll do when we go to Melbourne.

Time to get the kids. My reverie is over for another week!

In trouble again

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I knew I would be. We have just been to the Eye Specialist for a check up and 6 months ago Meg was told that she had to Patch the right eye because the left was falling behind in it’s sight and needed to catch up. 2 hours a day was all that was required, but do you think we managed that? Not even close. I had to confess that initially we gave it a good crack, but then it became a battle and then I would forget and then 6 months had passed! Both the testing girl (cranky pants as we call her, she is never happy – I am much nicer to the patients I test before they see the doctor!) and the Doctor emphasised the importance of patching the good eye and making the bad eye work harder. Now is the best time, while she is young…or else it is eye drops everyday! So this is the deal. I am setting up a reward chart. Meg has promised not to fight me when I say it’s time to patch, and at the end of 4 months, if she’s done well, I’ll take her to Melbourne. It seems to simple when it’s written here, but this bloody patching business is a real pain!

In other news, Meg told me this morning that she doesn’t need her ‘blankie’ anymore. Ever since she was born she has had this crocheted blankie that she put her fingers and toes though when she was tired and sleeping. She told me that she was growing up and didn’t want it anymore. Oh how sad. Growing up – just stop it!

One thing that makes us all laugh is when Amy says Koala. “Kolala”. Oh my baby…stay little with speech impediments forever 🙂

Sunday, sunny Sunday

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I’m finding the weekend really had to blog! I don’t have the computer on and Justin has blocked facebook (grrrr).

So, today I went for a 45 min run. This is the longest stint so far and I actually felt OK. My endurance is kicking in and I am feeling hopeful for the 10km in under an hour. After that we went for a huge ride around the lake. This was a different route than last week and was only about 10km, but it was such a lovely day and we meandered through the National Art Gallery gardens looking at the sculptures and outdoor art.

Kids have to see the eye doctor in the morning, so we are hoping to no change to scripts and no drops.

Dinner time now. I mixed things up a bit last week by lighting candles at dinner and turning the lights out. The kids loved it and so now we have had candlelit dinners every night. I’ll try any excuse to keep them quiet and have them eat their dinner 🙂

Friday – and it’s raining

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I have to say off the bat that I am loving this new TV channel – Go! It has all the golden oldies, like Bewitched, I Dream of Jeanie and Seinfeld. The kids are learning to appreciate all the things I used to watch as a child.

I’ve just poured myself a large glass of wine. Had an unprovoked run in with my neighbour this afternoon and it has left me quite upset and shaken. She was very hurtful, hurling insults and accusations at me, primarily because I don’t wave to her when I go past in the car. I can’t even begin to go into her brain and understand why this upsets her so, but apparently it does! I consider us quite good as neighbours – no loud parties or loud music, no half-built cars in the front yard – really we are just happy to exist in peace and quiet. She has a bee in her bonnet about something, but you can rest assured I will not be waving to her now! Maybe flicking her a few other signs however…..

Night-time shenanigans

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It was about 1.30am and I was woken by lots of loud talking outside on the street. Then there was a huge bang and the sound of our wheelie bin being nicked! Justin jumped out of bed, lookd out the window, went downstairs, looked out the front door, got into the car and followed them down the road. By his stage they had gone but had left a trail of bins in their wake. It wasn’t too hard to find them, just followed the trail….looked like a bunch of teenagers having an all night party down the road.

So my good natured and public minded husband picked up all the bins that were strewn all over the road. He found ours to be a bit dented and bashed up, so left that one and took a better one! Ahh bless! He is so brave. I *heart* him!!

PS Reference to Abs-of-steel in previous post was tongue in cheek. I can only dreams of such things!

Job Interview

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it went well….I think. it was about 7 minutes long with the head honcho who basically didn’t know anything about the details of the job, but just wanted to meet me and suss me out. So I still have no idea about hours, pay, location etc, but I do know that they want me to start in 4 weeks. All a bit strange, but I suspect I’ll be in contact with other people involved in this project over the coming weeks to get the finer details ironed out. So over all…YAY me!

I started weight training again this week and my abs-of-steel are hurting. I am trying to do a 25-30 minute run each day then fitball work and weights. It is breathlessly energizing. Being tired from a good work out is so much better than being tired from doing nothing.

Till tomorrow…


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Whoops, missed yesterday. Must have been busy recovering from the best concert I’ve seen in ages! Pink was so fantastic. She is one buffed pocket rocket. She had an array of gymnastic/acrobatic moves that she did while singing and not losing breath or getting out of tune. AMAZING. Her singing was just like the CD. I could rave on and on, but I won’t, only to say that I thought she was brilliant and I’ll be going back to see next time she comes to Australia.

We made quite a night of it, going out to dinner before the concert and catching up with people on the inside. Fun Times.

So tomorrow I have the job interview. I’m hoping that I’m the only candidate, but I have done up a CV and am out to impress. I’m so keen for this position and am quite nervous, but I know that I can do the job, and I know that I am good at it, so that is giving me confidence.

Not much in other news. Been doing a bit of scrapbooking, to use up a lot of old stuff as well as some nice new stuff that I got for my birthday. Amy has been giving me Butterfly kisses, which is where she blinks on my cheek and her eyelashes tickle. But now they are pestering me which always seems to happen if I sit in this seat! Better go!

Pink tonight

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I’ll be here tonight listening to one of my favourite artists – P!NK. Am so excited, haven’t been to a proper concert, in the mosh pit, for about 20 years. Maybe it was Icehouse, or Crowded House or Uncanny Xmen! Anyway, a long time!! There must be about 20 of us, having dinner first then rocking up to the AIS to see her. It is going to be amazing. I have packed my ear plugs but don’t know if I that makes me A) and old fogey or B) a diligent Audiologist who practices what she preaches. 🙂

This morning we starved ourselves so we would have plenty of room for Brunch over at Matt and Penny’s. I am now so stuffed I won’t need lunch or dinner. Just had a snooze so am raring to get out tonight.

Justin is up on the roof fixing some tiles. There was a bit of rain while we were away and it came into the house. So many things need repairing, it is just a matter of getting it started. A must do.

After my 40 minute run yesterday, we took the girls and our bikes and rode around the entire Lake Burley Griffin. It was at least 25km the way the went and took us 1.5 hours. My thighs are like steel! It was so beautiful, and the other riders were so friendly – it is like a secret society, poo to pedestrians, bike riders rule!

Till tomorrow then – when I’ll be either hearing impaired, or making appointments for my friends who were not wise enough to wear ear protection!!