Thunderbolts of lightening

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Very very frightening!!

Last night at dinner it began to storm and then a very loud bolt of lightening cracked very brightly just outside our house. It struck a tree across the road, sheering of a big branch and leaving mess everywhere. Jess was so freaked out she ran to me screaming, and Amy got such a fright she cried too. I must admit, the loud bang made me jump a foot too. After that, everything was ok, but our phone had short circuited and is now kaput. It ends a bad week for me and phones. Amy dropped my mobile into Dash’s water bowl; Amy took a phone and hid it, but it was on and so the phone was engaged all day yesterday (I only found it when it was running out of battery and I could follow the beeps), and now the only replacement phone we have is a very old Telstra beige one, that has a cord and thus is not a walkie talkie one – OMG how will I go on!!!

On the work front – my lovely new job is no more! The job I was to be doing for the next 3 months has fallen though because I was replacing a girl who is now not needing the replacement, so I am back to square one. Sad. I have made a few phone calls for other things, so we’ll see what comes of all of that. Maybe I’ll just end up doing tuckshop duty!

Meg is very excited about school starting on Tuesday. Holly returns on Monday and then in Mid Feb, Jess starts her 2 mornings a week at possums playschool. I don’t really know what to do with myself with barely any kids on deck. I really need a job!

Have a great weekend.

Last day

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Day three is nearly over. I’m realising a few things about myself – I love food, I think about it all the time and what I can eat next, and even though I am also thinking I will never put a bad thing in my mouth again, I am dreaming of cream buns. Weird, huh!!

I lost another kilo – that is 2.4 so far. Mostly fluid retention I reckon. My face feels thin under my touch and I look different. I walked my route this morning, with Dash (who has returned for another holiday) and it took alot of effort. Isn’t it amazing how much food into our bodies can regulate our emotions, energy and total feeling of wellbeing?

Holly wanted her hair cut a bit shorter, so I did it. Looks a bit fluffy but I did an grand job. Mag saw the results and wanted hers done too. They are both now sporting much shorter styles. Maybe I could consider a new career!!

I’ll pop a photo up tomorrow. I’m playing scrabble on facebook and it is the most addictive things ever. Keeping my mind off cream buns!!

Day 2

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Made it to the second day. Yesterday was easier than I expected and I felt ok, no headache or irritability. Today is a different story and I feel quite lightheaded, nauseous, tired and cranky. I took a light jog this morning, as when I got up I was feeling quite energised, but when everyone was having breakfast I got really hungry and then felt sick. Hoping this little phase will pass. The natropath told me it would be like this. All the toxins are being ejected from the body and it doesn’t make you feel so good. On a brighter note I lost 1.4kgs. That is inspiring me to keep going. Today will be a very low key day!


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I’m trying not to think about food. Ignoring the empty feeling in my tummy and the growing headache! Only 3 days to go 🙂

I saw a natropath on Tuesday looking for a reason for a few health complaints that I want fixed up. The upshot of it all is that I am now on a 3 day liquid fast in order to empty my Gastrointestinal Tract. After the third day I take Probiotics which will repopulate my gut with the right type of ‘flora’ and fix me up from the inside out. Sounds great, but at the moment I am hungry! I only started today – well last night at dinner was the last thing I ate. He said today and tomorrow will be hard, but Saturday I’ll be feeling great and tempted to continue for a few more days! Yeah right – we’ll see about that.

I’m distracting myself so I don’t think about eating, The kitchen is sparkling and I have 2 loads of washing out on the line. I might do the bathrooms next, but I might have to conserve energy for the next few days!!

I’ll tell you about Melbourne. After arriving we headed straight to DFO in Spencer Street and shopped for about 4 hours. I purchased shoes x 2, a skirt, goggles for the kids and had a wonderful time browsing and trying on dresses and tops without interruption. Bliss. After we all met up again we went to Kates place where Rohan pulled off an amazing dinner and Auntie Maureen and Peter came too. Great night. It took a little time to get used the trains going past Kate’s place, and that they had to toot their horn as they went through the crossing was a bit hard to take all night long. However I slept and the next morning we were off to her local mall, home for lunch then into the city for our 2pm session of The Phantom of the Opera. This is the 3rd time I’ve seen it and it was just as magical and brilliant. Loved it.

After that we (eventually) found a bar for a few drinks before our reservation at ‘fifteen’. No Tobie, but a few chefs from the show and our waiter was familiar. Now I have to say, it was a GREAT meal. And I mean great. When I think about one dish I had I still get goosebumps. Everything about it was wonderful. And even more wonderful that I was there with my sisters, 2 wonderful sisters-in-law and Mum.

Sunday, up again early and out to the Victoria Markets. Purchases were 2 handbags (i even haggled with the price!), a hat, running socks and 2 delicious American donuts (and I wonder why I am on a detox!!). After a few hours there we decided to see a movie, given that the cinema is something I never get to do at home. We saw 27 Dresses and it was lovely. I cried, I admit it!!

Arrived home to find the girls so ably looked after by Justin and everything in order except their hair. I thought I was living with gypsies! They had a great weekend doing all the crazy things that I never want to do so that was good.

Back to normal now, but still hungry. We might go for a walk to take my mind off the grumbling.

Have a good 3 days eating what you desire!


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I really need a weekend away! As much as I have enjoyed the holidays, I am going a little spare repeating the same phrases over and over throughout the day. My daily word allowance is taken up with the repetition of things along the following lines….

– why did you do that?
– don’t hit her
– don’t touch her
– don’t even look at her
– sit on your bottom not on you knees
– she wee’d where?
– please don’t dob
– please don’t whinge
– please don’t cry
I’m going to cry if you do that again.
– No, (insert friends name here) cannot come over again today.

I think you get the idea! I have taken to roaring like a lion to release the stress rather than keep it internal 🙂

So tomorrow when we get to Melbourne and we all have no children for 3 whole days we are going wild. DFO watch out – we are headed you way and we are unleashed and possibly dangerous.

Birthdays, swimdays and holidays

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Holly had a great birthday last week. On Saturday she had some friends over for our first ever birthday Pool Party and it was a huge success. The pool party concept must be the easiest in the history of party themes, because the kids just swam for most of the 3 hours, got out halfway for a spot of lunch, pass the parcel and a pinata – Breezy! I didn’t know what games to play given that these kids are 7, go to about 10 or so birthday parties a year and are quite savvy with the games thing. So I changed the pass the parcel concept to make it that as they unwrapped a layer, they had to do a challenge in order to get a prize. For example, one had to hold her tongue while singing happy birthday, one had to do a sum, one spell a word, limbo, hop for 15 seconds and sing songs etc. It was hilarious and quite exciting for the kids to see what they had to do when they unwrapped the paper. Great game! I was also so impressed with the level of swimming skill and confidence these kids had in the water. None of them have swimming pools, but do swimming lessons and it really shows. Well done parents!
909 ^Holly and I with her party cake at her birthday pool party.
912 ^ Meg the little mermaid

Here are a few pics of the kids in the water – we set up the slippery dip so that the kids can fly down it into the pool. They have had endless fun with that one. I wish I could fit on it to have a go myself!
905 ^Holly flying off the slide
930 ^ Jess crashed out after the party

We had dinner for Holly’s Birthday with Mum and Dad over, Holly requested her favourite dinner – Burritos, and then we had Birthday cake (from Adas and Lin) which she chose herself mainly for the pink cream and chocolate sprinkles all over it. Cake was so delicious, thanks you A and L xx

I filled in for a sick colleague last week and spent a good 90 mins up in the ICU testing 3 very small and sick babies before they were transferred to other hospitals. One was so tiny, barely 900 grams when born at 25 weeks last October. I would be surprised if it was 2 kgs now, all these months later, but it did pass the hearing test so that is one less thing for those parents to have to be concerned about. I’m just loving my job so much. Looking forward to this year and seeing what happens in regards to my position and permanency etc.

Mum, Lisa and SIL’s Penny and Sascha are heading off to Melbourne this weekend to visit Kate. On the agenda – shopping, Phantom of the Opera, dinner at Fifteen (Jamie Oliver’s restaurant form the TV show) and a bit more shopping.

We bought a new camera and Jus has been taking mega amounts of photos, so here are a few of my favorites.
918 ^Dressing up at the Discovery Zone at the National War Memorial
924 ^Meg and I ‘flying’ a helicopter
927 ^Justin and Girls in front af a fighter plane
921 ^Trampoline fun at my aunties place.

Have a great week

A Happy New Year

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Hello and welcome 2008! Already day 3 of this new year and I am loving it. I have had a brilliant holiday season so far, the kids have been great and I love having Jus home. Our routine is one of walks, swims, eating lunch, more swims, a lie down, more swimming, dinner and bed. Perfect.

Christmas was great. Girls woke up at about 8.15am to discover Santa had been and it was full on from then. We had a terrific lunch at Matt and Penny’s, the kids got a lot of wonderful presents and on the whole were well behaved. The cousins all play very happily together so the day was stress free and really delightful.

I worked everyday bar Christmas and it was quiet and cheerful in the Maternity Ward. 5 babies born on Chrissy Day itself, so I had a lot of testing to be done on Boxing Day. Went to work yesterday, and no babies born at all so I went shopping! Found a great dress, reduced from $60 to $14, and brill pair of shoes that were also heavily discounted. I was very pleased!

We seem to have endless parties and visitors, but I am enjoying it all so much. Having Justin on hand to assist means everything is just that bit more pleasant as I’m not running after everyone myself. Holly’s 7th birthday is next week and she has some friends coming over on Saturday for a Pool Party. Then Jus goes back to work on Monday, so we’ll find ourselves in a new routine again.

I’m not making new year resolutions, but I have some goals that Id like to achieve this year. Mostly I want to run a 10km race or two, so that is high on my list. We desperately need new wardrobes in our room so that is high up there too. Other things include, seeing friends more, visiting family (maybe a trip to Perth at the end of the year if that works in with Adas and Lin) and finishing some scrapbooking albums.

We had a NYE party here, lots of people in the pool and much laughter and eating of chocolate. I want all the bad foods out of the house so that I don’t eat them or I’ll never make it to the start of that 10km run! I’m also on a mission to do some decluttering, use it or lose it is my motto. A big trip to the tip might be happening next week.

Ok that is about it for this update. The girls are waking up one by one from their siesta so time to get out for the afternoon.

Happy New Year xxxx