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It is raining and it is cold, so today we are inside and not leaving the jurisdiction of the ducted heating!

Had a chance to download some photos from the previous month or so, and now is a good time to get them on here. In no particular order….
This is Holly with a Bronze statue that Justin’s Mum has been making this term in a Uni Sculpture course. It is Holly with a ballerina dress on, sitting on a big ball. Quite amazing really, it is very intricate and detailed and both Holly and Maureen are VERY proud of it.

A few zoo piccys now. We went with Tania and Bronte last Friday and we had a really lovely day. Canberra Zoo is certainly no Taronga or Werribee, but it has some interesting features and it is not very busy in term time. Meg loved this Big Cat lounging right near the glass.
The kids have had great enjoyment with the rollerskates we gave them for Christmas and now dress up like Jane Torvill to create the mood. This is Bronte demonstrating a classic move!
And Meg this morning showing me how fast she can go (on the carpet!). This has chopped her head off but if you click on the pic it will enlarge.
Amy is just growing up before our eyes. She is talking a lot and understands everything. She has favourite books that she will hans to you and then climb up onto your lap for commencement of reading. If I try to change to a new book, she gets mad! This is her with her “photo” smile. Isn’t she cute. Just love her to bits.
And her she is doing her “homeboy” look. She claps her hands and then points and with this hat that she adores it looked so hilarious.
We had Andrew for a sleepover a few weeks ago now and Justin was beside himself to have another boy in the house. Andrew is the most delightful little guy with a permanent smile on his face and unwaivering devotion to Jess. This is them with a surprise block of choc that Justin bought home.
At school the girls had a Pajama Day which went down a real treat. This is them ready for school on that day!
And Jess here is the classiest chick at possums. She loves to look good!
How is this for lazy…I was to do a run on Monday but I slept in! We went over the road for dinner and fireworksSunday Night, had too many wines and didn’t get up the next day for the race. Bad Fran!! But now I am back on the straight and narrow and ran in the rain today to prove my commitment. Mad Fran!!

So that is about it. The weeks seem to be getting busier and I have been doing quite a bit of work at the hospital. The extra pay is great given that it takes about $90 to fill my car with petrol these days – ouch.

Well done if you have made it to the end here. Have a lovely day. 🙂


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Been awhile!

Not much out of the ordinary happening here only that we have Tania (SIL) and Bronte (Niece) here for the week and that is keeping us busy and the girls entertained. We just met Brian at his new office, Parliament House, and had a behind the scenes tour – places where the general public can’t go! Saw some famous faces in the House of Reps and sat two tables away from Barnaby Joyce at Lunchtime. I tell you, we were hobnobbing it up!!

Amy is talking away all the time now. Most of it gobbledygook, but if you ask her to say something, she gives it a good go. If she is being annoyed by the girls she says “Ay Ay” as in Hey Hey get away from me. She loves Jess, whom she is home with most of the time, but can now say Holly and Meg. I gave her a vitamin this morning and said “give this to Holly”. I thought she would just ignore me and put it in her mouth, but she diligently took it up the stairs (doesn’t need to hold onto the wall either, just walks up!) and into Holly, then came back for the next one. This time Jess. Again she went up the stairs and gave it to Jess. Back down again and up another 2 times for Bronte and Meg. She was puffed out by the end!

The other day in the car, we were driving along and Jess tell me “I love the beat of your music Mum”. We weren’t even listening to music at the time and I took it to mean “I love the way you live your life” – kind of philosophical but that is the kind of girl Jessie is. Or maybe she just likes the music we usually have in the car!

Got another race on Monday. This time a 2-mile run (that converts to 3.2km) so should be nice and cruisy. It has been rainy all week, and I expect it will continue so it might be a wet race.

Holly lost her other front tooth. She is totally gappy. She came running out one night last week saying it was sore, so I grabbed a tissue and pulled it out. I was sick af all the bobbling about this tooth was doing. She couldn’t quite believe I’d done it. Then we got the giggles and she couldn’t couldn’t talk at all.

Holly and Meg have both been asked to try out for teams in the dance class. Teams is quite a big deal and not eveyone is asked (I only just found this out!). Holly is quite keen but Meg wasn’t interested at all. I told the teacher and her face dropped. She was devastated that Meggie wouldn’t do it. She urged me to get Meg to reconsider, but she won’t unless Addie does it too. Oh – the trials of youth. The teacher tell me that Holly is a natural and will go far, but I am yet to see any practice or evidence of her brilliance, so we’ll just see what happens.

That is about all I have time for. Kids arriving home from school, other kids waking up and needing food (that is Jess of course).

Have a wonderful weekend.