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Ok yes it has been awhile…so many of these posts start off this way!

Been a busy term 1. Amy has settled in to preschool really well and enjoys her 3 days a week playing with her new friends Ella, Emily, Lucy and Audrey. Justin gets a real kick out of taking her there each day and having some play time before he has to go to work. He knows all about what is going on, much more than me! This is Amy and Sam having a play at our place in all the dress ups. They are still so adoring of each and love their day with Pa (my Dad) on Thursdays.

sam and amy
Holly had a good term. Swimming carnival wins lead to 2 races at the next level, PSSA, where she represented the school at the AIS pool. She came 4th in Freestyle Heat and 3rd in Breaststroke heat. Overall came 12th in the freestyle out of 36 kids and 4th in breaststroke so she may get to go on to the next level which is the ACT Carnival where she represents the local region. We are still waiting to hear about that.
holly ribbons
holly ais swim

Meg did well too at the PSSA, she came 4th in her heat and 11th overall in freestyle out of 35 kids. Very proud of her.
meg ribbons
Jess is powering on in year 1. It has taken her a little while to settle in since her bestie moved away, but slowly she is gaining new buddies and some playdates with different kids, so I think she is going to be OK. She is so keen to learn stuff, and doing brilliantly at school. She even won the prestigious “Quiet Acheiver Award” for term 1.
jess ribbons
Cross Country was a great day at school last term too. Holly came 2nd in her agegroup, running 2kms, Meg came first running 1.5km and Jess won her group too, running 500m. I didn’t go that day, instead went with Lisa Amy and Sam to the new chocolate shop in the Mall to have coffee!! Proud of my girls though for doing so well and not giving up!

Work for me has been all consuming. Early starts for meetings and testing in surgery, late finishes for babies who won’t go to sleep while we are testing them. Feel as though my feet haven’t touched the ground for 10 weeks. Last week or so have been feeling unwell, dizzy and lightheaded, but that is resolving and this week off work will be just what I need before the craziness starts again in term 2.

Kate and Rohan have been here for 3 nights over the Easter break. Kate is looking so fab with her new svelt body and fitness to the extreme. We did a 4km run on Saturday and she was brilliant. I didn’t think she’d be able to do it, but she powered on and never gave up. Very impressed! Then on Sunday we did a boot camp style session and she trumped me on a few things. I can barely walk today from sore muscles, but she is bouncing around and dashing off to the gym. She and Rohan had a marriage blessing on Saturday, here are the happy couple…
k and r vows
We had Easter Lunch here yesterday and it was great to have all of here for it. James and Sascha came with the kids, and Kaye and Brian, so all the cousins were able to have a wonderful play together. Penny looked like she was about to pop, with the baby due any time. This is me with little Emma (10 months). She is so like Meg when she was a bay so I had a little step back in time moment when cuddling her.
me and emma
So that it about it up to the minute now. And just a quick shot of our lovely garden which has blossomed and bloomed so well over the past 18months. Just loving how gorgeous it is right now.
our garden
Happy Easter!