Gonna be a bear

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My sister in law sent me this funny little tidbit that I can totally relate to….

In this life I’m a woman, but in the next life I’m gonna come back as a bear.
When you are a bear you get to hibernate. You do nothing for 6 months. I could deal with that.

Before you hibernate you are supposed to eat yourslef stupid. Yeah I could deal with that too.

When you are a girl bear, your birth your children (who are the size of walnuts) while you are sleeping, and wake to partially grown, cute cuddly cubs. I could definately deal with that.

If you are a mother bear, eveyone knows you mean business. You swat anyone who bothers your cubs. If your cubs get out of line, you swat them too. I could deal with that.

If you are a bear, your mate EXPECTS you to wake up growling. He EXPECTS that you have hairy legs and excess body fat.

Yup, gonna be a bear.


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Everyone has been so supportive of my plea for help. I love my family and friends so much – they could never know how much a phone call, pop in or email can make my day.

You know you have a best friend when they come over, take the baby, rock her to sleep, then do the dishes without even looking like it was an effort. I’m so glad to have you in my life Rach – you make even the darkest days seem bright.


Making a start

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Things settled down over the weekend, most likely because Justin was home to share the load and keep my mind occupied. I talked to him about getting some help and he agreed to start looking at getting some assistance for me. You know, it is the hardest thing to admit that you are not coping or that you can’t manage looking after your own home and kids. I decided to speak up and get some help rather than battle on, getting more agitated and worked up and teetering on the edge of, dare I say it, PND. I am helping myself now before things get out of control for me.

So today I placed an ad for a Mother’s Helper, 2 mornings a week, to help with the kids and some housework. I’m also looking into a house cleaner once a week. Even as I was writing the ad, I kept thinking of reasons why I shouldn’t be able to do this on my own, but stuff it, I’m going ahead and seing if it works out. I hope it does.

On the weekend we had a party for Lisa and Penny’s birthdays. My grandma was there and it was the first time she had seen this latest great-grandchild Amy (she has 12 of them now). Thanks Mum and Dad for putting on a great ‘do’ as usual.

Time to relax and catch up on Idol to see who gets outed tonight.


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I’m feeling a little blue today. Tiredness does that to me and I find it hard to be patient with the girls and not feel overwhelmed all the time. When Amy cries I get all tense and worry that I’m not being a good mum. Everyone thinks it must be easy to have the 4th – that I must know everything and be cool calm and collected. But it is the hardest thing ever, not only having a newborn but having the other 3 to contend with as well. I have tears running down my face right now and I don’t know why. Thank goodness it is the weekend and I’ll have some help. Maybe I can relax then.

I’m thinking about hiring a nanny – is that admiting defeat?

Some photos of Amy at one month old…

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Head strong Amy – getting lots of tummy time.
Look at these toes – those aren’t from my gene pool
Cracking a smile

We had a good day today, buyt Amy wasn’t really sleepng very well, so we went for walk around the mountain. That knocked her out, but then I had to wake her up and drag the other two, to pick up Holly. It is times like this that I really find it hard to manage – mainly becasue Jess wanted to hold my hand, so did Meg and then Meg and Holly had a fight and ended up in tears, and Amy was needing a feed etc etc. It just frazzles me out until I get home to safety – no wonder I never want to go anywhere 🙂

Just been for another walk around the mountain – to see it at sunset is great and so refreshing. I swallowed a bug though – singing along to Missy Higgins and gulped in a flying one. The kids were horrified when I told them about it.

Here’s hoping for a good night and lots of good sleep from Amy.

New week

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Hello everyone, have a minute in amongst the chaos to do a blog update.

Justin was sick in the night, a lot – he ate a dodgy muffin at the mall and is still paying for it now. So we are even more bleary eyed than usual over here. He is all tucked up in bed, with Amy by his side, so hopefully they’ll both get some more sleep.

I have been scrapping up a storm of late. I did a great LO yesterday of Dash our dog. I had papers that were about 2 years old and so I just threw them altogether and it came up really well. I’ll take some pics today if I get a chance. I’m loving getting creative again and it is so nice and relaxing to pass the time away (well when I get the chance anyway!).

Yesterday we took the kids to the Caravan and Camping show. When I was a kid we loved walking through the Caravans at the Canberra Show, so I introduced my girls to the concept. The best by far was the $193,000.00 Winnebago which could sleep 6, had a queen size bed, full size fridge, washing machine and seatbelts around the table so that passengers could be safe while travelling. It was so awesome, but Justin’s idea of travelling style is decking out a Combie Van and having scooters in the trailer for short day trips. There must be a compromise in there somewhere!

Amy is going well. Today is definately the 23rd, so YAY she is a month old. How bizarre is it that I already forget being pregnant. It took up such a huge part of my year and yet it was like it never happened. Talk about living in the moment! Things are settleing down well and I am feeling better each day, but there are still times when I could pull my hair out in frustration. Today I am getting a huge garbage bag and chucking out all the little crap things that are lying around the house – bits of paper that the kids write on, toys that are broken and rubbish that just seems to accumulate before my eyes. Holly has a White Elephenat stall at school on Friday, so some items may even get donated to that!

Ok better get some school lunches made.

Have a great week

PS – Rach arrived safe and sound at her island holiday resort – how jealous am I? Hurry home Rach – I don’t know how long my sanity can last without talking to you!!!

A few things

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Yesterday I received a fab gift in the post from Sam and Deb. Such a great surprise and a really delightful and practical present – gorgeous animal coat hangers and a funky bib. I checked out the website that it all came from and it is so cool – check it out if you want to see some great present ideas. The hip Infant.

Thanks so much Sam and Deb – Deb if you are reading this can you send me your email and phone number!

I went into work today, Amy was great just sleeping by my desk, and it felt good to be actually out of the house and using my brain. I had to do a BAS and bank Reconciliation, as well as pay invoices and tidy up our invoices paid, so that our clients don’t get nasty “overdue” emails! However, the whole getting to work was a bit of a nightmare. We have a rule in our house that the girls can’t watch TV until they are dressed, have hair done and teeth brushed etc. This monring there was some Wiggles extravaganza on and do you think I could get those kids to budge? I was hoarse and highly wired by the time by the time I left the house. Jess tipped a whole container of powder on the carpet, no-one would co-operate and come when I called them, no-one does I as I ask – and yet, and yet…everyone expects me to listen to them and immediately tend to their needs. Well I cracked it today and in a busrt of complete frustration threw a haribrush at the wall and a Barbie down the hall way (at which point she lost her head). I burst into tears and when Meg came in to see to me and give me a cuddle all I could do was cry more. Holly was really freaked out and at school told everyone about the incident “See… my Mum really is a crackpot!!”.

Justin gave me a hug, and told me I had to let go of a few things. My nerves are raw, I’m sensitve and emotional. What i really need is about 10 hours sleep and a good massage.

Did I also mention I locked myself out of the house this afternoon? Hmmmm where is my brain?

Baby crying, must run – bye for now 🙂

Got a bit excited…

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On Monday I looked at the calendar, and in my sleep deprived state thought it was the 23rd, so pronouced to everyone that Amy wan now a month old. “Didn’t that go fast” I was thinking to myself and then about 6 hours later reaslised that it was only the 16th! So in fact she is really only 3 weeks old!

However, we have had a minor breakthough with her sleeping in the night. She has been very unsettled for about the first hour that she gets put down, so I’ve been letting her cry for about 5 minutes and then going in to put in the dummy, at which point she falls straight to sleep. Now Touch Wood, that this keeps happening. She even had 4 hours in a row last night which meant I did too! I guess it shows that routine is the best thing even for a newborn. I’m still feeling really bleary eyed, but that is to be expected I guess. It is hard to have a new baby at the best of times, but add 3 other kids into the mix and there is bound to be a few moments of hysteria.

In a burst of energy I managed to scrap a page on the weekend. Holly’s first day of school is now complete and I’m pretty pleased with it considering I’ve been out of scrapbooking action for about 6 months or more. I printed off 100 photos of Amy and the girls so now have plenty of material to keep me busy and my mind off “why isn’t she sleeping/why isn’t she awake…”

My Cousin Sarah had her 4th baby last week and it was a boy, called Hugh James. Well done Sarah. And Michael and Cath had a boy 2 weeks ago, David Howe – Congratulations to you as well.

Off to Lisa’s for morning tea today, Penny is coming along as well with Jacob who is sitting up, starting solids and has turned into a little boy. A few weeks ago he was still so baby looking. Lisa is nearing the end of her pregnancy and the baby is a bit small for dates, so she is having extra appointments and ultrasounds to make sure that all is ok. I have my fingres crossed for her.

Well that is proabably all for today. Holly is back at school which is nice, but the kids really miss having her to play with. I took her yesterday and Amy was her News. The teacher asked “Holly, what is the best thing about being a big sister?”

She replied “I get to put the dummy in when she cries.” Ahh – yes, mummy’s little helper.

Have a great day 🙂

Bit of an update

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Time is flying, Amy is 2 and a half weeks old, and we just had a great week here with Adas and Lin. They were such a great help – just the sort of visitors you need when you are tired and emotional and feeling fairly helpless. Lin cleaned up to have the place shining, and Adas had a Jessie Shadow which kept her mostly out of my hair so I could rest and take care of Amy. Adas cooked amazing meals for us and we even had a dinner party on Monday with Mum and Dad and James and Sascha (and Zoe).

We did a lot of site-seeing. The AIS, National Dinosaur Museum, Questacon, Floriade and of course Brand Depot (a new mega huge factory outlet place here in Canberra).

Holly and Meg arrived back from Port Macquarie safe and sound and now all seems right with the world. We are settling in to a good life with a newborn and I even managed to go for a walk this morning and the other afternoon all alone, with Ipod and no baby attachments. How much better do you feel after a bit of excercise anf fresh air – a lot!

Today is the last day of the school holidays and I’m not sure how I feel about the rat race beginning on Monday. Meg got accepted in preschool this week, so that is another event for the juggling act next year. I’m already panicing about how I’ll manage. Breathe deeply – it will work itself out!

Ok, off to get some jobs done with ABC kids is interesting and Amy is asleep. Have a great day 🙂

PS I am missing you Adas and Lin – when are you coming back 🙂