8 weeks later….

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Sometimes I think that there is not enough going on that is interesting enough to write about, but now 8 weeks have gone past and I feel overwhelmed at having to recall what has been going down!

The lead up to Christmas has been fairly calm.  I’m on top of the shopping and only have a few things left to get.  Namely the girls presents.  I sort of promised them that I’d get them new dresses and shoes for their role as ‘Bridal Assistants’ at Kate and Rohan’s wedding in a few weeks time.  I have had a little look around but nothing is jumping out at me, so next week will have to be it.  MIL is taking the girls down the coast for 4 days, so I’ll be kid free and lapping up every minute of it.

Had a fleeting trip to Melbourne with Kate and Mum to look for a wedding outfit for Kate, as well as something for Lisa and I to wear as matron’s of Honour.  We didn’t find anything for us, but managed to get Kate the most amazing dress.  We hit Bridge Road full of enthusiasm, parked the car and went into the shop 2 steps from where we parked.  the first dress she put on was a ripper.  We pondered it for a while and decided to go browse a few other places and see what was around.  30 dresses and 4 hours later and we headed back to the first shop, tried that first dress on again and instantly knew if was the best one.  I had a tear!

Last week of school now and all the badgering I gave the girls about homework and assignments throughout the year has paid off.  They had such great reports and Meg got this terms Quiet Achiever award.  I am very proud of them all.  Jess has come along in leaps and bounds in kindergarten.  Reading chapter books and writing like a professional!

Work is going great.  Now that I have been made permanent I have taken a new ‘ownership’ of the role and am getting really stuck into it.  Part of my job is to test the newborn babies who fail their in hospital hearing test.  it is emtional on occasions and have often comforted a distressed new mum with my own tears.  I love it though and am pleased to be part of a positive chain reaction.  I had dinner last night with some colleagues from many years ago, who happen to be the next link in the chain for these little babies.  We have such a positive rapport with each other that I can only see that as being beneficial to these families at such a confusing time.  As a side issue, I spent a day in theatre watching the doctors that I work with in the clinic, do surgery.  I saw grommets, tonsils, adenoids and several fractured noses.  It was really an amazing experience.

The rain has been a blessing for my new front garden.  The trees that we planted last summer have taken off, and with the other bits and pieces that I have accumulated (like daisies from the school fete, off cuts from MIL’s garden and self sown seeds from next door).  All the flowers are in bloom and it looks positively lovely.  I was stopped by an older lady not long ago when I was out watering after a run.  She said that she loved what I had done with the garden and that the flowers were just divine. Great praise for a not so green thumb me!!

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic as the year draws to a close.  I’m going to jot down the important things that have made this year memorable…..

* New job – in the course of getting the department up and running I have made a wonderful friend, Michelle who makes me laugh and smile everyday.

* Every Friday my girls Em and Simone meet me for a coffee and make me laugh so hard I cry.  We call it Goss and Giggle (or G&G) and I cannot imagine life without it or them.

* In July my Grandpa died.  This has had a huge impact on Dad’s family, but Grandma is OK and we have all reconnected with her in a different way that makes our relationships with her all the more special.  We love you Grandma xx

* My children have all reached even numbers (well Holly in a few weeks) Holly 10, Meg 8, Jess 6 and Amy 4.  They make me cry, laugh, dummy spit and smile and I am so immensely proud of the people that they are becoming.

* Justin is still a rock – sometimes one that I want to throw at a passing car, and other times such a support and steadfast ally.  He works so hard to provide for us and I get cross that I have to make him lunch!  He is wonderful and I love him very much.

*  My wonderful WA in-laws.  Came for a visit in October and it was just such a pleasure to have them here and spend time with them.  No demands, no pressure just awesome easy-going company.  The best thing I ever did was write that letter 10 years ago!

* My Mum and Dad – happily and graciously look after Amy (and Sam) on Thursdays so i don’t have to use childcare.  They take them out, buy them babycino’s and spoil them rotten.  Amy gets so excited when I tell her it is a day at Nanna’s and Pa’s.  Bless you both – you don’t know how much I appreciate and love all that you do.

OK time for dinner so better wrap this up.  Hopefully back for an update before the new year.

Fran xx