my 30s have finished!

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Tomorrow I am turning 40.

I’m not really that concerned, and in all honesty have already been thinking I’m 40 for awhile now..since Justin’s party back in January.

Maybe I’m being a bit nostalgic but with my birthday tomorrow it got me thinking about the things that I did in my 30s and how much I have grown up.

My 30s were awesome because……

….It’s when I had 3 of my four delightful girls.
……..Its when we had to move house and thus found this amazing home
…It’s when Holly went through primary school, and when all of them were there at the one time.
……It’s when I learnt to run
…It’s when I returned to the workforce and landed my current job that I love
……It’s when I realised that my husband is the best person ever
…It’s when I took up scrapbooking and recorded with craft the special moments in my life.
……It’s when I had this blog to remember the day to day things that make life special.
…It’s when I got a passport and travelled to Paris and London, and then later Hong Kong
……It’s when I lost some friends but grew up by understanding that things change and people change but the experience of having them in my life was worth it even though I was hurting.
…It’s when we travelled to Perth to meet the best in-laws a girl could ever have.
……It’s when we lost grandparents but gained neices and nephews.
….It’s when I ran a half marathon.
…It’s when I was a stay at home mum for some time, being with my little babies and teaching them to crawl, walk and talk. So special
……….It’s when I was involved in running the Charny Carny (9 times) and meeting some amazing people.
And probably a thousand other things too!

It was a decade of change that is for sure. One that I am proud of. It has been challenging at times of course, but I now feel more empowered as a woman, mother, friend and audiologist because of the life experience I have gleened in the last ten years.

I feel in control of my life now – my fitness, my weight, my job, motherhood. I’ve spent a long time making sure all the scaffolding is in place and now I can rest a little and let things happen. It is very liberating!

My daughters are so great. A mother could not be more proud of the graceful, well behaved, delightful children that I am so lucky to have. I was truly blessed when they came into my life.

On that note I am going to get up……oh yeah, the technology has improved in the last decade too. I am in bed, my android tablet resting on a pillow and listening the the early morning serenade of the winter birds. We are going away for a few days to catch up with friends in Sydney, celebrate my birthday and have a little holiday. Next week is the 40th birthday party. I’m excited.

Here’s to our 30s, may the next decade be just as amazing, exciting and liberating.

this is me when I was 30
little holly and 30yr old fran

me with meg

2004 with Holly

2005 with cleavage

2006 - very pregnant again

2007 fran

2008 Fran


2010 Fran

half mara finish 2012