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It has been a busy few weeks and in a nutshell this is what’s been going on here….

* Moved Amy to her big bed after several Houdini escapes from the cot. She loves it.
* Renovations have finished up to a point. Waiting for the plasterer next week and then painting can start.
* Meg took off the training wheels and now speeds along. Her new lease on life has seen her out at 7am every morning practicing with Addy but they were having a bit too much fun and a neighbour complained!
* Jess and a friend were having some fun and I discovered they pulled out a very neat row of box hedges that another neighbour had painstakingly planted. Quickly replanted them and hoped for no drama.
* Overheard Meg telling above mentioned neighbour that Jess had pulled out box hedges. #%@!*&%
* Thought about moving house
* Have been super busy finalising enrolments for next years Playschool group as per my Enrolment Secretary job. I’ll be glad to hand that job over.
* Fainted at work and ended up at Emergency having an ECG and Blood tests. All normal – again.
* Am waiting for appointment with cardiologist and also chest x-rays, abdominal ultrasound and Holter monitor for 24hrs.
* Got 2 charms for my Pandora Bracelet – didn’t want to die with no charms!!
* Chickens are starting to lay, but Tweety likes to lay near the carport. She jumps the fence, lays her egg in a hole she dug, them jumps back into the pen. Weird or wonderful?
* Vegie patch is hooting along with lots of growth. Soon we’ll be having lettuce and tomatoes, with eggs and basil and coriander and other stuff too. Can’t wait.
* Decided to do family day care next year and take in 2 kids a few days a week. Pay is $3.70 per child, per hour, so while I am not going to make my fortune I am going to have company for Jess and Amy, rather than me fork out plenty of money for activities to keep them entertained. Quite looking forward to it. Have to do a first aid course (booked for January) and some training with Family Day Care. With collapsed day care centres all over the place, won’t be short of children wanting a spot!
* Looking forward to Perth Holiday in one month. So need a break with the smiling happy faces of Adas and Lin.

That is probably about it.

Have a great weekend!


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It is funny how things just plod along for a while and then something happens to make you realise that the kids are growing up and the days are ticking away at an alarming speed.

Amy has given up her cot and is now in a big bed. It happened over a few days, when she came out after being put to bed and then not being in her cot yesterday when I went to get her up, but actually asleep in Holly’s bed. So I moved a few things, packed up the ever faithful cot and now she has a big girl bed in her room. Last night she was eager to get to bed, about 7pm and didn’t wake till after 7 this morning, so my fears of her walking around the house at midnight were unfounded! She just wants to be like her big sisters and has so much determination. She is a bright spark for sure.

And Meg….progressed to riding without training wheels on her bike. She is so proud of herself. It took her awhile to have enough confidence to take them off, but on the weekend the little boy up the road took his off, so Meg was spurned on (not to be outdone by a 5yr old) and now there is no stopping her. She was even out at 7.30am today getting in a few laps of the street.

Renovations are nearing completion, but the plaster needs to come and then the painter. Looking good though.

That is it for now.

Melbourne Cup

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A little holiday today in honour of a horse race. Don’t really care about the race, but happy to have a sunny day to chill out while chaos is still reigning here.

Renovations are making headway, but there is an inch of dust over everything, and the carpet is so dirty it is embarrassing. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I think that makes me even more frustrated at this point. I just want to clean up!

Great news this week with the arrival of Matt and Penny’s baby girl Adele Mary. Another little niece for us and number 10 grandchild for Mum and Dad. As soon as I heard it was a girl, I raced upstairs to the baby clothes store cupboard and put the clothes into a box. This child will never want for anything!

We went to Brisbane last weekend for Emily and Scott’s wedding and it was great fun. 3 days away while Kate bravely minded the girls. We loved every minute of it. The wedding was lovely, the reception lots of laughs and meeting up with cousins and extended family was a blast. Em was a beautiful bride.

I’ve been having some health issues over the last weeks, heart palpitations mainly. Had an ECG which found an irregularity related to the valves not closing properly. Made an appointment with the cardiologist and got in in February! I guess there are a lot of people in the same boat. Meanwhile, I have been taking a puffer, antibiotics and an indigestion tablet to cover all the bases of what else might be causing this problem. I can’t take the antihistamines anymore, so I am back to square one with irritated skin and big itchy welty bumps on my face. I am really not feeling or looking my best.

Hope you win some money on the race today!