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Just about to put up the photos of Hong Kong, but had to also include first my naughty Amy with her haircut…before and after…Amy cut her hair a few weeks ago. She was playing with the Barbie Fashion Face and ended up giving her a very short fringe. With blonde hair all over the place, I didn’t notice the big chunk out of Amy’s hair until much later. We went to the hairdresser (or haircut dresser as Amy calls it) and asked for a fix-it-up job. She came away with this very cute style.
Amy with self inflicted haircut amy after the fix-up job haircut
and our abundant lemon tree. In the 4 years we have been here (4 yrs today in actual fact!) it has never had a lemon, but I have been giving it a bit of extra water and here it is….
and one of the birthday girl, Jess when she turned 6 a few weeks ago. She had a chocolate mud cake with a mirror disco ball on the top (from Adas and Lin) at her party, and this one I made later on when The Knights came for dinner.
Jessica on her 6th Birthday
Amy has been accepted in preschool for next year. She just got her ‘report’ from Possums and it said that in group time she needs to be quiet and not chat to Sam so much!

Justin bought a new car on the weekend. Picking it up today and I bags driving it home!


few things

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Will write about Hong Kong adventures when I get the photos up. In the meantime…other news.

James and Sascha’s beautiful baby has arrived. A week early, and by caeser, gorgeous Emma Kaye is here. And SHE HAS RED HAIR – go figure, that random gene that got me Meg has hit again!!

Jess has had me giggling lately with a few funny things she’s said. She asks me if I like watching “The Bald and the Beautiful”, and then told me very matter of factly that a circle has another name – Sophia (aka sphere). She still things God is ‘Gawd’ too. She makes me laugh 🙂


Five Minutes

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I’m reading a good book at the moment and am dying to get into it while I have a minute, but HAVE to blog first. It has been too long inbetween drinks!!

In a nutshell, my time and energy has been going into this new job. I’ve been in it about 6 weeks and to start with it was an enormous transition from being at home and in control of daily life, to leaving early and letting Justin take on a lot of the homey stuff. We are getting into a good routine now, but at first I was going to file for divorce! It was tough. Anyhoo, the job is plodding along and I have been busy writing policy and clinical procedure for my new department. New Department as in ME. I am the only one, but working with doctors and nurses and being a the hospital is great fun. i get to meet Sim for lunch mostly twice a week when we can arrange it, and working with the doctors and nurses is a lot of fun. Once it gets into full swing it is going to be awesome.

In point form to get through the rest of the exciting htings…

* Emma had a baby boy on 15th May – William
* Mothers Day in Berrima with James and Sascha (plus Kaye and Brian) meeting all the canberra connection was great fun. Weather was suberb.
* Sascha has about a month to go before number 3 scholtens arrives.
* Rowena and James and a little bay boy on Wednesday, Nicholas Isaac. We all breathed a huge sigh of relief at his safe arrival. It is about 18 months since Thomas was stillborn, so having Nicholas here is a wonderful blessing.
* Simone’s 35th Birthday party, tracksuit theme, was a hit. Nothing better then partying in the most comfy clothes you own.
* Kate Lisa and I are off to Hong Kong this week. Shopping, shopping, eating and shopping. Bring it!
* Mum and Dad are somewhere like Istanbul, Budapest or Belgium. Must check the itinerary!
* Holly makes her First Communion this month. We have been in preparations and she is presented to the parish at Mass this weekend.
* Soccer on the weekends is proving to be great fun. It is very social for me as the girls play in teams with their friends so I get to be on the sidelines, cheering and gas bagging at the same time. I am loving it.
* Swimming lessons are continuing. Holly is now in K10 which means a 45 min lessons and just laps of the pool. Her teacher raves about her butterfly. Meg is in K7 and has lovely freestyle technique. Jess just went up to K5 and is now in the deep end which gave her quite a shock on Friday when she got in! She is getting better at going further with freestyle, but Jess is our lazy bones, and why swim, when you can push off the bottom to propel yourself?
* Kids had a sleep over last night at Grandmas, s Justin and I headed out for dinner. We tried 2 restaurants, walked out of both because it was too noisy (old farts we are) and ended up at a quiet Indian Restaurant eating butter chicken and lamb rogan josh.
* I deactivated my facebook account for awhile. It was all getting too much. I might go back one day 🙂

That is enough for now. Things to do while the kids are still away. I just made Justin come for a walk with me. It is 3 degrees and very foggy, but it was nice to be out in the fresh air together.

Back soon x