Cars, Easter and some Photos

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We have a new car. Justin has finally given in and allowed us to get a car that was made this century! Bravo!! Last week the ever faithful Tarago (that we have had for about 6 years) broke down and needed to be taken by the tow truck to the mechanic. It is getting creaky and noisy, rattly and wobbly and nothing really works properly. We love it dearly but it was time to move on. Justin and I went out on Saturday and looked in all the car yards – we didn’t see anything that we thought was worthy until the very last place (which was actually the first place we went to but were looking for a different car) and there we found the perfect thing. It is a Chrysler Grand Voyager, Silver, 2004, 7 seater, tinted windows, DVD player, and loads of room. Plus they were committed to a $3000 minimum trade-in for our car. I was laughing at that cause our van is nearly 20 years old, not in great shape and we only bought it for $4K all those years ago. We took the Chrysler for a test drive and when we came back to talk money, the guy offered us a $5000 trade in. That sealed the deal for us! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!! We pick it up on Friday!!

Easter was delightful with lots of family time and getting together with the rellies. It is nice to have Kate here from Melbourne for a few weeks, and yesterday we went to Mittagong to meet James and Sascha and the new baby Thomas who is gorgy of course. It was torrential rain but Dad used his phone to the max and hired the hall next to the park where we were meeting, so we were dry and happy.

Today is the first official day of the holidays and all 4 girls are getting their hair cut. It is still raining and I have a cold, so things will be low key here.

Here are some photos – it has been a long time since I put some up here!

1140 Amy up in a tree. We went for a bike Ride one sunny Sunday Monring and she wanted to climb like the big girls.
1144 School starting for 2009. Jess at Macgregor Preschool and Holly and Meg at St Thomas Aquinas
1147 Justin’s 37th Birthday party. Cake from Adas and Lin.
1150 Balloon Festival in Canberra
1177 Amy is always in these bloody swimmers. I dress her and then 5 minutes later she is in something else. Looks like a Mankini hey!!
1162 Holly and Amy dancing (note Amy’s dress. Another things she loves to wear is dress ups).
1165 Jess and I before her first day at preschool.
1168Amy giving the newest cousin a kiss. Thomas Scholtens 8 weeks old.
1171 All the cousins on the scholtens side. 11 in all, from 8 to 8 weeks.
1174 Kate and I at Mittagong for Easter lunch.

Cross Country

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Today is Cross Country day at the school and Meg and Holly were both required to be in it. Meg in the 7 yrs had to do one lap (which is around the oval and around the school) and Holly in the 8yrs had to do 2 laps. Both are quite good runners so I gave them a pep talk before school about not giving up if someone passes you, try and catch the person in front etc etc. I dropped Jess off at preschool and stayed there for awhile helping out. On the way home I could see that the kids were all lining up ready to run, so dashed in to see Meg running and she came 2nd. She was sprinting for the finish line to catch the kid in front. I was so proud I was crying!! What a sook I am 🙂

Then Holly was warming up and she took off in the pack. After the first lap she was coming second and I cheered and cheered. As she came around the final bend she was still in 2nd place and I nearly cried again. As she went over the line I was beaming and jumping up and down with excitement and pride. How good are my girls?? Holly was overwhelmed and she got a bit teary but oh my goodness….there was not a prouder mother there today than me.