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A few things have happened over the past week that have made me think I am a bit psychic. Either that or I am so tired that my brain is working on a different level to the rest of the world!

Example. I was thinking about a girl I went to school with and something she said a few years ago and then the phone rang and it was her Mum. *enter crazy music here*

Example. I was thinking about going out to the shops but thought I’d wait for the postie to come in case he had a letter for the old residents of this house that I would need to forward to them. Not a minute later the postie came up the road with that very letter.

Example. I was thinking about some old friends that we hadn’t seen for a few years and this morning Justin told me he’d had an email from them wanting to get in touch again.

Freak out!!

Amy only woke up 2 times last night, a vast improvement on her usual 6. I haven’t heard from the sleep centre, but maybe I can send them some of my psychic brain waves and they’ll call.

Got much end of Financial year work to do, so best be off to my little world of MYOB.

Keep loving that rain!

It’s raining, It’s pouring

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…..I wish I were snoring.

So tired today – Amy screamed a lot of the night again. It is funny that this has been going on for so long, well 9 months actually, and each night I say “This will be the one that she sleeps through” and it never is and I never do anything about it. So last night amongst tears and door slamming and banging walls I decided that I am going to the clinic and not leaving until they give me a week at the baby sleep centre. Even as I write this I am thinking of reasons why I should chicken out. How bad do I feel that the 4th Baby is the one I can’t do anything with. You would think I would know it all.

Holly is home sick so I’ll be dragging all four kids to that clinic for effect.

At least it is raining. That is good 🙂

Edited to add:
I went. I waited for an hour but didn’t chicken out. I walked into the nurse and burst into tears. Sooky sooky lala me!! Anyway, she is referring me to the sleep centre for a 4 night stay and I now feel that there is a little ray of light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you everyone for backing me up and your inspirational words of wisdom. I really appreciate it 🙂

Mum um um um

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Amy said “Mum”. All day yesterday she perfected her “mmmmm” mouth and this morning she said “Mum” for the first time. Yay. She was 9 months old on Saturday, and getting cheekier by the day. Still not sleeping through the night though – ho hum.

Jess had her second swimming lesson on the weekend. She is such a character. She got in very confidently then had to go up and down the lane walking with the kick board out in front. As she passed the other kids she’d say “Hello” and wave, and she’d chat the whole time. Perfectly comfortable in her little world of Jessie Land.

On Sunday we decided to get out of town for awhile so drove to the Cotter and then out to the Tidbinbilla tracking station. Those satellite dishes always amaze me and Holly was thrilled that they can listen to whispers from Space. I once made a list of 30 things I wanted to do and going to a rocket launch at Cape Canaveral was right up there (just before seeing a live Oprah Show). Tidbinbilla is about as close as I’m going to get to that most probably!

Justin is taking the whole school holidays off work and I am throwing the laptop in the cupboard for the duration. We are going to Sydney for about 5 days, taking in the Zoo, a ferry ride, seeing friends and Zoe’s first birthday party. Can’t wait.

Does anyone else have a Black hole in their house? So far we have lost Holly’s school readers, numerous socks, my sanity and now Holly’s homework book. I just don’t understand how books, that are always in the same spot, can suddenly disappear. I made Holly write the note to her teacher to explain the missing book. I wonder what she’ll say about it!

I took Holly and Meg to see Shrek the Third because Holly got a great school report. This is a quote from the Teacher… “Holly is a kind, caring and generous member of our class. She has achieved results of a high standard across all curriculum areas. She is an outstanding artist and has an ability way beyond that of her peers. She applies herself with dedication and enthusiasm to all classroom tasks and her bookwork is immaculately presented. I am very proud of all she has achieved and look forward to the continuation of such wonderful progress. Well done Holly!” Yes Well done Holly, I’m very proud of you too 🙂

Ok things to do and work to be done. Have a great day.


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Ever since Penny introduced me to world of Mosaics I have been kind of hooked. I really love doing it. I have completed 4 now, my number 14 is hanging up very proudly at the front of the house and here are some pics of the other 3.
Butterfly – using teeny tiny glass tiles

Detail shot of the teeny tiny tiles.


And the F is for Freeman, not Fried Fingertips!

Fingers are actually doing fine but I feel like a bit of a spaz with some things. Combine blistered fingers with freezing cold temperatures at Markets this morning and you can imagine!

Ok Off to hang up mosaics in the Pool Room.


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I can begin a life of crime. I have lost my fingerprints!

Last night I was making dinner and put the pot in the oven to cook the chicken. I took the pot out after an hour, turned to get a spoon to stir the sauce and put my hands on the handles to move it onto the hotplate. The feeling of your fingertips burning is not good really. I ran them under cold water, had them dunked in a tub of cold water while the kids ate dinner and clutched an ice pack for the rest of the evening.

I now have little neat blisters on each fingertip and a numb sensation to go with it. As I type this it feels weird!

I guess I won’t be able to cook or clean for at least a week. Shame that!

Birthday girl take 2

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Gee that last post was a bit weird. I must have had too much coffee this morning. I’ve now had a sleep, a few chocolate bullets and am now slighter more coherant. Only slightly!

So yes, Jess’s birthday and what a little gem she is. I sometimes forget that she is still little because she is so tall and can talk so well. It isn’t until she cries or can’t do something, that I remember that she is indeed still such a baby. However, she had a great time at her party yesterday. She loves having her best friend Andrew with her to run amok, and they certainly all did that. I have chocolate finger prints up and down the staircase wall and carpet, and bits of wrapping paper in every corner of the house. Birthdays are the best 🙂

So here is my little girl with the fantastic cake from Adas and Lin.

(please note mini quiches next to cake. I made them!!!)

and here she is again, with the outfit from Mummy and Daddy that Meg adores and is extremely jealous of. Check out that BLING on ears and hands 🙂


and this is all of us this morning after the present opening extravaganza.

(Note all of us have crazy hair – it was early! And baby in pram is not Amy but a lifesize replica)

So Happy Birthday Precious Jess. We all love you lots!

3 Years old

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Today is Jessie’s birthday.

I’ve been reflecting a lot today about how she is growing up, what has happened over the last 3 years and how she is different from the other 2 when they turned 3.

Jess got a lot of great presents from family and friends, and they have all been opened and played with, and I really thought I’d have a cruisy day with them occupied. But the attention span of a 3yr old is not long! The best game they play, and are playing now, is “Families” and one of them is the Mum or Big Sister and the other the child/little sister. They speak in Amercian accents and dress up. Jess got a special dressup gown with cape and sparkly shoes, which Meg is wearing and won’t give up. Jess is happy with the accessories – bangles, rings and very Bling earrings.

Justin has set up the webcam so look out Wol’s. We’ll be in touch visually with you soon!

Amy is up the stairs. Again. Gotta dash!

-2 to 11 degrees celcius

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Hmm, ’tis a bit cold today!

Had to buy Holly a school beanie this morning and I almost got one for myself. Amy has a heavy cold and woke today with snot caked over her poor little nose & cheeks and cried when I had to get it all off. Nasty business.

Jess’s birthday is 6 sleeps away and I have no idea what to get her. If there was a remedy to keeping her in her bed at night that would be it. She keeps crying out and wanting to sleep in our room. I think this is the age of night terrors, as I remember both Holly and Meg doing the same thing. It is a bit annoying now though because I have just got Amy sleeping though and now Jess is up every few hours! Go figure.

I have begun to think about returning to work. I am a bit over doing housework all day everyday and am getting a bit frustrated within these four walls. 2 days a week would be perfect – anyone know of anything!! My dream job is to test the newborn babies hearing before they are discharged from hospital, so I have sent a few emails to put out some feelers for what is available. Meg’s preschool teacher just asked me if I would do a talk on hearing like I did when Holly was there. It’s a sign!!

Jess has a few funny sayings at the moment. Out of the blue last night she asked Justin
“Daddy, do you miss me when you are at work?” Jus thought I had put her up to it! She also often asks me ” Mum do you know what I am thinking?” And I say a string of things like
“That Mummy is the most beautiful woman in the world?” “no”
“That you love mummy very much” “no”
“That you want something to eat?” “Hmmmm, yes!”
I think she is getting to be more aware of her ‘self’ and is figuring out that she is part of the world and becoming less egocentric. Funny age this 2.5-3yrs. So much development.

Ok better do a bit of work while I have the chance. Enjoy the cold!


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Is Canberra really the only place you can buy fireworks? Justin succumbed to his inner piromaniac and got a pack of Fireworks from Magnet Mart Yesterday. We could have bought them from the local Adult shop and got a free porno movie or pair of edible undies with every purchase, but were passing MM at the time so got them there!

We had a few of the neighbours over last night for a party to celebrate our 1 year Anniversary in our house and also to introduce some newer neighbours to everyone else. It was so much fun. They are a great group of people and there were 10 kids between us which made for much hilarity when Justin set off the fireworks. I’m now certain that I could give away Jess and Amy to one couple if needed! They adore my little terrors. Anyway, the fireworks went off well and to see Jess jumping up and down squealing “This is awesome” was priceless. No one was injured or lost an eye, but the very last tom thumb whizzed at Holly’s legs and freaked her out just a bit.

So today is the holiday and Justin has gone to work (!) and I am nursing a head cold and blocked ears (and maybe just a little bit of a hangover). The kids are bugging me to go over the road to play. I’m all for that so that I can have a rest.

Have a great long weekend 🙂


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Amy saw the specialist yesterday. I was hoping for the all-clear, but he was rather reserved in his explanation of the results. He is still not happy with the coverage over the hip ball, but the calcification process of the ball and joint is more developed than the average for her age, so that is a plus.

He wants another x-ray in 4 months, and if the results are still the same it will mean a brace at night time, but not plaster like we did for Holly.

Dad had a shoulder reconstruction operation this morning and Mum tells me that all went well. He’ll be in hospital for a few days and off work for 2 weeks, but pretty much ok after that – ready for the China trip in September.

Had a great morning and lunch out with Rach today. She is off to South Africa on Friday and when she returns she starts full time work. Sad for me cause I have loved having her parttime availability! No more daily phone calls and luxurious shopping sprees/lunch dates. I’m sure she is going to make a fantastic Conservationist at the National Film and Sound Archive. Good on you Rach!

Amy is pulling down everything from the book shelf as I type this. She is such a messer. Her cheeks are bright red, she has a cold and I’m sure those top two teeth are going to break through any minute. Holly had school photos today and she showed me her two best smiles that she did in them. I’m hoping the one we get is of the missing teeth. Tooth Fairy came again last weekend – the second time she brings mush less money!

Ok, back to thinking about what to have for dinner. I’m so full from lunch though……:)