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Man it has been busy! But school and preschool finished yesterday so now the pace is a little less hectic in the mornings and afternoons. The girls are still in their pj’s playing ‘families’, Amy is back in bed and I have five to update this blog while sipping a coffee – yay.

Yesterday I did a super shopping effort. Arrived at the mall shortly after 9, got a spot in the front and the God’s were looking favourably upon me because I found everything I needed first up, and was out of there (after doing the food shopping as well) by 11.30am. I came home and put all the purchases into 3 piles to make sure that no one had more than the other. All looking good! Poor old Amy though – not much in her sack this year – but what could a 4th girl/1 yr old/baby possibly need? Just some cuddles I reckon!

I had to work this week and there were some sad stories coming out of the ward. 2 babies up for adoption, and one deaf baby diagnosed. I’m working 6 days from Saturday to Friday (not Christmas day) so I pray for no scary situations and deaf bubs.

Holly had a terrific school report. Straight B’s indicating a High acheivement in all categories. She has just loved her teacher this year, mind you not everyone has, and Mrs L wrote that Holly was an absolute treasure to have in the class and will miss her terribly. Holly had little tears running down her cheeks when I read that out to her. Hope next year is just as successful.

Preschool finished with a bang, and Meg was sad to say goodbye to her little friends who won’t be going to her school next year. The teacher did up a super folder with her art work and photos with bits about what they all did throughout the year. It came with a CD of 128 photos of her time in preschool. They really went to a big effort and it is much appreciated. Holly still looks back on her folder with fondness, it is such a great idea.

Justin is on holidays from this arvo, it will be great to have him home for a few weeks. The holiday ground rules have been set and the kids know that the front step is where they’ll end up if there is mischief. Holly already spent time out there yesterday! All I want for Christmas is peace!

We had an email from some friends who are in India for their Christmas, complete with photos of them on a camel. Holly said “Mum if we aren’t doing anything next Christmas, can we go to India and ride a camel too?”. Isn’t life simple for kids? Good philosophy!

Have a wonderful weekend leading up to Christmas, drive carefully and enjoy it.


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Sorry Emma, I did promise a Movember photo, so here it is……..
He trimmed it a little so it is not looking so ferocious, but my brother did ask him last night when his porm movie was coming out!

This pic was no mean feat. It took me about 15 minutes to get them all sitting after numerous changes of outfit (Meg came down in her school uniform, Jess in her ballgown “Please go change into NORMAL clothes”) And in the end, I was hoarse and the batteries ran out on the camera. So one photo only!!

Holly and Meg mucking around!

Amy doing her crunchy hand wave and saying “Ta ta”. Ahh bless.

bits of this and that

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We are busy over here. Christmas parties and school functions and 4 very tired children. A quick summary of what has been happening….

* Amy is walking full time. She can even run – but can’t control her pace so ends up ploughing into the end object. She is so proud of herself.
* Amy says “ta-ta’ and does a crunched up hand wave. So cute.
* School disco was a hit for 15 minutes and then the above mentioned 4 very tired children had to be taken home, or one very over-it-all mother would have run away and never come back.
* 2 Christmas parties with old work colleagues were great fun and I had quite a few laughs remembering old times.
* Justin still has Movember.
* Christmas shopping getting done bit by bit and important items posted interstate.
* Christmas carols tonight at the War Memorial.
* I am in training for a 10 km run on March 10th. Lost 1 kg this week but slept in 2 days and didn’t run (whoops!).
* been working a few days and got my ID pass and security swiper to be able to get into all those off limits places like NICU. Met the big boss who really wants to get me on a permanent basis and give me a great job in a new Audiology outpatient department (Oh yes please!!).
* thought my purse was stolen last week – cancelled all cards, got new drivers license, screamed and cursed all people who steal purses, then found it 3 days later in the tray under the pram!

That is about it in a nutshell. Probably more but can’t think straight – need coffee. Have a great weekend – we have our street party with over 30 neighbours attending. Should be a hoot.



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Amy is getting up from a sitting position and taking steps. She is getting balanced enough to stop and turn around even. Just a little but further each time. But she has developed a little tantrum display – if you take something away or put her down when she doesn’t want to be down, she’ll throw herself flat on the floor and bang her head on the ground. Quite a dramatic act!

Today I ran twice around my mountain track. I think this is the furthest I have ever run – about 6km, and it took around 30 minutes. My calf muscles are getting massive!

Swimming lessons are continuing with both Meg and Holly doing really well in classes and swimming further and more confidently each week. I wasn’t so sure Jess was catching onto the whole lessons thing, but at home in the pool, she is up and down to the deep end and paddling/kicking very efficiently. She has a bubble floatie thing on her back, but this is such a huge improvement to where she was last summer that I am overjoyed. They had a few swims over the weekend, but it wasn’t warm enough for me!

After all its time in the workshop, Bluey is back on deck and driving like a new car. Today the AC is getting fixed, and then that should be it for it’s trips to get repaired. My focus has now shifted from new car to new roof, as in the thunderstorm over the weekend, the playroom was filled with torrential waterfalls of water (thankfully it is a tiled floor). Jus cleaned out all the gutters, but the whole room needs a face lift and the roof in dire need of replacement. The bathroom in that room is hideous so a complete makeover is needed.

Even though it is December now, Justin is still sporting his MO-vemeber. I’ll take a piccy so you can see just how awful it is!! He is a cross between Chopper and Merv Hughes. I hope he doesn’t read this!!

Have a great week.