Amy is getting up from a sitting position and taking steps. She is getting balanced enough to stop and turn around even. Just a little but further each time. But she has developed a little tantrum display – if you take something away or put her down when she doesn’t want to be down, she’ll throw herself flat on the floor and bang her head on the ground. Quite a dramatic act!

Today I ran twice around my mountain track. I think this is the furthest I have ever run – about 6km, and it took around 30 minutes. My calf muscles are getting massive!

Swimming lessons are continuing with both Meg and Holly doing really well in classes and swimming further and more confidently each week. I wasn’t so sure Jess was catching onto the whole lessons thing, but at home in the pool, she is up and down to the deep end and paddling/kicking very efficiently. She has a bubble floatie thing on her back, but this is such a huge improvement to where she was last summer that I am overjoyed. They had a few swims over the weekend, but it wasn’t warm enough for me!

After all its time in the workshop, Bluey is back on deck and driving like a new car. Today the AC is getting fixed, and then that should be it for it’s trips to get repaired. My focus has now shifted from new car to new roof, as in the thunderstorm over the weekend, the playroom was filled with torrential waterfalls of water (thankfully it is a tiled floor). Jus cleaned out all the gutters, but the whole room needs a face lift and the roof in dire need of replacement. The bathroom in that room is hideous so a complete makeover is needed.

Even though it is December now, Justin is still sporting his MO-vemeber. I’ll take a piccy so you can see just how awful it is!! He is a cross between Chopper and Merv Hughes. I hope he doesn’t read this!!

Have a great week.

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