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Last post for the year…time for it seeing the last one was October.
I am writing this on my new Mororola XOOM (an android version of an ipad). It is so very cool and will take pride of place on my new kitchen bench so that I can have music, email and recipes on hand whenever I need it. Justin has loaded music and books on it today, so I reckon I am set. Now just need to play around with it and get the hang of it.

What a great month we had with Holly taking out the regional championships of physie in Wagga. We couldn’t believe it when they called her name for first. She had certainly danced beautifully, but you never expect the top spot. She was overjoyed and her teachers were delirious. It was thrilling for her, and mum and I were very proud.wagga winner
The next weekend we were off to the ACT Catholic netball Carnival (which incidently we are running next year). I was coaching two teams and had high hopes but we were placed in A division so sadly got thrashed every game. Nonetheless my kids did a good job and we held our heads high and had a great day.

While all this was going on Justin was ripping out the old kitchen and prepping the area for installation of the new one. It all happened fairly smoothly except for one evening when I was putting the dishes in the dishwasher that was out in the laundry sitting high up on the bench. It all toppled over and crockery smashed all over the tiles. I was pretty overdone, so just plonked myself down on the ground and cried. As well prepared as I was for the renovation, being in the midst of it was still stressful and I hate being in an uncontrolled mess. I could not wait for it to be finished!
kitchen out 2011

Jess was inducted into Rainbow Fish Guides at this time too. She got a welcome ceremony and some badges to sew onto her uniform as well as her first guide badge for completing her fitness criteria. She was elated and has certainly enjoyed her time with the guides so far. I really think this is her thing.jessie rainbow fish

Kids had a little bit of fun dressing up for Halloween. They even went to a few houses in the street, and as unprepared as Aussies are for Trick or Treaters, they came away with a bit cash!halloween costumes 2011
Holly and I caught a bus with 20 other physie teammates and parents to homebush Olympic stadium for the teams competition. I was a parent helper so able to go into the coveted backstage area to help get the girls ready and assist with the hair and makeup. It was really great fun and quite the experience to see a major scale competition. Holly was in two teams (9-10’s and then 11-12’s) and both did very well, but it was tough and they didn’t get a place unfortunately. It was a great learning experience though and we both came away all the better for it. Got home that night after midnight so it was a very long day for us both.

Two weekends later we were back in Sydny for the National Physical culture championships. With Holly coming first in the region this was the next stage of the comp. Having seen Homebush a few weekends before gave her some idea of what she was up against, but the level of skill was mind blowing and she didnt make it into the final. national champs Both Justin and I were extremely proud of her. I even shed a tear or two as she was led off into the waiting area. We had stayed the night before in a little motel in Strathfield, went out for dinner and had some quality one child time! Very rare occurance. While the other sections were dancing, Holly had to stay backstage, so Justin and I utilized the opportunity to get along to Ikea and bag us some bargains. Hoot – it was fun. We filled up the car and poor old Holly had to squeeze in on the way back. We got replacement crockery which was the ultimate bonus!


Just when I thought everything was going to calm down it becomes the christmas season and then there are dinners and get togethers with people from all facets of your life, plus concerts and parent teacher interviews etc etc. One awesome concert that I did see was Carl Barron. He is so funny and Em and I were crying from the laughter. Such a good night. Amy also featured in her first Physie concert. She took it up in term 4 and is showing great promise!amy physie concert

Kitchen…all finished and it looks wonderful. I am so pleased with how it has all come together. It is amazing really when you choose colours from a tiny swatch and pray for the best that it all will match and look awesome. I’m relieved to say that ours does and I am thrilled with the result.
The oven is a masterpiece and at first I was daunted to use it, but the first roast has gone in and it didn’t blow up!. new ovenI had to make 100 cupcakes for the yr 6 graduation and ice them with decorative swirls. That was an overwhelming job, but it all came together and looked terrific on the night.cupcakes
floor kitchen

Kids all survived another year of school and got totally fantastic reports for second semester. I was very proud of all the improvements that they made… they have all been granted permission to move on up into the next grade in 2012, so that means yr 6 for Holly, yr 4 for Meg, yr 2 for Jessica and kindergarten for Amy. All in the one place again this year, but this time all week long. Yeehar. Let the good times roll!

Christmas was a delightful affair this year. We had lunch at Maureen and Tom’s and then went on to Matt and Penny. Right now we have James and Sascha and the three kids staying with us here. The pool is getting a good work out, neighbors and coming to and fro and it is a good time of year to be at home with loved ones. New peeps moved in across the road where our friends Kathryn and Anthony lived. Moving onto a new life in canada, they put their house on the market and we were very hopeful of some nice people moving in. They are, and miraculously have a daughter who is eleven the same age as holly, so they are working out well for us!

Justin has totally become the handyman of Canberra. He has renovated the laundry area, painted the rendering around the pool and painted the laundry pergola and walls. It looks brilliant and will be super for his 40th birthday that we are celebrating in January.justin handyman

Next year will be exciting with the kids all at school, both Justin and I celebrating our 40th birthdays and our 15th wedding anniversary. We are planning a little holiday to Vietnam to celebrate all of this and would love it to be about 8 nights with some bike tours and lots of yummy food to indulge in and discover.

So that is the wrap up for the end of 2011. Just made a great dessert to take to Penny’s for lunch. Happy new year. Xxx

santa signs These are the signs that the girls put up just so Santa would know where they were!