Last night

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Had a great night out last night with some gal pals, when we went out to dinner and then onto a concert. Thirsty Merc were in town and we grooved along to the tunes till late. I’m a bit bleary eyed today, but gee it was fun. Nice to see live music and just watch the people there. Everyone forgets all their troubles for a few hours and just lets the music get in.

This is one of their songs in case you don’t know who they are!

Kate is in town today for a quick visit so we are heading off to mums for morning tea. I’m just getting the slice out of the oven! It is freezing here today 🙂

Riding in the afternoon

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Amy has upgraded to a bigger bike with training wheels and so this afternoon was her first big ride around the Lake. I was walking along next to her for support while Justin rode ahead with Jess and Meg, but in the end Amy was so confident that I had to run alongside to catch up. The bike is one that Nana Helen bought for Holly when she was 3.
justin doing bike tricks
amy riding
jess riding


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The girls have inherited Justins love for bacon and get terribly excited whenever I cook with it. Flicking thru a magazine at work last week i came acoss a recipe for a sure fire winner….Bacon wrapped meatloaf. The excitement could not be contained…..

Sunday 12th June

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IMAG0366Today is Holly’s Confirmation Day. It is an important day as a Catholic…the one where you confirm the baptismal promises that were made on your behalf by your GodParents. Holly chose St Frances of Rome as her Patron saint and so she has added Frances to her other names now. Kate was her sponsor, she is also her GodMother. It was especially nice to celebrate this today as it is my Grandpas Birthday. He would have been 91. Grandma came to the Mass this morning and we found out that Frances was her confirmation name too. Funny how things just tie in with each other and these little co-incidences can have such significant meaning.

Happy Day

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Sometimes I am resistant to the way status updates on Facebook make me feel, but right now I am so tired that they all seem to be saying “my life is so darn fabulous and yours isnt”! Ok rant over.