9 Sleeps till Christmas

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Jess Amy and I had a photo with Santa yesterday at Brand depot. I thought I would never prise Amy off me, but she did sit still long enough. I was the only one smiling though! With thoughts of going to WA in under a weeks time I haven’t really given much effort to the girls presents, so it will be very low-key this year. With renovations and a trip to Perth I think that is enough!!

Speaking of the reno’s, we are nearly finished the painting, and then that will be it for out there. After new year, we’ll get the doors done and the verandahs back on upstairs (they had to to taken down because of the roof restoration). After that I dearly want the front yard landscaped and a courtyard built as it currently looks like the moon surface – bare and uninhabitable. All in good time is guess.

The last few weeks have been busy with Christmas Parties where I have been meeting up with old friends and remembering what their friendships meant to me. On Sunday I am standing in as God Mother to a very dear old friend’s daughters Christening, as the real godmother can’t make it, so that is very special to me. James and Ro will also be visiting this weekend and this will be a tough time for them as they would have had their baby with them this Christmas. I am so glad that both these friends make an big effort to keep in touch and are willing to accept me into their busy lives even though we don’t see each other all the time. It really is a blessing.

Holly and Meg were in a Dancing Competition weekend before last, and I am proud to say that they both came first in their sections. They both got trophies and sashes and medals and certificates, so you can imagine how thrilled both they and I were. Holly also came away with the Teachers Award, which is for the girl who has manners and is happy and polite (you know the drill, a delight to teach…blah blah blah), and they added that she has so much potential she could go on to be a great champion. The day before this event Holly was going to give it up, but now she reckons she’ll give it another year!

Lots more happening, but I am getting interrupted by the kids. Have a great Christmas.

Weekly blurb

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December already. Summer time. Yippee. Lots has been happening here it is again in point form!

* Had the heart monitor on for 24hrs. Looked like I was wired for electric shock therapy, but told everyone I was getting a boob job. Doubtful anything will show up in the results as I had an ‘event free’ stint.
* Had my abdominal ultrasound and Barium meal testing yesterday. Abdominal ultrasound showed up Gall Stones! After much Google searching found the causes of GS are poor functioning of the gall bladder, being near 40 yrs of age, being female and high levels of estrogen from pregnancy. Given that I have had a few pregnancies in my time, it might be due to that. GP must have the results as she just called and wants to see me! The Barium Meal testing was awful. I had to have a needle with stuff in it that slowed down the muscles in the gastrointestinal tract, then swallow 500ml of “something” that was the consistency of plaster of paris. Had to have a series of x-rays to see the stuff going down the tract. Don’t know the results of that yet, but it was trying to find a Hiatus Hernia.
* seeing the cardiologist tomorrow.
* Bought some Christmas lights to put up outside so as not to be totally outdone by friends up the road whose place looks like Disneyland.
* Chickens have found their laying mojo with as many as 5 eggs a day so far. They LOVE Justin – the food god. When he goes into the cage they squat down and fluff out their wings for him to pat them. He thinks that by tomorrow they will have erected an idol figurehead of him made of sticks and leaves.
* Holly was student of the week last week and got a certificate for great maths work.
* Jess has comes along on leaps and bounds at swimming lessons – we changed her class because of the teacher, and now she has a man who is terrific. She floats on her back on her own now – huge!
* Amy is discovering Christmas – trees, candy canes, presents, decorations. Every week at playgroup we have been making decorations for the tree and today made angels with hand print wings and Styrofoam cups for dresses. Can you imagine what out tree looks like – homemade heaven!!
* Jess had her Possums Christmas concert and party on the weekend. They sang a few songs and it was gorgeous. She was the tallest of all the kids and confidence to boot. I’m so proud of her. She is kind hearted and loving and social beyond my imagination. She is going to love family daycare next year. I’ve put in my application forms and am waiting for an interview.
* Also at playgroup today we had a hens party for one of the mums who is getting married next week. We made her wear a veil and we drank sparling apple cider in champagne flutes. The kids thought we were mad!
* Plastering has begun today. Hoping that only takes a week, then we can paint.
* Got a dinner this week with an old work crowd at the yacht club. 2 dinners next week with various friends and work.
* 20 sleeps till we head West. The kids can’t wait to get on the plane and wonder wistfully if Adas and Lin will remember them!

I’m sure there is more, but that is all I can think of right now.