A Baby

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Last week Justin and I were so deeply saddened to hear that our good friends James and Rowena had given birth to a stillborn baby. A beautiful and perfect boy, named Thomas, whose entry into the world was not as expected and is now in heaven leaving his parents with empty arms and troubled hearts.

Ro was 35 weeks pregnant, felt no baby movement for a while, went to the hospital and discovered a tragedy. She bravely was induced into labour and gave birth to him a few hours later.

The funeral was a most respectful and beautiful service. That tiny coffin made me cry every time I looked at it. And poor James and Ro, grief stricken to be farewelling a life that never go to be, a face that never smiled, hands that never got to grasp, feet that won’t ever take a step. A person they will never get to know.

My heart aches for them and I hope they get through this awful time by leaning on each other.

A little Angel now in heaven.



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This is week 3 of the reno’s and the place is dirty and covered in muck, dust and leaves from outside. The roof is almost completed, just the finishing touches to be done and then it starts on the inside.

I’m feeling crabby and stifled with all the mess, but dreaming of how it will look when it is all done, and the party we are going to have to celebrate!

Everything else is going along OK compared to the mess that is here. Oprah says….When there is clutter and mess in your house, your head space is cluttered and messy too. So true!!

Till the sanity returns………ME


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11th wedding anniversary last Saturday
6th birthday for Meggie yesterday
2nd week of the school holidays…..

I didn’t go too insane during the first week of the holidays but there is some chance of that this week!! Swimming lessons every morning should see that off to a fine start. Seriously though, things have been going along quite well, and even though there have been some spats and narky fights, everyone is still happy.

Our 11th Wedding anniversary was on Saturday and while Justin and I don’t go for presents and that sort of stuff, we did have a great homemade pizza for dinner and a bottle of 1999 Penfolds Red Wine that someone gave to us at some point, maybe for the birth of Holly!! It was worth the wait – quite delicious.

Meg’s 6th birthday was yesterday, she was one excited cookie. We took the kids to Questacon, as that was what Meg chose to do, and it was great fun. Amy ran around the whole time and fell asleep in the car on the way home and then for 4 hours in her cot. Plum tuckered out. Nanna Pa Hamish and Grandma came for tea on Sunday Night and Meg wanted meatballs and spag so we had that with more red wine! Adas and Lin always buy the girls a birthday cake and Meggie desperately wanted and icecream one, so I got that and put fruit all over the top. She loved it.

We went to Floriade last weekend and the girls were talking about why it was called that. Meg stated “It’s because they have Flori’s in a big Yard”. I laughed out loud!

That is the end of our birthdays for this year, so now it is time to get serious about fitness and eating better. I’m going to do another run on 2nd November, 6km this time, and with Em’s wedding in Toowoomba in 3 weeks time I am spurred on. Nothing bad shall pass these lips!!

Building is back on track for the next part in the roof and playroom restoration. I’m estimating another 3 weeks at least, maybe make it 5.

Better get these cherubs to swimming. I’ll add some photos to this when I get back. Have a great week.