Well that didn’t go so well!

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So I had great intentions of blogging a photo every day of winter but somehow a month has gone by and I haven’t done a thing.  I’ve thought about it, but with one thing and then another…well, it hasn’t happened.


So I’m going to try and post some of the pics that have been keeping my life so busy over the past month so that I can keep up with the story.


Here is one to start.  Grandma Mary with Jess last Sunday on her Confirmation Day.  Penny did a super job as Sponsor despite being very jetlagged (just home form a holiday in Greece) and Adele having  a whopper blood nose in mass.  I was well away from that action as I was sponsoring James from up the road.




More to come to clear the back log!

A lovely poem

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mirrorThis poem made me think of my girls.  How much emphasis today is on how they look.  I want them to know that i love them just the way they are and how happy they look when they are doing the things that they love.


To the Theatre

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Took the family to see Mary Poppins yesterday.  It was a great show, Meg’s running coach was a main character so we had excitement each time he came on or spoke!  Here is Jess with Lily all dressed up and ready to get their ‘Supercali fragalisticexpialidocious”  on.

Happy 14th Birthday Lovely Girl

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Oh Yes she is!  My lovely Holly is 14 years old.  Such a blessing is this girl and we love her to bits.  For this day we bought her a pass for her + 3 friends to go to the Ben and Jerry’s outdoor cinema to see The Hunger Games 3 and eat as much ice cream as thy like.  I have to go to chaperone! Sad for me!!




This is me showing my shocked face that I have a 14year old.  I still feel 26!

Welcome 2015 – 10 years of blogging!

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The week between Christmas and new year is often a weird one.  I’m not even sure what day it is.  We’ve had visitors and parties and dinners and breakfasts and the days are roling into each other.  Nonetheless it has been great and the kids have had a ball with their cousins and friends.


2015 marks 10 years for me as a blogger.   I started this as a way to document stuff in my life so that family could keep up to date with what was going on while the kids were little.  In the early days there was a lot of hype about bloggers and i fell into a community of other craft and mummy bloggers.  That lost its shine though and over the past few years as i have grown up and matured  its just been about me again.   Document the moments and be able to look back and recall the good times.  I may not have any followers,  besides Helen, but that is ok with me!



We had a lovely night at lisa and grahams for NYE.  Pizzas in the outdoor pizza oven and plenty of laughs.  All the family were there..a rare moment.

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So I wonder what 2015 has in store.

We have a cruise to look forward too, a new neice/nephew being born in Perth in June, Taylor Swift concert in November and many more wonderful things in between that are yet to unfold.

I’m hoping my crafternoon continues as i have made lovely friends through that.  I want to keep running and maintain fitness to keep up with Renée around the mountain.  I’d like my work to stay sane, but to develop the department and grow.  I’d like the girls to challenge themselves in their afterschool activities this year and rise to better themselves.  Schoolwise, they are ok but the focus continues to be on getting Amy better at reading.  Meg starts high sschool. ……that’s exciting.

So happy new year.  May it be wonderful in every way.