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Boredom has set in so I pinched this from Lisa’s blog to fill in some time!

1. What are your favourite lines from a song?
When we were little there was a hymn that we’d sing at mass. The line was
“The Great Mystery” and we sang “Third grade with Mr Reed.” That still cracks me up today.

2. What is a question that people ask you that gets on your nerves?
Are you having anymore children? Can I have something to eat? (Jess)

3. Name something you have in common with all your siblings.
We all had the same driving instructor – Dad.

4. What is the greatest amount of pain you’ve ever been in?
Childbirth x 4

5. Who is the last person you wrote a letter to on paper?
Nana Helen

6. Have you ever fired a gun?
no – only glue gun and nail gun

7. What was your favourite childhood toy?
Holly Hobby and etch-a-shetch

8. What sound do you find disturbing?
someone choking

9. Whose diary would you like to read?

10. Have you ever had a recurring dream?
Not in ages and I don’t remember the dream!

11. Name something that makes you happy.

12. If you were in an emergency situation would you be able to deliver a baby?

13. What is the closest thing to you that is green?
My shirt

14. Have you ever had to call 000?

15. What is the last movie you watched?
Holiday on DVD.

16. What CD is in your CD player?
Missy Higgins new one

17. Do you fold your underwear?
yes, and Justin’s and the kids too.

18. What movie do you know every line to?
The Princess Bride, The Three Amigos, My Best Friend’s Wedding and Sister Act

19. What did you do before this?
made dinner and listened to Holly reading

20. Are you picky about spelling and grammar?
Yes, but am hopeless at writing and speaking in the third person. I must have been away that day at school

21. When was the last time you slept on the floor?
Can’t remember. I think it may have been when Jess was a baby and sick in the night.

Thanks Lis!!

These hands

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Rach challenged us to post a picture of our hands so that our children would be able to remember the pair that cared for them. Here is my effort – blisters, bitten fingernails and all!


These hands have held you everyday
have picked you up,
brushed tears away.

Have washed you,
cleaned you,
combed your hair.
helped you onto a bike
and into a chair

Have tickled your tummy to make you sing
have pushed you higher on the swing
Have put cream on every sort of rash
Changed a million nappies in a dash.

Have held your hand
as you crossed the street
put bandaids on your little feet

Have held you to my breast to drink
have cleaned you in the kitchen sink!
Have taken you to school and play
and waved goodbye as you walked away

Have wiped your nose
your hands and face
your fingerprints
all over the place

have stroked your cheek
when you’re fast asleep
caressed away the fears
that monsters creep

Have clasped them in a silent prayer
when things have been too much to bear
And held them to my head in vain
when you’ve been screaming out in pain.

And even though they’re rough and worn
They held you first when you were born

So, look at these hands,
as somewhere in time
You’ll be able to recall
that these hands are mine.


Sunday goes too fast

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This is what Holly proclaimed today when Justin told her that it was time to get dressed for school because it was Monday. Fair enough too – the weekends always seem to go by quickly!

There were a few knocks and tumbles over the weekend. Holly fell off the table and bruised her bum; Meg crashed her bike; I was pruning and a branch thwaked me in the eye and then another across my cheek; Jess falls over every other 5 minutes and hurts her head; Amy keeps banging her head into the cot bars; and the best of all….I was intending to open the freezer which is at the bottom on our fridge, but opened the fridge door by mistake and banged it right into my forehead. I totally saw stars and have a sore bump on my noggin!!

We had a major gardening working bee and I hacked my way along the fence line to find a set of steps, a brick retaining wall and concrete on the ground (albeit covered in about 2 inches of soil, leaves and ivy roots). Then we cut down a lot of tree weeds, to find 2 fruit trees, possible apricot and plum, another lemon tree and a Holly Tree (hanging over the fence from the neighbours). We took all the rubbish to the tip which is not like us at all. We normally leave it to rot around the backyard for a few years until Justin can be bothered to cart it away!! So it now looks all lovely and tidy and I can’t wait to see if the new found sun on the trees gives us some yummy fruit.

My time is almost up here, Meg has the clock in her hand and is waiting for her turn to play games. I’ve been doing some scrapping so might see if I can complete the layout on my desk while the kids are occupied!! Catch you later!

“I’m soooooo clever”

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This is Amy just a few hours ago looking so pleased with herself for climbing up the stairs and then standing up. She is just loving the independance of crawling. She can go for anything she wants now!

I’ve been having this conversation with her all day
ME: Say Mum Mum Mum
AMY: Dadadad
ME : Try Mumumum
AMY: Dadad

And Jess declares to Amy “Ahhh you crazy little fella!”.

So a few more pics that I finally uploaded…
721 The Chocolate biscuit from a few weeks ago. It was everywhere. Amy is in the finger food phase for sure. If it come to her on a spoon she rejects it, but put it on her tray and she is at it lightening fast. My washing has risen in accordance with this.

724 Leftovers night- Jess got the rest of the icecream and ate it from the bucket. She was so thrilled with herself.
727 Holly got the rest of the yoghurt and ate it from the tub too.
730 Meg is too glam for leftovers – she just sipped on her cocktails!
733 Amy cruising around.
736 Amy and I – taken by Holly.
739 Today I found her in the pantry going for the bin. If it isn’t that it is the dustpan and broom. Why always the gross stuff?

I felt generous this morning and told Holly she could have a lunchorder. She wrote it out and I gave her the $4.80 (yikes that is inflation). My mobile rang a few hours later and when I got the message it was the school asking me to bring Holly some lunch because the Canteen isn’t open on Wednesdays! Where is my brain!!!!

Amy has gone up all three flights of stairs so better catch her. Have a great evening 🙂


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Yesterday I took a class in Mosaics. We had a wonderful teacher who supplied all the tiles, cutters, glue and inspiration, as well the coffee and bikkies. Penny!

It was lovely to sit in the sun, to chat and glue the hours away. I did a number ’14’ for the front of the house, Lisa did a ‘4’ for her place and Holly, Hamish and Meg did their initials. Just have to grout and then it will be ready to hang. Thanks Pen. I think I’ll be confident enough to do one on my own now.

Amy has become quite a time waster for us. We love to just play with her. This morning, Justin and I were looking under the bed while she peeked through and then popped up the top so she could see us over it. It went on and on till we decided we really should attend to our other children and Justin get to work! She is such a delightful age now, 8 months. So interactive and happy and when you see that big smile over the cot when you get her up from her sleep, it just melts your heart.

There is a broken pipe at the top of the street and water is streaming from it and racing down the road into the gutter and down the drain. I could cry at the waste. I want to run out with a bucket and scoop it up to put on my garden.

Have a great day everyone.

Thursday in May

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I love watching the Autumn leaves fall off the tree,
I love sweeping them up!

It is so satisfying to have a pile of leaves and a clear driveway/path. I would do it everyday but I think the neighbours would start to believe I was a bit obsessive compulsive!!

So Thursday is my “work” day. Mum came to take Meg and Jess, I put Amy to bed and got 2 hours of work done before she woke up. I am actually looking forward to a time when I can get back to the office to do this work rather than from home with the many distractions. Maybe next year….!

On Tuesday I arranged a Morning tea at playgroup that was in conjuntion with “Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea”. We raised over $42 which I thought was really great. The kids did some craft which was making masks and also threading fruit loops onto pipecleaners to make bracelets. The fruit loops were in little containers for each child and I think I just should have added milk to Jess’s because she ate the lot without threading a single one. Then they all ran around with their tiger masks on and Jess declared “This is freaking me out” at which everyone peeled over in laughter. She really is quite a character!

Amy is crawling fast. Everywhere. I call her Hoover because if there is a single thing on the floor she will grab it and eat it. She is very efficient at crawling up the stairs now and once she gets to the top she stands up holding onto the bannister, and grins madly down at us. It is so funny to see such a small person standing up.

Holly had a cross country race last Friday at school and came third in her agegroup. She bought home a shiny bronze ribbon to add to her collection.

It is 3pm and Meg is pestering me to use the computer. We have found a great website for her to play on. The link is here if you have a preschooler who would like to play!

Ok have a great weekend!