Wrap-up of the #100daysofhappy

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100 days done.  There may have been a few where I forgot but I essentially got there in the end!  Looking back over the 100 pictures there is a definite trend in the things that make me happy.

Family, running, crochet, friends, words and food!

At the end of the day it is nice to see that there is consistency in the things that make me happy and in the way I am living my life.  Doing the things that I love and spending time with the people  I cherish.

Turning 40 and then losing my friend Julie were both milestones that made me look at things a little differently.  I’m learning to ease up on myself and others, and making time to do the things I love to do.

It is easy to sleep -in, easy to sit in front of the TV, easy to not meet up with friends but stay isolated.  If things are important then you should find a way to make it happen.  With 4 kids, a job and a business to help run, life is busy.  I know it!  But don’t lose yourself.  Make time for your passions.  I have and it has made me a better person.


#100daysofhappy 100

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imageThe last few days have been tricky to post the final pic but here we are at Day 100.  Woo hoo.  This pic is of my Fridge Photos that I see everyday.  My favourite people in the world.  They make me laugh and smile everyday.  They love me when I’m cracky and sad.  They hug me when I am down.  They lift me up when I need a smile.  They are mine and I love them to bits.