Much Ado about birthdays

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Now the baby is 4.

It seems like only yesterday that I sobbed at the blue line on the stick, but here she is, now 4 years old and the apple of our eyes. It has been a rough few months for us and Amy. Hitting 3 has always been a trialling time with my girls – they say it is the same emotional growth as a teenager. Lots of growing up in a short pace of time and the brain gets overloaded, causing emotions to run high. She is finally emerging form this very self-focused age and is starting to be able to be reasoned with and see things from other points of view. It is really quite amazing the transformation that has taken place. She is such a girly girl, choosing her own dresses (never pants) and wearing layers of skirts and multi necklaces and bangles. She is a hippie at heart! She adores sparkling shoes and glittering tops, bejeweled headbands and handbags. It is fun shopping with her because if it sparkles she in in.

I’ve said to her now that she is 4 it is time to get rid of the pram and no more “uppy”. Sad day for Amy. But really she has enjoyed a babyhood that is years more than any of the others got! Gee, when Holly was four, Jess was 6 months old, so certainly to pram or uppy for her, likewise for Meg when she was 4. It is time! I know we are all ready to embrace the next phase of this life.

In other news, soccer is finished and Holly had her presentation night at the Labor Club last week. She got a cracking trophy, and a wealth of experience and fun, so it was great. Meg and Jess got their trophies a few weeks ago and they were much delighted with that.

School concert was last week too. The theme of the concert was Australia. Jess’s class did Aussie commercials. One of which was the Vegemite ad, and she had on the big Vegemite soldiers hat signing “it puts a rose in every cheek”. Classic. They also sang the cordial jingle “my day picks the fruit that goes to Cottees…to make the cordial…that I like best”. She was singing it at home and said to me “mum listen to this bit that Olivia (best friends and I made up…My dad picks his nose that goes to snotties….hahahaha!”. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that there was no way she made that up, cause we all used to sing that version back in the 80’s!

Meg and her class did dancing routines to “Working Class Man”, “Stayin’ alive”, “Locomotion” and “You’re The Voice”. Holly’s class did a skit about politicians which was very funny. It was a super concert and everyclass made such a big effort.

I’ve put in my application for my job. Writing a public service application is so tedious and not something that I am used to doing. Got lots of help from Sim ,Em and Penny, so am very grateful for that. I hope I get the job now!

School hols are no upon us and we are looking forward to having a rest. I got the time off work, so no rushing about in the mornings or afterschool. Planning lots of get together s with friends and a visit from the Perth Connection. Can’t wait for that.

I’ve been trying to get out into the garden as much as possible to get things ship shape or the start of spring. I’m keen to get the side of the house looking better. It is fairly bare, we never go up there, but as I run past it in the mornings I always think how awful it looks, so I’ve been planting native grasses and flowers and hoping that they grow really fast.

I set myself a task to run each day of September. I pretty much have, expect for a few days last week when I was sick with another cold (make that about 5 for the year, *sigh*) and last Sunday after a biggie night out. I’m certainly not in the condition I was this time last year, but I am hoping to get back into bootcamp, start eating better now that is is warmer and get back into shape. I know what I have to do, it is just hard to be so disciplined 🙂

Long awaited pics of the soccer trio.
Meg in Bel-West soccer game
Jess with her Kit Kates team.  She is the one who just kicked the ball at the back

Soccer Holly

Have a great weekend and super school hols 🙂

Wet and wild weekend

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The weather did not let up much this weekend. Our last soccer games were cancelled, which was actually a relief as it overlapped with the annual Physical Culture Dance Competition that the girls were in. Trophies were still issued and the girls will probably get them today from the kids at school who collected then on our behalf.

The PC comp was exciting. Jess was up first. She did so well. She is the tallest in the group by far, and probably the skinniest too. She is a lanky thing! Her marching was great and her routines were good too. She needs to remember them more by heart, but on the whole she did great.

Meg was then up and her marching was spot on. She did great routines and was clearly the best there! She was recalled for the marching, which means she had to come back and march with the best from each age division to determine the best overall marcher. This was exciting!

Holly then up and she was the bomb. Holly had the most competitors in her age group so it was difficult for the judges to decide. I thought she was awesome and she did a sterling job of all her dances.

When the times for results to be called out I was a bundle of nerves. I was clenched up so hard that I had a crick in my neck. I just wanted the girls to do well and come away with something. When Jess’s division was called out she didn’t get a place. I could have cried for her. I knew that sad little face would come to me afterward and be devastated. She had her heart set on winning and believed that she could do it. My heart was breaking for her.

Meg came first in her section. She was thrilled and it was well deserved. She got a big trophy and a big grin. I was immensely proud of her.

Holly came 3rd. I knew that she was going to be upset about that because she has won the past two years and has been working really hard on all her routines. She did a great job out there, but on the day it depends on a lot of things. My heart was heavy for her too. I was feeling like an emotional wreck!

So on the way home, Meg was all goo goo gaa gaa over her win and Holly and Jess were glaring at her like she was showing off. We can’t deny Meg’s success I said. She was a worthy winner so lets celebrate that. Jess was down in the dumps and Holly felt ripped off. I felt like I had been riding an emotional roller coaster for 3 hours – put myself into bed and had an hours sleep!

Sunday was Father’s Day and Justin requested a fully cooked breakfast so I made scrambled eggs, baked beans, chipolatas and bacon on toast. It did us the whole day. Holly and Meg has dancing practice at various times, so in between that I did the shopping, got lunch, made some things for the lunchboxes this week and then we all went out to Lisa’s for Afternoon Tea. We didn’t need dinner!

I managed to get some tickets to see Margaret Fulton (the cook) giving a talk at the National Museum of Australia. She is talking about cookbooks and how they have changed to social scene in Australia over the decades. Mum, Lisa and Penny are coming with me – since we have our own cookbook, love to bake and talk about cooking all the time, I thought it was only fitting! Can’t wait.

Time to go my for my run. Amy was a pain in the neck and cried a lot in the night. Dunno what is wrong with her but am considering putting her up for sale. Any takers? So a run is what I need to get rid of all the anxiety from the weekend – might need to go twice as far, am a little wound up!

Have a great day.