Jessie’s first haircut

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Not counting the few times I’ve had a go at her fringe, it was her first proper haircut today – at the salon, cape on, hair wet. Exciting!! Her hair is werid in that it all seems to come from this one point on her crown, making her look like a little English page-boy if I don’t tuck it behind her ears or put it up in piggies (I think that must come from the Perth Rellies – couldn’t be my side!!! ;)) Now she has a better cut, a clip in and looks likes a girl 🙂 Too cute.

Another week begins

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Nearly June! That means out with the old and in with the new. I am longing for the space of the new house – the kitchen with one way in and one way out, as opposed to the galley kitchen we have now which is a constant thoroughfare of running kids; the space of the bath/spa – I’ll be able to lie down and totally submerge; the space of the huge laundry area where I can move around without hitting a wall; the space of the rumpus room where the kids can have their own area to play and muck around without disturbing the rest of the house, and space of my own ensuite so I can actually be in there without 4 faces beaming at me!! The closer the time gets, the more I crave to be there. Bring it on!

Had a super weekend – kids started at the new swim school. Meg a total beginner and Holly with 6 months under her belt. They did well and after a bit of reshuffling I am happy with the groups they ended up in – in terms of their ability and confidence. Now that we have the pool, they need to be more waterwise and I’m sure by the end of the winter, they’ll be little fish.

Had 2 kiddy birthday parties to go do, got my haircut and had a super-yum feast at Mum and Dad’s last night with all the family. I’m planning on taking a walk up to the park today to wear off some of the sticky-date pudding and trifle. Got to have a big cuddle with nephew Jacob – I just kept smelling his delish baby scent which made my tummy jump. Mum gave me a box of gorgeous new clothes, pink and tiny and fresh, and I got all excited about her arrival. So much happening and so much to be looking forward to. Ain’t life grand!!

Kylie – how gorgeous are you??

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I got a parcel yesterday and inside was a present all wrapped up for a baby girl and the most beautiful handmade card that only a brilliant scrapper could produce. Kylie, thank you so much. You took me completley by surprise and I am overwhelmed at how thoughtful you are. Justin was home to witness my amazement and he too was gob-smacked. He never realised how important blogging is for socialising and making friends – I think he gets the idea now!!

The present was a cute zip-up track top, with butterflies on it and size 00. It is perfect and when I saw the size I was filled with anticipation and excitement that I was going to have another tiny person here soon.

You made my day Kylie. Thank you so very much.


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Yep, the open house proved a winner and we accepted an offer that afternoon. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE…it went to the first guy who made the offer on Thursday, Mr P, but becase we had 4 other offers (in particular a very pushy lady Mrs X) the price went up another $6K. In the end we were happy with Mr P’s offer and accepted that, but Mrs X kept calling our agent with increments of $200 in her desperation to win. She was not a happy camper when we told her “no” and poor agent Bob has had enough of her whingeing 😉

But we are thrilled, Mr P has paid his holding deposit and we out of here in 4 weeks time. What a relief and I am still shocked that it went so fast and with so many offers. I knew it was a gorgeous home, but you never can tell what other people want!

We exchange contracts and make our deposit tomorrow on the house we bought, so hopefuly we can get in there before the end of this month to repaint and recarpet. I’m already dreaming of wooden venetions and french doors in the kitchen, but that might have to wait!!

I saw The DaVinci Code yesterday with Mum and Lisa and loved it. The book was better, but isn’t that always the way!!

Saw it, loved it, wants it

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Well, my dream came true and those people who looked thru the house today want it!! They have offered me the price I kept saying I wanted (even when the agents said I was dreaming!).

So 6 days on the market, people coming tomorrow and open house on Saturday. What to do what to do…
a) take the offer and don’t be greedy
b) have the open house and see if anyone can improve on that price, but risk losing this buyer.

I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep tonight somehow!!!!

Lost – one mind and one sanity

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Did you hear the screaming last night??? That was me – sorry for interrupting your dinner 😉 It is all catching up with me – buying a house, selling a house, keeping up appearances for the open house sessions, and being 5 months pregnant. At least I can look back today and laugh, but last night I could have picked up the lounge suite and thrown it through a window – easy!!

On a brighter note, we have 2 lots of people coming through today, and another lot tomorrow and then the offical open house session on Saturday. Wouldn’t it be great if someone saw it, loved it and wanted it straight off. I’d be over the moon!

My sister is leaving tomorrow for a months holiday on the Trans Mongolian Railway. How awesome is that. I would love to go to Russia to see the cities that were in the books about Alexander and Tatiana (The Bronze Horseman, Summer Garden etc) – I always get inspired to go to places when I have read a good book! Can’t wait to see The DaVinci Code either – I hope it is a great as the novel.

Oki-dokey, that’s it for today. Have a great weekend.

One toddler, pretty cute – for sale

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If she locks us out of the house one more time…..arrggggghhhhhhhh!!

This morning we all went out to wave goodbye to Holly who went off to school with Grandma, and Jess ran inside first and “click” goes the deadlock. I checked the other doors to no avail – all safely locked up tight *sighs* bloody security!!

So I try to coax her into coming to the door and flicking the latch. No way – Play School has started, she darts off grabs her best possy on the coach and will not budge for any amount of bribery or desperate screaming. At one point I had to laugh or I would have cried. To make matters worse Justin had just stained the deck and the fumes were making me delerious – I just couldn’t think straight. So, eventully I went next door to the spooky man that lives there and begged to use his phone to call Justin. Finally got hold of him seconds before he walked into a 2 hour meeting, which he promptly put off so that he could come home and save me. Bless!!

Moral of the story – make sure the spare key is actually outside and don’t leave the TV on to distract a nearly 2 year old from coming when Mummy is calling.

Mother’s Day

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What a great invention! I love Mother’s Day and yesterday was no exception.

I woke up to much fanfare and excited giggling, and had to follow three little girls into the present giving arena. Holly had a gift all wrapped up from her, from the Mother’s Day stall at her school. She explained that she had to line up and wait till it was her turn to buy, but all the while she had her eye on this particular thing and when it was her turn she just raced up and got it. She was so proud of herself! And the gift was a pink coffee mug full of home made marshmallows. I loved it – mostly becasue she had wanted it so bad to give to me!

Meg and Jess had made cards and book marks with their photos on them. I gave credit to those hardworking childcarers – imagine trying to do that with 50 toddlers running around. Well done!

Then I got to open a huge box and much to my delight and amazement it was a Kenwood Chef Mix Master. My current Kenwood Chef is about 40 years old, and this brand-spanking new one is one that I have been eyeing off for a few months now and looking wistfully at in the junk mail when it arrives in the mail box. I can’t wait to get cracking and make some biscuits or a cake today. It is going to look perfect in my new kitchen!!! Thanks Justin- love you heaps 🙂

Then for lunch we had a lovely picnic in the park at Mittagong, which was a half way point between us in Canberra and My brother and his wife’s family from Sydney. It was so delicious to sit in the sun, have the kids off playing in the park and be with my family over a great lunch. I just loved it. Matt and Penny couldn’t make it, cause Penny was spending her first Mother’s Day in hospital having her mastitis absyss drained. Poor Penny – hope you are OK soon.

So to each and every Mum this Mother’s Day – hope you had a great day because you totally deserve it! xxx

For Sale

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It’s official – our house is on the market. The sign went up this morning and when I saw the pics on the internet site I was actually a bit overwhelmed. This is really going to happen.

My little athlete, Holly, had a cross country today at school and came 4th. She was so proud of herself and I was beaming as I heard the news. She loves running – this could be her thing.

Got scones in the oven – the smell is wafting in here and it is delicious. Where is the jam……

Have a great weekend 🙂