Mother’s Day

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What a great invention! I love Mother’s Day and yesterday was no exception.

I woke up to much fanfare and excited giggling, and had to follow three little girls into the present giving arena. Holly had a gift all wrapped up from her, from the Mother’s Day stall at her school. She explained that she had to line up and wait till it was her turn to buy, but all the while she had her eye on this particular thing and when it was her turn she just raced up and got it. She was so proud of herself! And the gift was a pink coffee mug full of home made marshmallows. I loved it – mostly becasue she had wanted it so bad to give to me!

Meg and Jess had made cards and book marks with their photos on them. I gave credit to those hardworking childcarers – imagine trying to do that with 50 toddlers running around. Well done!

Then I got to open a huge box and much to my delight and amazement it was a Kenwood Chef Mix Master. My current Kenwood Chef is about 40 years old, and this brand-spanking new one is one that I have been eyeing off for a few months now and looking wistfully at in the junk mail when it arrives in the mail box. I can’t wait to get cracking and make some biscuits or a cake today. It is going to look perfect in my new kitchen!!! Thanks Justin- love you heaps 🙂

Then for lunch we had a lovely picnic in the park at Mittagong, which was a half way point between us in Canberra and My brother and his wife’s family from Sydney. It was so delicious to sit in the sun, have the kids off playing in the park and be with my family over a great lunch. I just loved it. Matt and Penny couldn’t make it, cause Penny was spending her first Mother’s Day in hospital having her mastitis absyss drained. Poor Penny – hope you are OK soon.

So to each and every Mum this Mother’s Day – hope you had a great day because you totally deserve it! xxx

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