One toddler, pretty cute – for sale

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If she locks us out of the house one more time…..arrggggghhhhhhhh!!

This morning we all went out to wave goodbye to Holly who went off to school with Grandma, and Jess ran inside first and “click” goes the deadlock. I checked the other doors to no avail – all safely locked up tight *sighs* bloody security!!

So I try to coax her into coming to the door and flicking the latch. No way – Play School has started, she darts off grabs her best possy on the coach and will not budge for any amount of bribery or desperate screaming. At one point I had to laugh or I would have cried. To make matters worse Justin had just stained the deck and the fumes were making me delerious – I just couldn’t think straight. So, eventully I went next door to the spooky man that lives there and begged to use his phone to call Justin. Finally got hold of him seconds before he walked into a 2 hour meeting, which he promptly put off so that he could come home and save me. Bless!!

Moral of the story – make sure the spare key is actually outside and don’t leave the TV on to distract a nearly 2 year old from coming when Mummy is calling.

4 thoughts on “One toddler, pretty cute – for sale

  1. My Godlydaughter wouldnt do something like that! lol
    Let me know if shes still for sale tomorrow and we may be able to come to some sort of arrangement 😉

  2. Sooo funny. I shouldn’t laugh as I have been in the same situation more than once, so I know what you went through. We keep the spare set of keys outside now :o)

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