Womb Disco

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This is one active baby, trying to Kung-Fu it’s way out! It is on the go all the time and I am wondering if it is just trying to make it’s presence felt or whether it is a sign of how it will be when it is out. Certainly nothing much happening in terms of it coming. All quiet on the Western Front.

Meg is so thrilled with herself because she can now confidently write her name. She writes it everywhere, and likes to High-5 me after she does it. So funny. Today I taught her “mum” so she is loving that she can write 2 words. Pure Delight.

Finally got the doorbell fixed. I have missed so many visitors because I can’t hear the knock, the last being Mum dropping over last night. We were watching that dinosaur show on TV and were oblivious to her banging on the front door. She left a tuppaware container full of homemade sausage rolls on the front step, but there was no sign of it this morning, so some hungry possum/dog/ratbag had a feast.

Father’s Day this weekend. Justin thinks that would be a nice day to have a baby, and I have to agree, if it were only someone else that did the hard work!! Not that I’m complaining, it is just a daunting thought 🙂

OK that’s all for now. I’ll post if and when there is any action.

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Time is passing so slowly – hurry up weeks. It is hard to not feel a little overwhelmed at this point. I’m not sleeping well, partly due to my girth and partly due to the girls having coughs and colds and waking in the night many many many times.

Jess is well entreched in the terrible two’s. One minute she is so adorable, her head on my tummy asking if I had a good sleep or telling me that she loves me, and the next she is on the floor kicking and screaming if she doesn’t get what she wants. It is exhausting and emotionally draining. I don’t have the energy to enter into negotiations with her, let alone get on the floor and pick her up. And why does this mostly happen when I am on the phone! It is like she picks her time to be most effectively annoying. Oh well – at the moment she is asleep in her cot and is cute again. But all the above reasons are why she is not being moved into a bed when the baby arrives. I want her contained!

More birthday parties this weekend, catching up with things around the house and just being together. I love the weekends when we are all at home and just hanging out. It doesn’t happen enough.

Loving the rain that is pouring down at the moment. I can hear it falling on the tin roof of the carport outside my room. Divine. Hope everyone has a great weekend and I hope I have a baby soon 🙂

Ready to go now

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Baby can come now. I’m ready.

Rach came over today and erected the cot. Not one swear word passed her lips!! And now I have a beautiful cot all set up with sheets on and blankets on and mobile hanging from the side. Thank you so much Rach. I keep peeking into the room and getting a twinge of exctitment about what is going to happen. I can’t wait.

My bag for the hospital is packed too. All the baby clothes are washed and smell divine. Mum is high alert to come and get the other kids at a moments notice.

We’ve picked a name that we both love.

Now I just need to go into labour!! 4 weeks to go and I’m hoping it’s really a fortnight.

Come on baby 🙂

It’s Official….

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I have no belly button – it has stretched so much that it is now flush with the rest of my stomach. Even in this last week I can see the difference in how much weight the baby has put on. Amazing really when you think about it. I’ve been sorting out the home videos, going through each tape and labelling what is on them. Seen Meg and Jess’s birth (no yukky shots, just from the side!!) and it still gives me goosebumps when I think that I’ll have to go through that again in the next month or so.

Had a great night out on Saturday night at a school fundrraiser. It was a Casino and Auction night, with funny money ($1 equals $100 funny money) and I won my bids on 2 prizes. Firstly a family pass to the Dinosaur museum and secondly a kids party (for 10 kids, catering and entertainment). That is Meg’s birthday all wrapped up!! I was stoked.

Off to Morning Tea at Penny’s today. Yesterday we have arvo tea at Mum’s cause my brother James was in town refereeing (but no Sascha and baby Zoe). Little Zoe has to go into calipers for a few weeks to straighten out her pigeon feet. She was so cramped in utero that her feet were all folded up. I have memories of Holly being in a brace for 6 weeks from birth because of Hip Dysplasia and then Plaster for 2 months, so I feel for Sascha at this time. Hopefully it will work out and she’ll be right in just a few weeks.

My horrible luck with tradespeople is continuing – Kresta didn’t turn up on Friday to install the blinds – apparently the booking girl just forgot to put us down on the day sheet! Hmmmm – not happy Jan. So this Friday we are trying again. They better be done because we are having James and Ro stay here on Saturday night and they can’t have no blinds in their room!

Kids are hassling me to put shoes on to go out to Penny’s. Watch out Penny – here we come. Hope the kettle is on!!!!

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Ultrasound went well on Tuesday, had Mum and Rach there to hold my hands. Mum was looking at the screen like it was all written in Japenese, not being able to decipher any part of it at all, but Rach kept signing to me about the measurements as I couldn’t see what was going on. Currently Baby girl (yes that was at least confirmed!) is 2000gms (5.5lbs) and very squashed. They estimated a due date of 14 September, hurrah – earlier than the offical date. I am praying for that early arrival. Placenta is high, so no worries about the initial concern of Placenta Previa. All good 🙂

Busy weekend ahead with my great friend Laura coming to visit from Melbourne on Friday Night; Saturday – swimming lessons and a School Fund-Raising Function in the evening; Sunday – taking the girls to see a Banana’s in Pyjamas Show (with all the other ABC Characters like Bob the Builder, Postman Pat, Angelina Ballerina etc etc) and then Rach’s DD 6th Birthday party. Phew!

Finally managed to take some photos of the house, which I will try to put up here soon. Also a pic of my protruding belly. We’ve been so busy that there are no photos of me pregnant. How terrible – 4th baby gets neglected!! We were watching a home video during the week and it came up to when Meg was born. My stomach was huge which makes me realise how much more this bub has to grow before it can come out. The girls were spellbound while watching themsleves on the video as much smaller people. Jess and Holly are so alike it is freaky – even Jess kept asking if it was her when Holly was running around as a 2yr old.

Oh, and best of all we have the new blinds being installed tomorrow – excellent!

Enough for now – have a great weekend.

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After school today we got home and found ourselves locked out of the house. One sure fire way to confirm that you are safe in your house, is to lock yourself out and try to get in. Hvaing said that I’m not sure sure too many burglars would have 3 kids intow, making a raquet, and the head honcho being 7.5 months pregnant!! Not really conjusive to a stealth job!

Anyway, we got in and the problem was not me being vague and locking the keys in, but that the lock was jammed. I guess we can add this to the list of jobs that never ends. All well now though!

Meg got new glasses on the weekend and she looks great. They are so trendy that I almost wish I had a pair myself! Justin was great with the kids and kept them busy all weekend so that I could have a rest. I managed to unpack a few lingering boxes but still can’t find the rechargeable battereis for the camera, so still no photos. I’m buying some tomorrow in desperation.

Also tomorrow I’m having my 34 week ultrasound to check the state of the placenta. I’m really not expecting there to be any problem, but it is another good opportunity to check that baby is in fact a girl.

Ok, the pack is getting hungry so better figure out something fast for dinner! See ya 🙂