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Dear memory,

Next time I fill in my leave application and go to tick the box that says ‘7 weeks off with your children 24/7’ please speak up to remind me of the insanity that I am currently experiencing.


January 2011

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Been a busy month already.
Here are some highlights.
irene and jess 11. Mum and Jess catching some cuddles.
sunflowers11 The gorgeous sunflowers that we grew in our front garden and that the cockatoos are devouring.

Kareoke at Michelle’s 50th Birthday party. We were singing “on top of the world” by the Carpenters.
birthday cuddles
Holly turned 11. Can’t believe that! Here she is with Amy giving her some birthday cuddles.

cave girls 11 Day trip out to Wombeyan Caves. Had a ball.
justin and fran 11 US!
michelle and fran My beautiful friend Michelle on her 50th Birthday. Great party and great girl.

Preparing for Justin’s 40th Birthday bash next weekend. So much looking forward to seeing all the family from near and far, and all our friends (new and old). Just need a few more chairs, and knives and forks! Am also searching for those rings that you put on your wine glass so that you know it is yours!

Have a great weekend…I got a 3m2 skip so am intending to fill it to the brim with all the junk that has accumulated over the past year. Good times!

It’s 2012

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Day three of the new year already. We’ve spent the last few days lazying around, swimming and eating, and missing our visitors. Jusitn and I have both come down with a sore throat and blocked nose, so the R and R is very welcome. I can hardly talk my throat is so sore.

We had a great holiday with James and Sascha staying here between Christmas and new year. The cousins got to play all day and be around each other which was so nice. Zoe and Amy are besties, and Thomas and Emma were so cute, with my big girls carting them around and entertaining them.
sascha and em
james and thomas

Emma is the funniest little girl. She loves hugs and cuddles but not from Mum, Lisa or me! If I went near her with any intention of picking her up she would run to the nearest person and clamber up their legs. Even to Justin. In the end I learnt not to be offended!!

naked chef
muffs emma

On New Years Eve we had the family over for dinner. All 13 of the kids were here, only missing Kate and Rohan. I love big gathering like this.
cousins in the pool This is about 9 or 10 of the kids in the pool. William and Emma were too little!
franand saschatea party Libby was thoroughly enjoying her tea party with Amy. They even had chocolates served.

It is going to be another hot day here in Canberra. The kids have friends coming over for a swim, so had better get the ice blocks into the freezer!

Happy New Year!