Modern Motherhood

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I had to delete this post becasue I got creamed over it. No matter how much bloggers say that their blog is their diary, their forum, their place to vent, their space to say what they want, it became apparant to me that even though all that maybe true, you still have to mind your P’s and Q’s becasue people can easily misinterpret what you say.

At the time I wrote this post, I’d had a bad day, felt alienated by friends, lonely and pregnant. Moving house wans’t helping. I was in an utterly overwhelmed status and thought I could write how I felt. Unfortunatly a few people took offence to what I said, and it has pretty much ruined a new friendship. No matter how much you feel you had a right to say something, you have to keep in mind how others will read it. I certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone, I was just saying how I felt, and thought that others would be able to relate.

So that is now water under the bridge and all over and done with. I still do think however, that if you randomly peruse blogs, not personally knowing the people you are reading about, it is pretty bad manners to leave nasty comments. I would never do that to someone I didn’t know, and even though this is out on the net for every Tom, Dick and Harry to read, it doesn’t give you the right to put someone down. The person that did this to me, will probably never come this way again, as it was a random thing, but if they don’t like what someone has said, they should move on and not read the blog, or get their own blog to say what they need to say (then see how it feels when people bag you out!).

OK enough said.

A day of progress

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Got a lot of things moved over to the house today – well not me, but my trusty sidekick Rach, who did all the heavy lifting and bending and packing the car and unpacking the car. We think the new neighbours are in an uproar because lesbians are moving into the street!! Hahahaha!! Penny is helping me out tomorrow so they’ll think a real trampy lesbian is moving in at that!! I loved being able to show Rach around the house and to share my ‘vision’ of it with a set of new eyes. Now I certainly can’t wait for it to be finished so I can show it to everyone.

Thanks to all you lovlies who commented on my rather melancholy (oh dear, is that how you spell it Moi?) post from yesterday. I am burning the candle a both ends so feel fragile and emotional, but with your words I felt ‘heard’ and validated, so thank you.

OK, back to the grind. Boxes, boxes, boxes…….

Demolition site

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The painters came in on the weekend, and Justin and Matt pulled up all the carpet, took all the doors off, demolished wardrobes and made a big pile of rubbish on the front lawn. When I went in today the ceilings are white, the walls “Winter Sky” and the ugly cupboards replaced by a staircase and new wall. This time next week it is gonna look smashing.

We had a really busy weekend with all this happening, swimming lessons, a fund-raiser BBQ at Magnet Mart, dinner with Moi, Kylie, Rach, Beth and Kath, and add into the mix Jess’s 2nd birthday. It went past almost unnoticed, except Mum made a cake and we had a little afternoon tea which I cried most of the way through.

I have to admit that I am not managing too well with all this. So much seems out of my control and either not happening fast enough or going going too fast. It is hard to explain and I don’t even know if I really can, but all I know is I am looking forward to the day when I can be in the house, no tradesmen are there leaving their beer bottles lying around, and I can potter and put things where I want. Bring it on.

Today Meg had a check up at the eye specialist and she did really well. Both eyes now see the same, 20/20 with her glasses on, so that means no patching. Yippee – I was dreading that little aspect and how it would create so much more hassle.

Dinner on Saturday night was so nice. Moi had Beth, Kylie and Kath staying over at her place for the big scrapping day on Sunday, so we met up at a Turkish place and had a feast (with Moi taking most of it home in a doggy bag!). I’ve heard that they kicked on for several more hours at Moi’s place, but I was tuckered out and had to go home to put my me and my enormous belly to bed! Thanks for a great night out girls. It was great to meet up with you.

Enjoy your Monday!!

K Day

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That means Keys day. We get the keys this arvo, get our new house this arvo, adopt a massive mortgage this arvo, embark on the biggest change of our lives this arvo. No wonder I have this weird feeling in the pit of my tummy – anxiety, anticipation, excitement and a touch of sadness.

I heard 2 funny things yesterday. My FIL emailed to say that they had 4 new additions to thier family – 4 rabbits. Cute cuddly little things, you know the drill. Justin asked me whether they were for the stew or pets? Shockingly I answered that they must be pets as a photo attached showed my SIL cuddling up to one of them. However yesterday I was informed that they were most definitly for the Pot, and by November they are expecting to have 50-60 of them. That will be quite a feast!!

You know how kids mishear things and then repeat them to others? Well yesterday Meg informed me that Uncle Hugh (Justin’s younger brother) had his leg chewed off by Ants, and now has to walk with a fake leg. While half this story is true, what she misheard is that he lost his leg to Cancer ( C-ants-er). It is kinda like that girl who thought her sister had 65 roses (Cystic Fibrosis).

Busy weekend ahead for us up at the new house. Will post some pics when I finally get my computer sorted out and this mess cleaned up. Have a great weekend ya’ll!

Oops – I just heard a big thump and it was Meg falling off the couch ???!! She came to me crying and said that she had “bumped her brain”. Poor Baby!!!

The Grim Reality

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I just have to face it – Jessica is a bully. Shame, shame, shame. I am hoping this is just a phase, something to do with turning 2 on the weekend, maybe a chance for her to show some dominance. She picks on Meg so bad. Meg is tall and thin, 3 and a half yrs old and 14.6kg. Jess is nearly 2, short and solid (like a sack of spuds) and 15kgs. Jess can pack a punch and a shove like any 4 yr old boy and it has me worried as to what she is like at daycare when I am not there.

Poor Meggie is black and blue from the constant whack and smack that Jess gives her. I’ve tried all sorts of stuff to make her stop the attacks, but now I am at the point where I tell Meg or Holly to push her back in the hope that Jess will get the message that this is not nice. I’m generally not into discipline in this manner, but I have tried everything else. Any thoughts out there?? I’m at my wits end.

2 more days till the house is ours. I spent some time there today with the carpet guy who measured up for new floors, and Graham my BIL who is doing some demoliton and painting. There is one set of steps up to the lounge room that is quite narrow so we thought we could knock out a cupboard and widen the steps. This would have been quite a task but then Graham discovered that the cupboard was actaully built over the original steps – the owners had made them narrower in order to put a door in and save some heating. None of that for me – open plan in the way to go baby!!!

Got a cake in the oven so better dash. Caio.

Final week

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We get the keys to the new place on Friday, so this is the last week that we’ll be in this house as we know it. Next week it will be all hands on deck packing and moving. I’m getting so excited about it that I could burst.

Today marks 26 weeks gestation and to celebrate Rach and I went to drinks at the hospital. Well, it was me doing the drinking actually – that yucky glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. Mmm Mmm!! Then I had my antenatal appointment and the baby was so skittish from the drink that it was jumping all over the place and we could hardly pin it down to check it’s heartbeat. All in all, everything is fine and both baby and I are on the right track and feeling well. It was so lovely to have Rach there to share in the experience – I can’t imagine what she was thinking when listening to the heart beating, but it was probably something like “Thank God that is Franny lying there and not me!!!”.

A few congratulations are in order. Firstly to Rach for having her amazing Layout accepted for publication; then to Moira for having her brilliant wallhanging accepted as a project for a Scrapbooking Magazine and for landing a DT job at the local scrapbooking store; and finally to Rowena for telling me last night that she is expecting her first baby in December. Woo Hoo to all of you. I’m so proud of you all.

Rach had a challenge on her blog where we had to complete this sentence. Here is my answer.

At this point in my life I am….. blissfully pregnant and a new home owner.

I think that just about sums it up.

Catch you soon 🙂

Going stir-crazy!!!??? Question and Statement

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A few things are really starting to bug me.

1. My solicitor for the house sale (and purchase) is a BAD communiicator. For example I send her an email asking 2 questions and she replies only acknowledging one. At first I thought this was becasue she was busy, but now it is really starting to get on my nerves. I feel like I am totally in the dark in terms of the house stuff.

2. Not getting served in the shops. Today I stood in the empty chemist while about 6 staff chatted amongst themselves. Jess was screaming in the trolley so it is not as though I was being silent and invisible. After an excrutiating 5 minutes of still not getting anyone’s help I shouted out “Is there anyone serving here? I need some service”. One girl glared at me for interuptting her shelving job and reluctantly rang up the sale without apologising for the lack of service. I was miffed.

3. School banking. I thought this would be a good idea to get Holly’s savings up and running, but to tell you the truth it has been a real pain. First week of school term I sent the forms back and still have heard nothing. I rang the bank today to find out what is going on – she gave me the account number and told me to talk to the school banking person about providing a deposit book. Now isn’t that their job? According the school it is. I am so weary of this “passing the buck”. I jsut want some help and some answers.

Ok so that is my whinge for the week – promise it won’t happen again.

We were feeling a bit sorry for Dash this weekend, we are always out and about leaving him home, so we went to the market and bought the hugest bone I have ever seen. It was about as long as my elbow to tips of fingers – Meg thought it might be a dinosaur leg. Dashy got stuck into it and for about half an hour was in doggy heaven. Then it went missing. Dash was lying there with dirt all over his nose and paws, but we cannot find that bone anywhere. And it is not as though it would be easy to hide – it is so huge. So I hope her remembers where he stashed it, casue in a few weeks we’ll be gone and he won’t ever see that bone again, but the new people will think we have been mass murderers and burying the bodies in pieces all over the yard.

Thanks to Moi for a most pleasant Saturday morning tea/lunch at her place on the weekend. Very good of you to have us over 🙂

OK that is it for now. Gotta do the mad 3pm rush to pick up from school. CUL8R.

Exchange has taken place

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Relief has overcome me.

Just had word that the contracts have been exchanged on our place and our new place so we are definately on the go. The process of exchange with the place we bought has been taking so long because we have been waiting for some cetificates of approval on the extention and laundry. One lot of solicitors was saying it had been done, ours saying it hadn’t and 4 weeks later finally gettting it sorted. I really thought that for awhile there I’d be back at home with Mum and Dad while this thing kept going on and on, leaving us without a roof over our heads.

So for now we are looking at settlement on 16th June – given that the bank is going to part with it’s money and trust us with this huge loan. And we have to be out of here by the 29th June.

Ok so that is the news up to the minute. 🙂 I’m happy!!

Oh No! It’s June…

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And you know what that means…packing time. Thanks Julie for the reminder!!!

Maybe I’ll start tomorrow, or the next day, or maybe the day after that.

The first day of winter – it’s raining and cold. Love it, love it 🙂 Makes me want to curl up with a good book and eat some caramels that I hand-made yesterday (yeah – I was bored and that condensed milk was screaming at me from the pantry). I think I may have RSI from having to stir the hot gooey mixture continuosly for 20 minutes – at least that workout counteracts the calories from eating the finished product!!