Outings and Easter

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Easter was a great break for all of us, especially Justin and I as we headed off to the Rocky Horror Show and 2 nights at the Star City Casino in Sydney. It was all very cruisey as we caught the Express Bus right into Central and then light rail from there to the Casino. We didn’t have to fight about directions or pay tolls!

The show was pure Rocky Horror fantasy, but way too loud (says the audiologist!). On Friday we went to the Powerhouse Museum and I saw the Diana exhibition. Her wedding dress was amazing, there were things from her childhood and the original Eulogy by her brother with crossouts and additions. Goosebumpy kind of stuff. After that we went to the Imax theatre and saw a 3D show about Whales and Dolphins. That was brilliant and I wished the kids were there to see it too. I got over that pretty quick though.

Came home Saturday to an exhausted Mum, who had minded all four girls for us. Brilliant job Mum. Love you for it!

Easter Sunday was low key, but began with an Easter Egg hunt in the park at the end of our street with 4 neighbouring families. That was a lot of fun and even Amy scored a lot of loot and tried to get it in her mouth all in one go. We are still eating our way though the collection and I might just make a chocolate pudding today and put the googey eggs in the middle. Yum Yum!

Yesterday I did my first ever Tuckshop duty. Do you know what? My children didn’t even come and visit me there. I had to send a classmate out to bring them in. I think they forgot about me!

Last week Meg was honoured as “Student of the week” for her class. Every teacher nominates a child in their class and they go out at assembly to receive their certificate. Out of those children one of them becomes “Student of the School” for that week. My little Meggie got it! She thinks it was for good colouring in, but it was really for having good manners and being clever in class (you know the sort of thing I mean!). So her reign of glory finished Friday, but I am still very proud of her. I think Holly is a little jealous, but as SRC she has her own glory and Meggie was a deserving winner!

Jess has had her hair cut. I asked the girl to cut it like “Dora the Explorer” and she gave me a dumb look and said “Do you mean like Posh Spice?” so I returned the dumb look and said “No Dora the Explorer!”. She now looks like Posh the Explorer. It is very cute though and scarily enough it makes her look like me and my mum. I though she was pure Woly but there you go!!

Last night Meg did a dance Demo at Westfield Belconnen. She did very well on centre stage with kids from her class. She and Addy were stuck at the back as there are the newies and don’t know the routine that well. Addy’s aunt could be heard about the crowd “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!”. Nonetheless they did OK.

After that Mum, Lisa and I went out to the Theatre to see Harry Connick Jr. Oh boy he was fantastic. It was a really great show and he is so funny. Best live show I’ve seen ever I reckon.

So that is us up to the minute. Jess has a party today for one of her Playschool friends. We are lights out and appliances off for Earth Hour tonight and tomorrow we have an after party for the Carnival Organisers.

Have a great weekend too 🙂

Carnival and Capers

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Twas a busy week last week. I was flat chat trying to get Cake Stall things sorted for the Annual Charny Carnival as well as having a bunch of wardrobe makers come to give me quotes. Today is a little quieter so I’ll catch up here!

Charny Carnival was great. It was 34 degrees on Saturday but that didn’t stop the community getting out there and having an awesome day. My cake stall was a huge success, with 4 trestle tables bulging with goods and then more turning up to top up the range throughout the day. I ran a cake competition, but only had 3 cakes (sad!!) and mine was one of them, so we all won a prize! Mum helped me out on the stall all day (thanks Mum) and Justin came down with the girls. Meg and Holly were off with their friends so Jess got all the Daddy treats, including Pony rides and icecreams.
Holly and Meg did a dance demo on the centre stage with there new dance group, and it was so great. Jess did an imprompu version in front of the stage which was hilarious. H and M were very serious about their act

Sunday was spent recovering from Saturday – swims and taking it easy. Amy kept me up half the night with a crying caper and then woke very early so I am not her best friend today.

Justin and I are heading off to have 2 nights at the Sydney Star City Casino and see The Rocky Horror Show there. We will miss Lisa’s Hot Cross Buns on Friday but may see James and Sash so that will make up for it!

I haven’t run since my race. Taking 2 weeks off to heal the heels. So in this time I am discovering the mountain. I have realised that I run looking at the ground, so these 2 weeks are proving delightful because every morning I take a different route up, around, across the mountain and am seeing some beautiful sunrises and lots of different tracks to take.

Waiting now on the wardrobe people. We need every room done. One lady estimated $14 000.00, so I want a few others to make sure that is real. Sounds like a lot of money to me!

Have a great week.

How the race was run…

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My calf muscles are like iron!

Race Day today, and I had my little cheering squad see me off and barrack me over the finish line. The route was 4km, up and down some unexpected hills but enough flat bits to catch my breath. Not sure of my time yet, I’m guessing about 23 minutes but hoping for under that.

Mum and Dad came along, as did Rach, Eric and Zara and of course Justin and my girls. It was such a great feeling to have everyone cheering me on. It felt like one of those ads on TV when the obese woman loses 50kg and runs a marathon, into the open arms of her family as she crosses the line!! Such a feeling. If there was a category for female, 35yrs, mother of 4, first initial ‘F’ , I would have been the winner for sure. 🙂

I’ll post the details when I hear the results.

another one

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I Just registered for the Mothers Day Classic 5km Fun Run. May 11th. Woo hoo.

Training going well for Mondays run. I’m even pumping iron (only 10kgs in handweights) and it is making a big difference. I tried lifting Amy up and down, but she is too wiggly. Jess gets on my legs and I pump them up and down. She is over 20kgs, so that takes some effort, especially after a big run!

We are heading our for a walk to pick up application forms for Jess’s Preschool enrolment next year.

I think I can say that I am going to be an auntie again. Penny and Matt are expecting #2. That makes 2 nieces/nephews for me this year! Yay. Now I just need a wedding to go to. Anyone want to volunteer to get married?

in earnest

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One week till race day and I am taking this week seriously! I so badly want to beat my previous time that I have a plan of attack involving lots of water (drinking), stretching and warming up, and running my longest route 3 times this week. I would say no chocolate too, but I have to buy all the fundraiser ones from Jess’s playschool, so there goes that idea!

I was offered 8 hours a week working at the hospital, but due to circumstances beyond my control I have had to decline the offer. Crazy hey! Only 8 hours and yet such a trauma to be able to arrange my life around. All the factors involved here are doing my head in, and in the long run it will be best to hang off until the end of the year. I’m bummed about it, but what can a girl do!

This week Holly was honoured by receiving her SRC badge at the school assembly and I was able to pin it on her. I was so proud. Then, unexpectedly, Meg received a Principals award for “Great Colouring in”. Kate was up from Melbourne for the weekend and was able to see the girls get their things and bask in a bit of Auntie glory!

Jess is coping quite well with her new Playschool commitments. She is very tired at the end of the day and yesterday she fell asleep in the car (5pm) I put her into bed and she woke at 6am this morning. Amy is teething, she has a cold and is possibly the grumpiest baby in Canberra at the moment. She is driving us all nuts. I was rubbing her tummy to settle her down last night (2am) and I was freezing so wanted to get back into bed. I stopped the rubbing to see if she would stir but all I got was a swift swat to indicated “Don’t stop the rubbing”. She is quite a character and loves hanging out with the girls and doing whatever they are doing. She loves shoes too. She even says “Shoes” and does a little tap dance when they are on. I have 2 pairs of Holly’s first shoes that fit her perfectly – black patent buckle ups and pink boots. Awesome!

Holly has a friend over today so we are heading out for a picnic lunch and then a wander around a national attraction, probably the museum or war memorial.

A busy week ahead. Hope it is a good one for everyone 🙂