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This week has been kinda crazy with lots of things going on.
Tuesday we spent at Kidcity. This is not somethng I normally do, but since Amy is refusing her day sleep and jess is soon off to big school i decided a few fun excursions might be a good thing to do. Lisa and the boys came along after we’d been there for an hour or so, and Justin met us for lunch. Sam broke his arm last week so he was hilarious trying to climb up onto the equipment with his little monkey fist. He and Amy sat on my lap going down the super-slippery-dip about 57 times. They squealed with delight and yelled More More More until I did it again. Ahhhh – happy times.

Not only is Amy now refusing her day sleep but pretty much all food offered to her as well. At first I thought it was just her 3yr old obstinance , but now she cries if you offer her any food and will not attempt to try anything. Yesterday without any dinner the night before, or breakfast that morning she was a little limp leaf, clammy and lethargic. I called the GP and couldn’t get in until Monday! I gave her some apple juice and she perked up, then she ate some crackers, but refuses other food. I’m not sure what is going on but hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of her issues soon. I’m hoping that she ate her lunch at Mum’s today.

Jess had another practice school session. I’ve asked that she be placed in the Kindergarten/year 1 class next year. i think that physically and maturity wise she will cope well in that more advanced environment.

We’ve decided to travel up to Dubbo and see Western Plains Zoo after Christmas. Jusitn has bugged me for years, so I put it on the agenda. Kids are excited.

Christmas parties are coming thick and fast. I’ve been so good, lost 3kg since France and am feeling great. Running workshop is on Saturday. Loking forward to that!



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I’ve had a few weeks of warm weather and the cleaning/renovating/gardening got the better of me and has consumed my every waking moment. So now I have a nice front garden with flowers and 3 trees, and no weeds; and I have a Guest bedroom freshly painted, lovely bed and not a computer gadget in sight; and the girls have a lovely new bedroom, with lime green feature wall, news beds (bye bye bunks) floating shelves and a shadow box on the wall to store the treasures. Outside around the pool I am systematically painting away all the Mission Brown, which has made a huge difference and given us a fresh new look. Justin has a Quantum of Solace (man cave) under the house with all his work stuff and I never have to set eyes on it again messing up my house! All is well with the world.

So yes, time for an update. Sorry to bore you Kate!!

Had a fun weekend with James and Ro here from Sydney. Ro threw me a Tupperware party so I had some girlfriends over while the boys and the kids played in the pool. Last week I enrolled Amy in Possums where she will attend 2 days a week next year. Bring that on! Jess had another practice at big school and is getting to know the other kids a bit better. The teacher commented that she is very quiet. She is a rather quiet kid but I don’t know that Holly and Meg are that rowdy either, so they must be waiting for the naughty Freeman to appear. It won’t be Jess! Maybe Amy….she has hit her horrible 3’s with a vengeance and throws herself to the ground when things don’t go her way ie: everything! Justin said to her this morning “It is just hard to be 3 isn’t it?” but I think it is harder to be the parent of a 3 yr old. I’m getting to old for this stuff!!

On Saturday I am doing something that I’ve wanted to do for ages. I’ve signed up to do a running workshop. They will be going over running techniques and how to run more efficiently and with less strain on knees and ankles. I’ve often wondered if I am running the right way, and what to do when I get a bit tired or go up a hill. I’m sure there are tricks to the trade and while I don’t want to great marathon runner, I do just want to be better, so I am hoping that once they take a look at me they can help me do just that.

I haven’t done one iota of Christmas Shopping so I’m going to make a list now and hop to it this week. Have a good one. 🙂