Another month

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Been another busy month here. Netball finished up for Meg last week, with her team coming third. We had an end of season party yesterday and they have vowed to play again next year.
meg netball

Had the girls at the Eye specialist yesterday for check ups. Holly got the all clear to not have to wear her glasses anymore. She was so thrilled about that, but I think she’ll miss them sometimes because they have been part of her for so long. She loved choosing glamorous glasses and the positive attention they gave!
Meg has a stable prescription so she has to continue wearing her specs. The Amy had her turn. She hasn’t been checked before so this was going to be good or bad! She did the first part of the test well but then it was stated she would need drops in her eyes. She didn’t like that one little bit. I had to lay her on the ground and pin her arms down while the orthoptist had her in a head lock, and prized each eye open. It was horrible. She screamed the place down and was so upset. We went out to have a soothing babycino while the drops too effect. The bright sunshine hurt her eyes so she had to wear my sunnies.
amy glasses
She got the all clear though. No glasses for her! Relief.

I’ve been working hard on my laundry over the past few weeks. Justin put in this new flatpak laundry a few months ago and I was wondering what I could do with the wall behind it. Paint, tile, mosaic??? So I put it off for awhile till I was ready to commit, and then a got stuck into mosaic. This is the before shot….
laundry before

and after painstakingly cutting up the tiles, gluing then on one by one, and then spending a day grouting, it is finished…..
laundry after

Very happy with the outcome. I’m just going to seal it now and then it will be ready to go.

Kitchen will be done end of October. Still not cleaning the floor till then!!


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Finished 4 seasons of Battlestar Gallactica (79 episodes over a few months) and was missing it terribly! Real TV is just not cutting it.

Lisa gave me a book for my birthday called BossyPants by Tina Fey. She is the woman who took off Sarah Palin in the last US Election. She is a comedian on Saturday Night Live which is a show we don’t get here in Australia. Anyhoo, she is so funny. I could really connect with her humour. All through the book she was talking about her new show (well a few years old by now) 30 Rock, a show about the making of a TV show. So in the absence of any more seasons of BG, I suggested to JF that we watch some of 30 Rock and see if it grabs us. Well we are totally addicted. Into Season 2 now, each episode is 20 mins long, and that is perfect for my bedtime routine. Kids to bed, watch 2 eps (sometimes 3) and get to bed myself. Perfect. Not to mention that the show is hilarious and very entertaining. Check it out if you can. Love it.

Fathers day 2011

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For a few years now I have been wanting to make baked beans, so this fathers day was a good opportunity. Had to start it yesterday with the soaking of the beans and boiling of the ham hock. Mmmm smells so good. The finished product was sensational, sweet from maple syrup and hammy from the hock. Served with bacon and scrambled eggs, it was a masterpiece!

homamade baked beans 2011

Amy is on the road to recovery after a bad week. I took her to the doctor on Tuesday. She had such a bad bout of eczema, scratching herself raw and bleeding in all the rashy places. She whimpered in my arms she was that sore and sad. It was depressing. At the doctors I was told she also had ear infections (which I kinda knew!) and tonsillitis. Mother of the Year award here! Anyhoo, she is now on a course of antibiotics, the rash is clearing up with a strong cream and she is not quite as deaf as she was last week!


Since returning from the Gold Coast 5 weeks ago I have been working hard to get back into shape (i use that term loosely!) and am delighted to be feeling heaps better in myself and in my jeans! Lost about 4kgs, with just a few to go to goal. This is the current me, mind the bags under the eyes, it is hard work baking beans and doing a gourmet breakfast on a Sunday!!
fran fathers day
Netball is over for Holly this year. Her team didn’t win a game all season but they had a great time and got to know each other a lot better. Holly and Meg both play for another school with kids they initially didn’t know, so it has been a good experience all round. Yesterday Holly’s team had the best game of the round and nearly won. It was down to the wire and they had to go into extra time twice. At the end it was the team who got the next goal who would be declared the winner and unfortunately it wasn’t them! Nevermind, they did really well. Meg’s team won, they are an awesome team, and heading for the finals next week and hopefully the grandfinals.
netball team
Off to a picnic now for Fathers Day. Sun is shining. It will be a good one. xx