7 weeks to go

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Bring it on I say. I am feeling over it now and just want this little one in my arms and not in my belly.

I’m daydreaming about summer all the time. It is the one thing that keeps me going in amoungst the pain and the uncomfortableness (sorry I know that isn’t a word!). I dream about bounding out of bed and walking around the mountain at the back of our house, having energy to do everything and being able to sleep on my tummy. Ahhh blissful thoughts as the rain come down and the temp finally hits 9 degrees.

Can’t wait to see who winds Big Brother tonight – I’m hoping for Camilla, but I think it will be Jamie.

Grandparents Day

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Holly’s school hosted a Grandparents Day today. It started off with Mass and then a concert and morning tea.

During the Mass, the priest talked about how important grandparents are, and while I smiled and gave a little giggle, it really made me think about how much the grandparents in my children’s lives have stepped up to the plate.

My Mum is so good to me – I could not manage without her and can’t go a few days without talking to her and asking her advice. She is always happy to see us, to let us stay, to take the kids to swimming lessons and lend a hand. My Dad just does what my mum tells him to, but always lovingly and with a smile on his face.

My Mother-in-law – while things have been rocky between us for a long time I cannot fault her devotion to the girls or her willingness to help me out by doing the school run, picking up, minding them and loving them. She has energy to boot. Her husband Tom just does what she tells him to!

The Perth connection! – Recently discovered and totally cherished, Adas (Justin’s Dad) and Lin have welcomed us into their family and home over the past 2 Christmas’s and have made us feel so wanted and loved that it is really overwhelming. I wish you lot were closer so that we could see you more regularly.

As for the Great Grandparents – Justin’s Nana Helen and my Grandma and Grandpa Mary and Jim, they are wonderful support and inspiration, and as they all age so gracefully I can only hope that some of those genes pass onto us!

I am so lucky to have the support network so local, many friends have no extended family in town and I can honestly say that I don’t know how they manage. I owe these grandparents so much for the way they help me out everyday, even in the ways that they don’t know have, So thankyou treasured Grandparents – we love you all LOTS.

Shock Horror…

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The painters turned up last night at 5.30pm and actually finished the job. Mind you I had to say a few times “What about here…. and here…..”, but it is all done now and looks great. Because of the smell of the paint the girls had to camp out with Justin in the upstairs spare room and I had Jessie in bed with me. Far out, it was like sleeping with a log!

I had to giggle yesterday when I overheard Holly saying the “Hail Mary” which she learnt at school. Her version went like this…

Holly Mary, Mother of God, pray for us and gypsies. Amen.
Holly Mary, Mother of God, we have the same name so we can be friends.

Justin and I are off to a Masquerade 21st Birthday Party on the weekend. Can’t remember the last 21st I went too. They all seem a lifetime ago. This one is for my cousin, so lots of family will be there and then on Sunday we’ll have some of them back here for a lunch so my sister can see the house at last. I wish the new blinds were up, but fingers crossed that will happen next week.

Only 8 weeks till baby due. I’m having those Braxton Hicks fakies right underneath my belly. It goes so hard and tight. I’m starting to prepare myself mentally for the labour cause I really don’t want to do it! It actually freaks me out if I think about it too much. At least the sciatica has stopped. I think the baby has moved into a new position taking some pressure off that nerve.

Kids are fighting (what is new!!!) better intervene 🙂 Happy Wednesday.

The past week

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The school holidays have worn me out – I don’t think there has been one full day at home to hang out. We’ve had swimming lessons this week which Mum has so wonderfully taken H and M along to. I went on Wednesday to see the progress and they are doing so well. Sarah Ryan works there, she is Guy Sebastians singing partner in “It Takes Two”. I spoke to her and Holly pipes up with “I see you on TV on “Dancing with the Stars” – whoops, wrong show Holly!!!

My Birthday on Wednesday was great. It came and went in a very speedy fashion but I had a delivery of a new washing machine and dryer (yippee yi yay) and then a beautiful dinner with all my family at a Chinese Restaurant. Even a cake appeared after the meal complete with candle and strains of Happy Birthday. It was wonderful.

Sydney on the weekend was rushed, but got to see gorgeous new niece Zoe and see my brother being a dad. Total spin out for me as he is the youngest of us five and still considered the baby (even though he is 28!!). Sascha looked great and from what I’ve heard they are settling in well at home.

The new house is still is dissarray and the painters are total frig-heads, but what can you do!! Rach thinks it is hilarious to crack a joke and ask everyday if the painters are there. They are a most unreliable bunch and if they weren’t doing such a great job with the actual painting I’d have sacked them ages ago. I just wish they’d turn up when they say. Is that too much to ask?? Sorry Kylie, no photos as yet. I cannot find the camera, and when I did spy it once a few days ago the batteries were flat. Where the rechargable ones are is anyones guess. Probably in one of the boxes that is still unopened in the pantry (my wonderful storage room 😉 )

So this weekend is the first one that we will have had in the house unhampered by tradespeople. I am counting on it being very quiet, catching up on some Me and Justin time, and just letting the girls play.

OK, it has taken me about 3 hours to finish this entry, so I had better get it posted before something else happens.

Oh have to mention too that Moi came for a visit today and gave me a birthday present of some scrummy scrapping ribbons and chipboards to get me inspired again. Thanks Moi!!

Have a great weekend ya’ll.

Teeth and other stuff

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Well Meg’s teeth are settling down and the swelling is subsiding. It still looks pretty awful, but hopefully the x-rays tomorrow will show that there has been no permanent damage. Fingers crossed.

The sale of our house finally settled on Tuesday, after a delay of about 2 weeks. Thank goodness that part is over. I don’t know how property investors can stand the stress of owning another home that someone is living in. Even though no-one was strictly living in our place, it was bad enough that I felt it had to be in the best possible condition for their occupancy. Anyhoo, hopefully won’t have to go through that again for a very long time 🙂

30 week check up went well. Baby moving heaps, heart beating strongly and head down. I got a referral for some physio work on my sciatica so I am hopeful that it will do the trick and re-align me enough to take some of this pressure off. My sister found out that she is having another boy, that makes 3 boys for her. If I had a dollar for the number of times I have heard someone say “Why don’t you swap babies – Fran have the boy and Lisa have the girl” I would be a very rich lass!!

When i get home from work tonight all the painting will be finished. HAHAHAHA – Well that is what I am hoping, but the track record of these painters leaves me to really believe that it will be another weekend of upheaval while they get their butts down and dirty. Even though they are slack, the house is looking so great with the new paint and in 2 weeks the new roman blinds and wooden venetians will be installed. Did I say how much of a great discount I got?? We needed a whole house of window coverings and it came to over $12,000, but Kresta (God love them) have a 60% off romans sale, so it all came to $5500 instead. BARGAIN. Since my quote, my sister, MIL and Rach have all had them come out to measure and quote for them, so I am thinking I need some commission here!!!

OK, back to completing the BAS for the last quarter. I really loathe the Tax office!! TTFN xx


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It has been a hectic weekend and start to the week. On Saturday our friends Michael and Cath came to have a look at the house, but it was chaotic with the builder arriving and then the painter and us having to get out so that the painter could paint. Sorry Cath, about the crazy visit!! Next time it will be more calm!

So I packed the kids up and we headed on over to Mum and Dad’s to stay the night so that the painter could have 2 days without interruption to finish up. It was nice to have that relaxed time with Mum looking after us. On Sunday Justin and I arrived home at about 2pm to see the status of things and the painter hadn’t even turned up. What a waste of a day, or our time, of my parents precious weekend etc etc. We were furious to say the least. So now in order to finsh this, they are coming every evening this week between 5 and 8pm. Could there be a worse time when you have 3 kids needing dinner, baths and bed???

SO in amongst the mayhem of the painters arriving yesterday arvo and the builder putting up doors, Mum arrives home with Holly and Meg. Holly bounds in, but Mum carries in a crying Meg, blood gushing from her mouth and fat lip. I thought it was just the usual – fell over being silly, put tooth through top lip – no worries! However when I looked in her mouth, the 2 front teeth were all crooked and pushed in, the gum was in shreds and her bottom lip was very swollen and cut. Mum said she was swinging in between to couches, lost her balance and fell flat on her face. So she didn’t hit anything except the ground, but it looked like she’d been bashed with a cricket bat. I quickly rang the dentist, who told me to come NOW. She had a look, felt around and summised that the teeth were not wobbly, but she needed an x-ray to see if the roots had been damaged. If so they would die and turn grey. She was hopeful that this wasn’t the case, nor that the permanent tooth had been damaged up in the gum.

I returned home to a very distraught and worried Mum. She felt so bad that this had happened on her watch. While it was all very scary and horrible to see blood, Meg is OK and it is only a tooth, so in the big scheme of things it is not soemthing she or I should be losing sleep over. I’ll call her today so see if she is OK!

So today I’m looking forward to a quiet one. Having a chance to read a book while there are no builders or painters or kids. 2 are at grandmas and one going to a friends – perfect. I’ve got my 30 week antenatal appt this morning. Hasn’t time flown? I’m feeling good, a little pooped and a bit sciatica’d out, but generally OK. Still waiting for news of my SIL and brother having their baby which was due on Saturday. Come on Sascha!!!

Hope your Tuesday is Peaceful 🙂

New Puppy

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I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that we also got a new puppy. Last Sunday Justin’s Mum produced this shaggy little dog and told us that she wasn’t able to resist it, so she bought it for us. [email protected]#$%&!* If he wasn’t so cute I would have been really miffed! So the deal is that she is keeping him at her place to train him until after the baby is born and settled in – probably by Christmas.

Welcome to the family Rusty!!

Same blog – new location

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Yep- we are in the new house. YIPPEEEEEE. Finally got the internet connected last night and have just spent a lovely half hour with a coffee catching up on what everyone has been up to in blog-world. Now let me catch you up on what had been happeneing here.

Removalists came last M0nday, spent 2.5 hours loading the truck, drove 2 minutes up the road to new house and spent 2.5 hours unloading the truck! I spent Tuesday cleaning the old house ready to hand over the keys on Thursday. It was very emotional saying goodbye to each room. AS I pulled closed the curtains and drew the blinds I was totally sobbing – memories of buying it, starting our company in the spare bedroom, bringing home new babies, renovating etc etc it was just so overwhelming. Thanks house for a great 9 years! I made the new owner promise to take care of it!!

So here at the Mansion we have 4 levels of living space. It is the biggest house I have ever seen let alone lived in. On the first level we have kitchen, dining and the rumpus room (kids play room). Second level is my study and the loungeroom. Third level is our bedroom, and 2 (now) pink bedrooms which the 3 girls are in. Up on the “mezanine” level are 2 more large bedrooms with balconies overlooking the gorgeous snow covered mountains. I am totally loving living here. It is still a big mess with boxes laying about unopened, walls half painted, no wardrobes, mismatched make-do curtains and builders mess and tools lying around, but hey, it is home and everyday something is different.

I’m 29 weeks pregnant now. All is good but for the sciatica that kicks in every once in a while. I’m wondering whether it is worth having some physio on it. I couldn’t walk last night it was so painful, but I’ve found if I keep moving it doesn’t seem so bad.

Well that is probably enough for now. Got lots of jobs to do today while the kids are at grandma’s. Can’t wait for the school hols start. Cheers!!!