New Year … new experiences

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We have just returned home from our camping debut.  Camping.  C.A.M.P.I.N.G…me camping.  Yes you read it right.. I did it!!  Well we did, and it was great fun and we are going to go again!

Not having ever really been into in whole camping thing, I have put Justin off for about 15 years with excuses like -  Not Interested…if you love me you wouldn’t make me do it….I’m pregnant…I’m still pregnant….I’m pregnant again…I have too many small children..yada yada yada.  I finally ran out of excuses and of seeing the sad expressions on Justin’s face when I rejected the idea again, so I said OK.  He ran out to the shop, got a tent, some sleeping bags and other camping gadgets and before I new it we were off to Wee Jasper.  We paid our $14 site fee, found a place to set up and erected the tent like seasoned campers.

There was a river with fast flowing water for the girls to swim in, a playground, a swing and a bottle of red wine.  Perfect.  The night was a little rough (only because the neighbours were a bit rowdy and the mattress I was sleeping on a bit thin) but we made it though and woke up this morning feeling successful.    We have made another booking there and this time taking our friends with us (more seasoned campers so we can learn from their mysterious camping ways).  I think this is going to be the start of something good.

Now we are home, the Christmas tree is put away, the presents all in their spots (did I mention we got an iPad…I love you iPad) and a new phone (android and totally amazing..I love you phone).

Going to blog more this year, have more dinner parties and fix up the pool area/laundry.  Wonder what else will happen that is exciting and unexpected in 2011.  Stay tuned…………

Happy New Year