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We went down to Batemans Bay on Friday, but it was probably not the best weekend to be traveling. Last week Jess got a vomiting bug and had a day off Preschool, and thus me calling in sick for work. The next day, Amy was a bit off colour but we decided to go to the coast anyway hoping that she would perk up. Well, she did perk up – most of the way down the mountain and well into the afternoon in fact. Poor little thing. She was washed out Saturday but we managed a walk along the beach, swim in the pool, and dinner out at a restaurant. Then 2am Sunday morning, Meggie got the bug and she was very unwell. She just wanted to go home and by this stage we did to, so we packed up the Van and made out way back up the mountain and onto Canberra. I’m just waiting for Holly or Justin to get it now!

Holly News – Legs galore is this young girls these days – getting very tall. She loves Year 3 and is doing really well. Her first term in Piano lessons is going super and she can pick up a lot by ear. She seems to think that playing fast means playing good and her teachers notes at the bottoms of the page always say “Slow Down Holly”. She is in the school Choir which is performing at a nearby Nursing Home on Thursday and then at Palm Sunday Mass on the weekend. Justin commented today that she is in a world of her own and I think she is. Sometimes she has no clue as to what is going on, but as long as she is happy, I’m happy. What’s a bit of vagueness now and then??

Meg News
: Sometimes I think Meg grows before my eyes. Her face is really changing from that little girl one. Meg is surely my free spirit child. She’ll have a go at anything and probably love it. She is happy and enchanting and engaging and certainly a pleasure to have around. She won the right to have the weekly trophy for the dance class, so she has that sitting next to the ones she won last year. She is good at the dancing, but I don’t think it is the thing that she is passionate about. We’ll have to try a few more things to see what she really loves.

Jess News: Learning to write and read. I have a book that I made for Holly when she was a bub, with a magazine picture on one side and the word of the thing on the other. All the girls have loved “reading” this book because they can guess the word by looking at the picture. Jess is writing the words now. She knows all her letters and numbers to 10 by sight, and now asks me “How do you spell…..” and then writes it down. She is a dark horse this Jess. She will be the surprise brains package for sure! She is also really good with maths, adding up and taking away especially.

Amy news
: “Too heby” (too heavy) is her fav thing to say. She also used to say “What” a lot, so now we have trained her to say “Pardon” and more recently “I don’t understand”. Hilarious! She is the master of facial expressions and cracks me up when I glare at her for doing something naughty and she smiles and nods her head as if to say “You know I am going to get away with this”. “Uppy” is also something she says all the time, which means “pick me up I am not wanting to walk another step”. I am a bit over uppy and would really like her to walk a lot more, but she is the baby……She is certainly getting away with a lot of stuff that the others never would have. I guess that is OK 🙂 She is a such a delightful baby, but I suppose at 2 and a half she is not a baby anymore. She is sleeping in the bottom bunk, still waring nappies (after the carpets got cleaned I went off the toilet training because it was too risky and messy!) and just scribbled all over my desk in pen. I gasped and while she hung her head in shame she mumbled “Holly did it”. Ohhh what a scamp!!

Me news: I am running and running. My training for the run on Mothers day has me very inspired. My times are really improving and I am certainly getting faster and fitter. I have about 4 routes that I do and am recording my times so I can see the progress. For example one route was taking me nearly 18 minutes 2 weeks ago. Today I ran it in just over 17 mins. My goal is under 17mins and I will try that next week. Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me, I am up to $250 and I think that is awesome. Post op I am doing fine and the pathology results of the gall bladder showed that it was healthy, but jam packed with 28 stones and had thickened walls from the muscles having to work so hard. Good thing it came out.

We are off to Gundagai this weekend for the wedding of my cousin Jane. Should be a great party and lots of us are going and they always put on a good event. I bought a new dress last week, maybe need new shoes too….

My Aunty Thel (well actually my great Aunt/my mums aunt) who was my Nanna’s sister died last week. She was so much fun when we were little kids and while her health has not been good for the past 20 years, she made it to 84 and kept in touch with us from her little home in Trafalgar Vic. She lived as a widow for 50 years or so and that is perhaps why we had so much to do with her when we were children. She was that loving, available aunty who showered us with gifts and always sent us a birthday card with stickers all over the front of the envelope. We were always excited to get one of those cards! She will always have a special place in our hearts.

That is probably enough for now! The natives are getting restless and making a mess while I have been distracted here. Meg is home sick and orchestrating the trouble. Have a great week. Happy Birthday Lin!

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Mum told me that I have to update, so here it is!

3 weeks post op now and I am feeling pretty good. The recovery was not as hard as I thought, and I got back to running last week and have set myself a few goals whilst in training for my Mothers Day Classic fun run on May 10th. I’m looking for sponsors to keep to motivated so click here if you want to donate to Breast Cancer research and support me on my quest for a PB time. Thanks!!

It is Charny Carnival time again and I am running the Cake Stall and Cake Decorating Competition. It is always a great day out and lots of fun to see what everyone brings and buys from my stall.

Holly and Meg had their ears pierced about 2 months ago and things have been going really well. However a few days ago, Holly’s ear got quite infected so we were using antiseptic every few hours. One morning she woke up and the front of the stud was gone. The ear had closed over the top of it and pushed it through her ear and out to the back. I thought that it must have broken off but as I was cleaning away all the muck I saw the stud coming though. Ouch – no wonder she was crying! So I got it out and it is much better now, but she is a bit lop-sided with only the one earring in. Meg’s are still shiney and bright!

Today in Justin’s Nana’s birthday and we are all sending her lots of love. She is in a Nursing home and not very well, so our thoughts are with her and our spirits are high in wishing her a wonderful day. xxx

Next week the next installment of renovation rescue will see the gutters being replaced and the fascia repainted. We have had a major mouse/rat problem over the past few weeks so I am hoping this might patch a few holes were they are creeping in.

Time to go again. The school day just isn’t long enough. Surely these kids could go till 5pm at least!!