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We had a day at the coast yesterday. Decided Saturday night that it would be nice to get out of town, so we piled all our gear into the Blue Van and headed for Batemans Bay. We had swims at 2 beaches, a play on the sand, a walk and a late lunch around Mogo town, and then home again. It was good fun and on the whole the kids were great and enjoyed the ocean. Amy is taking after her sisters in her hate of the sand. Go to put her on it and her feet go up around her ears! Holly went body surfing and caught a few waves much to her absolute delight. They all had new swimmers on (there were on sale at the end of the summer season so picked up some bargains) and looked chic as well as a bit bronzed!

H and M are starting dance classes tomorrow. I have held off on the after school activities for as long as possible, mainly because with the other kids in tow it makes life very crazy, however these classes are at the school and thus just down the road. It is called Physical Culture and is a mix of Ballet, gymnastics, aerobics and jazz. Both cannot wait to get in there and prance around and I cannot wait to see them do it 🙂

Jess had her orientation session at Possums last week and this week she goes all day Thursday and half day Friday. She has promised a painting for Justin for his birthday. I hope she goes OK. I’ve been getting a bit paranoid about her. She is sooo tall, like a head above the other kids. I was often taller and bigger than everyone and very self conscious about it. Everyone remarks on how tall she is, but underneath she is still a 3 year old. Please let her be OK.

I was working on the computer this morning and Meg wanted me to play with her. She said “Mum I’m at school all day now and don’t get time with you, can’t you come and play with me now?” How to innocently pull a guilt trip in one easy lesson!! Gosh these kids really make my emotions work overtime.

Haven’t heard anything about the job after the interview last week. I’m not getting my hopes up! I put my name on the canteen roster, and organising a cake stall and cake decorating competition for the Carnival in March and am trying to get a scrapping album finished. Who has time to work? 🙂

Allrighty, that is about it. Looking forward to a good week.

Into the swing of things

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Week 2 of school, so far so good. Meggie started her full days yesterday and loved it. She is so adaptable and eager. Hope the wheels don’t fall off at the end of the week!

I’ve registered for the Shri Chimnoy 4km race on 10th March and in training now. I’m trying not to eat wheat and am feeling so much better without the bread, pasta and cakes that used to make up most of my diet! I’m also off the grog as I believe that was not doing me any good – my hands would swell and get really itchy after a glass of wine. Not a good look!

Let me tell you about Amy. Nearly 17 months now and what an imp! She loves to steal. If there is a drawer at her height (my desk, bathroom and kitchen drawers) she opens them up, takes stuff out then runs away. If you catch her in the act, she runs faster. I’ve had to empty out all the drawers, especially the bathroom ones. All my makeup, creams and brushes were going missing. justin’s shave sticks and aftershaves end up all over the house. She is onto copying too. Last night I was leaning against the bench talking to Jusitn and she came up and leaned up next to me, just like I was doing. She mimics lots of sounds and can say ‘Thankyou” and ‘apple’. She is really just a beautiful poppett.

I had a job interview yesterday for some more work, but I’m not sure if anything will come of it. It didn’t sound too promising, but he was able to offer me a desk job! I said “Thanks but no thanks” and this is mainly because having a job requires a huge logistics program and thus the actual job has to be what I actually want to do. I’m not that desperate!

I’m going to be an aunty again! Justin’s sister is due in August and we thought she would never have another child so it is all very exciting for us.

Sorry not much else to report. I’ll do better next time!!

Edited to add: Just picked the girls up from school and Holly told me that her class had voted her SRC rep. I’m so very proud!!! SRC = Student Representative Council

First day for Meg

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It all went smoothly. She found her desk, her name badge and her friends and then it “Goodbye Mum and Dad”. I did have a few tears, but it was all a combination of children growing up, not having a job, being tired and a feeling of helplessness at it all. However, I got home from school and had a phone call about an audiology job. I’m going for a meeting with the manager on Monday so fingers crossed it will be a promising outcome.

I tried to put up some photos of Meggie in her uniform but I am the greatest techno phobe and with the new camera I need Justin’s help to get them onto the puta.

Holly was very nervous yesterday when she returned to school. She had a little meltdown, but the teacher took her by the hand and she was OK.

Amy has running down pat. She loves a good chase if she knows she can get away. If I am too close, she just jumps into my arms. She calls out “Daddy yoo-hoo” and ‘Blankie woo-hoo” but for me it is just Mama. Even Dash was Mama.

Much to be done, have a great week.