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At the ABC’s party on Sunday the girls were enchanted to see some of their favourite characters up close and personal.

652 Fifi Forget-Me-Not

661Lulu from Banana’s in Pyjamas, with Jess staring up at her in awe.

655Morgan from Banana’s in Pj’s giving Jess a huge cuddle.

Holly was at her friends place for the day so she wasn’t around, but Meg and Jess loved dancing to the music and being silly.

This morning we are off to a Playschool Concert. I’m hoping it will be Jay as presenter (oh lala) but it most likely will be George! Graham is minding Sam and Amy so that Lisa and I can have some fun with Andrew, Meg and Jess.

Meg made a new friend on the weekend – a little 4 yr old girl accross the street. She even went over and had a play there. Yay – love my new street our friendly neighbours. I’m VERY happy here.

Hope everyone had a great weekend 🙂

Don’t report me…

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It was just an accident
Jess fell out of the bath on Friday night and hit the floor with a great thud. Immediately this shiner appeared. It has gotten worse over the past few days and this is it this morning….
We went along to the ABC’s 75th birthday celebrations in the park yesterday and Jess got lost. She was standing on her own in the midle of this crowd, crying and with a black eye – how bad do I feel!!

Harmony Day U+ME=US

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Today at Holly’s school it is Harmony Day, which is a special day to celebrate Australia’s multiculural and diverse society. Parents/Carers were asked if they would contribute to a special taste-testing lunch, by making a dish from their country of origin to share.

Hmm….what to do? Mini meat pies, Anzac biscuits, damper, beer shots? No – PAVLOVA (and don’t dare anyone start with me by arguing that Pav’s are from NZ!!). So yesterday I whipped up over 100 mini meringues to take today and top with whipped cream, a blueberry and shaved chocolate. If I were a kid, I’d eat that!

In the spirit of Harmony Day and keeping the Harmony at home, I have to acknowledge my wonderful husband (he gets miffed that I don’t blog about him!!). On the weekend, when I was at the Charny Carnival all day (which BTW was hugely successful) he looked after the 4 girls all on his own, bought them down twice so Amy could have a feed, and then made them dinner while I went out to dinner and Cirque de Solei with Rach and her family. He didn’t complain or demand time of his own the next day in payback. I was so impressed and proud of him, as I am each day but never say. He told me last night that he can remember the first time he fell in love with me – we were in yr 11 English and I did a talk on my contact lenses (do you remember that Rach?). He then said that one day I passed him in the corridor and said “Hi Justin” and he nearly died because I knew his name. I remember that day I said hello – but if someone had have stopped me and said “one day you’ll marry him, have your own business and 4 daughters” I would have laughed them out of town! Who Knew? So thanks Justin for everything you do, and for loving me and the girls so much. We adore you.

Have a great Harmony Day everyone!

TGIF – but big weekend ahead

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There is just no stopping is there?

Tomorrow is the Charny Carnival 2007 and I am running the Cake Stall. So I’ve just made 2 dozen honey joys, 2 dozen shortbread biscuits and a friut loaf. Think I might hang onto the friut loaf to keep Justin happy seeing that I am going to out and about all weekend! I’ll be setting up from 11am, and the thing offically kicks off at 1pm till 7pm. Rach has graciously offered (well said yes to my begging) to help me set up, and then I’m hoping that the thousand cakes that we get will all be sold in 2 hours so that I can go home to get ready for Cirque De Solei. Poor Matt has passed his ticket onto me so that he can see his folks down the coast, but I am overjoyed at being able to go with Rach. Somewhere in amoungst that I have to find time to feed Amy. Maybe Justin will have to bring her to me a few times! Or maybe the bottle will have to suffice!

Another Amy milestone – we had to return the capsule today. Gee they are a happy lot at Kidsafe. I sometimes wonder why so many people go into retail/public jobs if they are totally devoid of manners, happiness and charisma. I digress…capsule returned, car seat in and thank goodness I never need another one of those again. Lat night we went out to the club for dinner and it was fantastic. Not only because I had a delicious hot rocks steak, but also because Amy could sit up in the high chair and play with her toys while I ate. It was sensational and made for such a pleasant evening, than the usual juggling act.

Justin’s Nana turned 82 during the week. What a life this amazing woman has had. I was reading about it today on Justin’s Aunt’s blog. The girls are so lucky to have such an inspirational gene pool!

Oops, better get this stuff out of the oven. Have a great weekend. 🙂

Our Coastal holiday

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Left Friday and returned Monday. It was lovely to have a rest and spend time with L and G and kids. However, it was not so great to have Amy not sleeping and snotty. It is always harder to put up with crying when other people are around – if at home I’d let her cry for a bit in the night but I was super conscious of waking up everyone else.

The house was great with 5 bedrooms, huge backyard, modern kitchen and beach across the road. The view from the lounge room was speclacular, and we watched the Navy boats come and go all weekend (we were in Jervis Bay!). I went for one run on the beach. I must have gone about 2kms and that is most I have ever run in one go. I am building up my stamina and fitness and getting better every week. And I am actually really loving it.

Some pictures of the weekend
634 Amy on the beach with the slip, slop, slap happening!
643Meg with her saggy baggy swimmers.
637 Amy fell asleep on the beanbag – too comfy to refuse.
640Give me that biscuit Daddy” Amy is desperate to reach for anything that is in front of her.

Ok, so not many pictures but we were relaxing!! Back to work and school and life today. Feel the blood pressure rising again. Have a great week!


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We had the lovely Emily with us over the weekend and of course the girls just adored her, hung off her every word and wanted their hair done in plaits (like I can’t do that!!!).

This weekend we are heading off down the coast to Jervis Bay with the Knight’s, and I can’t wait to have a good rest, read some books and drink lots of wine. This will be Amy’s first holiday and I hope she behaves. She is eating well so I had better not forget to pack her food.
What else is happening? Jessie is well and truly loving her new found freedom in undies. She goes to the toilet all the time now and only wears a nappy at night. It is wonderful and she is so proud of herself and willing to explore the different toilets around town!

Meggie has taken to preschool like an old hand. She would go everyday if she were able. Her paintings have improved, her social skills are getting better and she loves the singing and activites that they do.

Holly is grasping Yr one with great confidence. She is spelling everynight and has a test each Friday. I make her do extra stuff, gee I’m a mean mum!, but she loves the challenge and loves showing me that she can do it. For example, if she has spelling words, I get her to write sentences with the word in it, or draw pictures of the words, or find words that rhyme. I also make up math sums. She can do it easily and it beats sitting in front of the TV.

Charny Carnival is on again this month, and I am running the cake stall. I am really looking forward to it this time, because I’m not doing as much as last year, and might be able to get around and actually see some of the rest of the Carnival.

I guess that is about it for now. Life is busy and that is good.


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7.30pm to 7.30am and not a peep in between!


Finally it happened and Amy has settled down enough to get a good night’s sleep. I am over the moon, cause the last 2 weeks have been utterly unbearable with screaming much of the night and up and down 6, 7, 8 times to resettle. Now I don’t feel so stressed about going to the coast on Friday with Lisa, Graham and the kids and Amy keeping everyone awake all night.

So here is what she is up too. Crawling – everywhere. One minute she is there and the next gone. Here are some pics of her in action.

So because she is so clever and sleeping well she is currently off the market, but maybe back up for sale if things go bad!!