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We had the lovely Emily with us over the weekend and of course the girls just adored her, hung off her every word and wanted their hair done in plaits (like I can’t do that!!!).

This weekend we are heading off down the coast to Jervis Bay with the Knight’s, and I can’t wait to have a good rest, read some books and drink lots of wine. This will be Amy’s first holiday and I hope she behaves. She is eating well so I had better not forget to pack her food.
What else is happening? Jessie is well and truly loving her new found freedom in undies. She goes to the toilet all the time now and only wears a nappy at night. It is wonderful and she is so proud of herself and willing to explore the different toilets around town!

Meggie has taken to preschool like an old hand. She would go everyday if she were able. Her paintings have improved, her social skills are getting better and she loves the singing and activites that they do.

Holly is grasping Yr one with great confidence. She is spelling everynight and has a test each Friday. I make her do extra stuff, gee I’m a mean mum!, but she loves the challenge and loves showing me that she can do it. For example, if she has spelling words, I get her to write sentences with the word in it, or draw pictures of the words, or find words that rhyme. I also make up math sums. She can do it easily and it beats sitting in front of the TV.

Charny Carnival is on again this month, and I am running the cake stall. I am really looking forward to it this time, because I’m not doing as much as last year, and might be able to get around and actually see some of the rest of the Carnival.

I guess that is about it for now. Life is busy and that is good.


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7.30pm to 7.30am and not a peep in between!


Finally it happened and Amy has settled down enough to get a good night’s sleep. I am over the moon, cause the last 2 weeks have been utterly unbearable with screaming much of the night and up and down 6, 7, 8 times to resettle. Now I don’t feel so stressed about going to the coast on Friday with Lisa, Graham and the kids and Amy keeping everyone awake all night.

So here is what she is up too. Crawling – everywhere. One minute she is there and the next gone. Here are some pics of her in action.

So because she is so clever and sleeping well she is currently off the market, but maybe back up for sale if things go bad!!