Harmony Day U+ME=US

Today at Holly’s school it is Harmony Day, which is a special day to celebrate Australia’s multiculural and diverse society. Parents/Carers were asked if they would contribute to a special taste-testing lunch, by making a dish from their country of origin to share.

Hmm….what to do? Mini meat pies, Anzac biscuits, damper, beer shots? No – PAVLOVA (and don’t dare anyone start with me by arguing that Pav’s are from NZ!!). So yesterday I whipped up over 100 mini meringues to take today and top with whipped cream, a blueberry and shaved chocolate. If I were a kid, I’d eat that!

In the spirit of Harmony Day and keeping the Harmony at home, I have to acknowledge my wonderful husband (he gets miffed that I don’t blog about him!!). On the weekend, when I was at the Charny Carnival all day (which BTW was hugely successful) he looked after the 4 girls all on his own, bought them down twice so Amy could have a feed, and then made them dinner while I went out to dinner and Cirque de Solei with Rach and her family. He didn’t complain or demand time of his own the next day in payback. I was so impressed and proud of him, as I am each day but never say. He told me last night that he can remember the first time he fell in love with me – we were in yr 11 English and I did a talk on my contact lenses (do you remember that Rach?). He then said that one day I passed him in the corridor and said “Hi Justin” and he nearly died because I knew his name. I remember that day I said hello – but if someone had have stopped me and said “one day you’ll marry him, have your own business and 4 daughters” I would have laughed them out of town! Who Knew? So thanks Justin for everything you do, and for loving me and the girls so much. We adore you.

Have a great Harmony Day everyone!

4 thoughts on “Harmony Day U+ME=US

  1. 3 big cheers for all the wonderful husbands in the world:)

    Mine is pretty good too and reading this reminds me that I sometimes don’t appreicate him as much as I should.

    Glad to read you have been having some fun. Well done making all those mini meringues. Your a super mum. I bet everyone loved them:)

    Have a great day Fran xxoo

  2. bless. That was lovely…We love Justin!!!
    Well done on the meringues too..that was impressive! even though I wuouldnt touch a pav…yukko!!!

    I got the job!! so will chat on the weekend, and see you next weekend yeah!!
    Kate xxx

  3. Oh yes I do indeed remember the contact lense ‘talk’.
    Too cute that he remembers the day you said hello to him and that he was shocked you knew his name.

    Back then I knew you would get married and have lots of gorgeous kids. Did I know it was going to be Justin and you would have the four rainbow girls ah no!

    Thanks for taking care of the girls Justin so we could go play at the circus and giggle at dinner.

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