First day of school 2011

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There’s a kind of hush……

Yay they are back at school! I took the day off to:
a) be there for tea and tissues after drop off and
b) to mind Amy who doesn’t start preschool for another 2 weeks.

The girls were dressed early and helpful at getting things up and running this morning. We were so organised that we forgot to take a back to school photo! Hence this quick squinty one taken in the carpark 🙂
first day school 2011
Jess had a ‘moment’ after breakfast where she kind of freaked out that her best friend Olivia wouldn’t be at school (they moved house and schools). They have been joined at the hip since day one of preschool. Then at school she looked lost and shed a few tears but in no time her other friend Jazzie come bolting up and off they went to play, a whole toothless bunch of them! Gotta love no teeth in year 1.

Then my coffee club went to McCafe for a debrief and giggle. Phew, we all agreed, they are back at school!

“Don’t jump on the bed”

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Everyday it is the same thing. Don’t jump on the bed…..

Today it happened again and now Amy has a corker bump on her head with a bruise in the middle of it. Justin’s bed side drawers have a slight dint in them now.


On a brighter note, Meggie got her new glasses today and she looks very sophisticated.

Have a great weekend…….:)

February already (this post is for you Helen!)

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Can I believe that a month of this new year has flown by already – nope! Anyway, here we are on the last day of School holidays. I have to say that these hols have been the best ones for a long time. So restful and relaxing with lots of great things happening.

The trip to Melbourne for Kate and Rohan’s wedding was wonderful. Having the entire family in Melbourne was great fun as we got to met up everyday. Our hotel room was flooded so we were moved to a different place and it was even better so we lived it up in a little luxury for a week. Right on the Bay at Williamstown and not far from Kates place, it was ideal.

The wedding was on Friday at 14th Jan at 11am, and it was pouring. I mean torrential rain. We had all decided to catch the train into the city for the wedding at the Old Treasury Building, mainly because the parking would be a nightmare. Lisa, Graham and the boys met us at the station, and Kate and Rohan, Penny, Matt and Kids and Mum and Dad all got on a few stops later. Our spirits could not be dampened! It was fun to be on the train in all our bridal wear and to share in the kids joy and excitement at being on a train, with each other (their most favourite people in the world). Getting off the train and to the wedding was wet. We hustled it in the pouring rain and get there relatively dry, thanks for a quick purchase of 5 umbrellas at a cheap shop along the way.
Kate was positively glowing. She looked so beautiful and poised. I was very proud of how elegant and glamorous she looked. I didn’t ever imagine that she was going to be so nervous and excited. There was a moment of some overwhelming tears but with Dad’s clever distraction method, it passed and we were able to all walk down the aisle without incident. Video to follow. 10 children as bridal assistants, then Me, followed by Lisa, and then Kate and Dad. So nice.
kate rohan wedding
After the wedding itself we all walked over the road the Fitzroy Gardens where we had a delicious lunch at The Pavillion. The rain cleared so we were able to get some great photos outside in the amazing gardens.
fran kate wedding
fran wedding
The next day was Kates 40th Birthday so we gathered back at her place for morning tea and some birthday presents before the big birthday bash that night. Penny, wonderful Penny, has spent the best part of a few months putting together a video of Kate’s life. It was funny and emotional and got a great reception – lots of tears form Kate and me too! it was playing that night at the party, on a TV that James pinched from the hotel for the evening! Shh!! Don’t tell anyone about that 🙂

The party was sensational. Gosh it was so hot, but out the back of the place there was a nice breeze and we sat under Jasmine and Potato Vines in relative comfort. Food was awesome, drinks were free flowing and the speeches were entertaining and heartfelt. Great night. Kate has a bunch of lovely friends and the extra family members (aunts and uncles) that came along had a super time. Grandma was there too, so having 4 generations present meant a lot to Kate, and Dad as well.

The next day we headed home, me with a mother hangover and the temp high. Long trip home, but great to be back!

Work started then too, and with it a bit of back to the hustle and bustle. Kids had to be farmed out while work was on and that is always a logistical pain in the neck. However, all good!

Next adventure was on Australia Day when we went camping again. Back to Wee Jasper and this time with friends the Crowes and Simpsons. Fun Fun Fun. Had a ball. It was so hot, but barely noticeable when you are riding the rapids on a boogie board down the river 1000 times. We parked our chairs in the water and swam, chatted, laughed, solved the worlds problems and generally enjoyed ourselves. 2 nights, 6 adults, 10 children (from 10yrs to 8 months), 3 tents, 6 bottles of wine and some beer. Brilliant mini break.

We lost several shoes and thongs in the river. The rocks along the bottom were unforgiving and we have the bruises to prove it!!

So now back to the grind, with school starting on Monday. Holly will be in yr 5, Meg yr 3 and Jess yr 1. Amy starts preschool in a few more weeks. I think she’ll be ok!

Shouldn’t forget too that Holly had her 10th birthday in amongst all this. Have to get my head around the fact that she’s been with us for a decade! She is nearly as tall as me and I can fit into her new school shoes. I sometimes think I can see her growing – she is so lean and leggy! She had a few friends over for a swim and we ate a sensational tart from Adas and Lin. Friends came over for dinner and we had a riotous party!

Helen, hope this has bought you up to date and I’ll make a better effort to keep the posts more regular!!