From Ears to Computers

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Despite my 5 years at uni and 9 years as a practicing Audiologist, next Thursday I’ll be starting my new career in Website training. Justin and I run our own IT business, and I have been doing the MYOB for the past 3 years. In july of this year I started to work in the office 1 day a week and dabbled in a bit of website design. Recently Justin had me do an entire site, and now I am up for training the client on how to use it. It is pretty dam exciting I must say, and I am feeling really proud of myself right about now;)

My Parents

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I have just come to realise how wonderful my parents are, well not just, but I had a light-bulb moment yesterday, when it dawned on me that I have been raised by an amazing couple.

When we were growing up, we had a huge family – us with 5 kids, and my dad’s 5 sisters with 5 each, and Mum’s sister with 4 (yeah, yeah we are all Catholic, lol !!), so family gatherings were always on a major scale. As we grew up, there were always friends over, friends parents, an aunt or uncle, grandparents, lady next door etc, and never once did my parents say that someone couldn’t stay for dinner, or have a drive home, or stay the night if they needed to. Everyone was always welcome and my parents made that person feel special, which in turn made us feel special. As we got even older, married and aquired in-law extras, it was always understood without the words ever having been spoken, that these extras were now part of the family too.

I am very lucky to have had the exposure to such a loving upbringing, and I actually told my parents this yesterday. They were touched. I just to tell them that I had assumed that all families operated in this way, but that isn’t the case, and I had taken for granted their unselfish nature. It is never to late to tell your parents that you love them and appreciate all they have done for you – I did and it was wonderful.

How cute is this girl of mine???

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I was trying to get some Christmas photos of the 3 girls, but when one was looking, the other 2 weren’t, and when Holly and Meg were looking good, Jess was crying – it just was not happening for me!! This one of Meg I just love. She has come into her own at 3, gone are the terrible 2’s and she is such a delight.

I’m going to try another photo session later today. I wanted to put them on Christmas cards for the relatives, but I may just have to settle with the other “regular” ones I have made.

“Live your dreams”

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87 I just love this LO that I did yesterday. I saw Donna Loughton’s entry in the Scrapbooking Masters of 2005 and just had to scraplift it! I am wrapped with the result. The word “dreams” at the bottom is not easy to see, but you get the idea !! LOL.

Justin calculated that I scrapped for 15 hours over the weekend 🙂 It was worth it casue it is so relaxing and stimulating at the the same time. Next task is to do the Christmas cards and get the mince pies into tins and the tins decorated!! No rest for the wicked.

Meggie and I are going to put up the Christmas tree now. Holly has gone to preschool, Jessie as asleep so we will have some quality mum and daughter time together 🙂 I love mornings like this.
Oh, and the gardener is coming. Don’t I sound la-di-dah saying that!!

Kath and Kim was so funny last night. I had a real giggle with that. I wonder if Brett will really leave Kim??

Enjoy Monday 😉

Wonderful Weekend

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Wow, did we have a good day at our “Scrap-a-thon” or what?? It was awesome.
We booked a huge room at the church, put out 3 long tables and still only managed to take up about an eighth of the floor space. WE could have 25 people in there and it would be spacious!!

Anyway, Rach did her Christmas cards and Moi did a gorgeous LO with RIBBONS ( I was in heaven just looking at them). We went down to the shops for a quick lunch and just happened to stop by the LSS. Having stocked up on some supplies we went back to crop for a few more hours. It was so nice to chat and have some company, but the best thing was being able to share resources. Different stamps and inks and flowers and brads, it was like a shop! Loving it.

When I got home, I just couldn’t stop scrapping. I read in the SM mag that they were calling for submissions with an autumn theme, and I had the perfect photo. So while Harry Potter was on TV, i came up with this page to submit. I love it, and I hope they do too!!



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I can’t believe I don’t subscribe to Scrapbooking Memories!

I was just reading Julie Love’s reviews of her Favourites in this months edition and it made me want to run out and get a copy then and there. I so wish I could be good enough to one day to have a LO published – ahhh wishful thinking, but then again you gotta dream big or nothing would ever inspire you.


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Off to take Meg to the GP this morning to get a referral for the eye Specialist. Thank goodness he bulk-bills children – I resent having to pay $55 just for a 5 minute consultation for a referral!

Dropped Holly off at Preschool. It is an Australian theme the past few weeks and today they have someone from the Sydney Nolan Gallery to talk about Art. As I left they were looking at Ned Kelly face masks and the activity was to decorated them with their own “artwork”.

78 Did some layouts over the past few nights. Here they are……75

First Walkers

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Jess got her first pair of shoes on the weekend. Some Clarks sandals, size 5, pink of course and they are sooo cute. She just thought she was great, walking around in her flash new shoes.

She is trying to gather speed now. I chase her and she really wants to run, but hasn’t quite got the balance yet. In the pool yesterday she stood in the water, looked at her feet and fell over head first. She must have seen the water moving ( like at the beach when the water lapps around your feet and you feel like you are moving but you aren’t) and her senses overloaded, and she fell in!

She is such a great age and a thoroughly adorable baby. Can’t wait to see what she has in store next.