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Goodbye beloved oven. Thanks for your awesome size, perfect temperature and 4 tiers. Thankyou for the thousadnd meals you’ve baked, the thousand or more cakes and biscuits that you created for us, family/friends and cakes stalls. The last 5 years have been great.

Farewell old kitchen. Xx



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On a running high. Just did 10kms in 52.41 which is a major personal best and massive achievement for me. Getting that treadmill was the best decision I ever made. It has kept me right on target for fitness over the winter (I never would have been at this place if I’d taken the winter off). I am on a major endorphin rush right now!

Next goal is to get close to 50mins for 10kms. If I find a flat route that might just do it. My hilly route is tough! I love it, but it is hard yakka 😉


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Not sure if I wrote before that Holly came First in her annual Physical Culture Competition a few weeks ago. Going off to the Gold Coast was a great learning experience and she has certainly taken it on and performed really well for the club comp. Next stop Wagga in a few weeks for the regional competition and then onto Homebush in November for the teams comp.
holly physie winner 11

Last weekend we went for a bike ride around the lake and stopped in at Old Parliament house for the dress-ups. It is now the Museum of Democracy and a very interesting place to visit if you ever get the chance. These girls love this place and these olden day clothes. Here, Holly and Meg are farming peasant women, driving the Queen (Jess) and Princess (Amy) in a Roman chariot. We have all our times lines out of whack, but they had fun!

girls OPH october11
And here is the Castle Cake that I made for Amy when we had the family over for birthday celebrations last weekend. It won’t be winning any prizes but they all loved it…even the chickens ate the leftovers!
amy castle cake

We have 4 new chickens that have just started laying in the last few days. And Amy and Meg got a guinea pig each for their birthdays. Their names keep changing, but they are very cute and much loved. Will get a pic of them and their palatial hutch next time.

Just cracked the 5kg mark today. Since returning form the gold coast in August I’ve had an aim to lose 5kgs and it has been an up and down 9 weeks, but I am happy to say that today was the day!! Only got .6kg to get to goal weight and then I’m going shopping with Kate in Melbourne. Got the plane ticket already so have to keep on track! End of Birthday season so should be good to go before the Christmas parties begin.

Have a great week.