The rural life

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For the past 8 years or so that we have been living here we have gotton used to being awoken in the morning to the gentle baa-ing and moo-ing of the resident sheep and cows from the farm next to us. Even though we live in a suburb, we have nothing to the left of our house except farmland. It is so nice to look out the loungeroom windows and see no others houses or to be pestered by neighbours 😉

The past week, DH has been out walking in the mornings with Holly and they have befriended some new animals from the farm. Check it out – Alpacca’s…

OK so it is not such a great photo – those brown lumps there could be yeti’s or bunyips for all you know!! But believe me, they are Alpacca’s LOL.
Not much else going on here. Must be time for something to eat – see ya!!!

Rachie’s letterbox challenge

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I was just reading Rach’s blog entry about letterboxes and it got me thinking about numerology and how the house number can reflect ‘you”. Here is what I came up with-

All numbers have an “energy value” and therefore the number of your house has a certain “energy value” associated with it. Numbers greater than 9 are first reduced to their single form to determine the overall “value”. For example, the number 35 is reduced to a single digit by adding the 3 and 5 together to make 8. So a house number of 8 (or 17 or 26 or 35 etc..) all have the same “energy”.

Number and Positive Aspects
1 Independence, strong minded
2 Sensitivity, working in harmony with others
3 Fun, witty, mental agility
4 Organised, structured
5 Freedom, expansion
6 Home loving, creative
7 Teaching, learning
8 Empowered, in control, assertive, financial astuteness
9 Completion, responsibility, caring, humanitarian

180 I raced outside just now and took this pic of the letterbox. Jessie came with me to see what I was doing, so she hopped on the box to get in the photo. I don’t know why I bother to buy clothes for her – she is always naked/seminaked!!

In terms of the numerology, I live at 116, so that means 8. I guess all those things apply to me. I do the MYOB for our business so that could be ‘financial astuteness’ 🙂 Does anyone else think their’s is right? Rach, you at number 6 is spot on. You are totally home loving and creative!!

My New Look

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I thought I needed a new “summer” look to my blog, so here it is. I love the watermelon banner, so bright and peppy – just like me!!! LOL

The weekend has been a blur really. Swimming, house hunting, movies, lunches and sleeping. I need all the energy I can muster to get through the last week of school holidays 😉

The Plasma arrives tomorrow, or so says the delivery guy. Justin told him it had better be cause his marital status depends on it!! I am totally over watching the black and white – especially when all the great shows start again this week!

OK off to peruse the blogs.

– I had a frightening experience today. Jess was running around and I was about to put a new nappy on her. I got distracted and the next thing I know she is walking toward me with poo all over her legs, her hands, in her hair and on her face. It was on the walls where she has held on to climb up the stairs and most of it on the new mat in the loungeroom. It was so gross – I am still trying to get the stench out of my nostrils!!


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Yes, Thank Goodness It’s Friday!!!!

Our Australia Day was very quiet here at home. Not being up to facing any crowds and the heat, we had our own BBQ, which by the way was so delicious. Yummy marinated lamb chops that were just delicatelty pink in the centre and not tough and hagged like a piece of old leather! The girls asked me to make a “Happy Birthday Australia” cake and Meggie decorated it. What do you think!! It kinda resembles a drunk Koala wouldn’t you say?
The kids just spent a lot of time getting cool and what better way to do that than by wearing nothing at all 🙂 This is Jessica on the back deck chasing Dash with a bucket.
I did a bit of scrapping in the evening, inspired by Moi’s abundance of LO’s over the past week. I hand stitched the circles and around the edge. It is a bit rough, but the first page I have done all year 🙂

Hope Ya’ll have a great weekend.


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So I just had this phone conversation with my brother (the one who got married a few weeks ago, just back from his honeymoon)

DB: Had a great time away, but it is going to be a big year.

ME: Oh yeah, why is that?

DB: I’m gonna be a Daddy!

ME: OMG!!!!

She is 17 weeks, due about July 8th. Can they keep a secret or what? She hadn’t even told her mum! They are like the “Vaults” of our family. Next time I have something to keep a secret, I telling them cause I know for sure that they won’t tell a soul!!!

So I am going to be an aunty again. My other brother and his wife are expecting in April, so 2 little nieces of nephews for me this year. YAY.

Energy levels oh so low

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I’m a bit pooped this week – the weather and the kids are tiring me out. I’ve had no inspiration to blog for a few days and certainly no energy to do any cleaning, scrapping or ironing! I thought I’d better pull myself out of this reverie and do some baking, so I whipped up some mini banana muffins for the kids. It is all quite, so I guess they like them!! LOL

Hot Weekend

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Wow it was a stinker here in the ACT over the weekend. I think it was everywhere 🙂

Holly’s party was a great success. She is now officially 5 years old! The jumping caslte was great, but the red faces of the kids as they came off suggested that 36 degrees + small comfined space with high energy jumping is probably not a great combination. Nonetheless, it was lots of fun.

Justin scolded me for even suggesting that the party would not have other games, so he raced out on Saturday morning for pass-the-parcel prizes. Here is a pic of the kids holding up what they got…

Holly’s cake was a great acheivement for me – a Pinata cake. A cake underneath a dome of chocolate. Holly had to smash the chocolate dome (with my Makin’ Memories Hammer) to reveal the cake and smarties and lollies spilled out. Awesome. This is her having a bash at it.

In the 20 years that I have known Rach, she has never been one for having her photo taken – I know, so gorgeous and yet so shy!!! Here is one of her and I that Justin took that doesn’t have Rach’s hand over the lens, or one of the back of her head, or giving the bird!! LOL 😉 Aren’t we GORGEOUS with that sheen of sweat over our faces from being so dam hot!!!

I guess the best news of the weekend is that we finally bought a new TV. Our current one has been Black and White/tunnel vision for the past 9 weeks and driving us insane. Justin has been researching the topic of Plasma’s like he has been studying for a major exam and last night pressed the BUY button for one on Ebay. Can’t wait to get a look at it – 2 to 10 working days. Hurry up!

New Glasses

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We picked up Meggie’s new “Barbie” glasses today. She was very excited and put them on so proudly. She wore them out of the shop, but was walking so gingerly, like the ground was moving underneath her and she couldn’t get her footing, that we had to take them off till we got home. I remember the same sensation when I wore new glasses. Everything seemed a bit circluar I guess becase of the way the glasses kind of wrap around your face. Anyway, this is her looking so Fabbo in the new specs.

We are preparing for Holly’s 5th Birthday party tomorrow. Cake is cooking away merrily in the oven, the party loot bags for home time are already done and tomorrow the jumping castle arrives at 10.30am. It is all the rage here to have “Entertainment” at your child’s party, so I gave in to the pressure and ordered a castle. The rest of the party is very low-key, not a pass-the-parcel or musical chairs in sight! Rach and Moi are coming with their kids (well half of their respective children each) as well as 6 hypo 5 year olds from Holly’s preschool. Can’t wait for tomorrow….to be over!! LOL

I also got my January Tarisota collection today in the mail. Yummo – can’t wait to do some scrappin’ . And to top it off Rach gave me a Xyron. I’m in heaven and can’t wait to givve it a go.

Digesting the Internet

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Holly and I were discussing the way dinosaurs ate rocks to help digest their food. She was explaining to me that food went down their throats, into their tummy’s and then “into a place, I think it’s called…..the Internet” – she meant the Intestines!!!

Yesterday she asked me if I were going to watch “Mould and the Beautiful”!

I was visiting Rach yesterday and Zara told me that she thought her mum was the best scrapbooker in the world. I’d heard this story from Rach’s blog so I was nodding my head agreeing with her and then she added that she thought I was the second best scrapbooker! Ahhhh, Bless her heart 🙂

My Limerick Challenge

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Ok, here is my effort at the limerick challenge (see previous post for details)…..

There once was a husband called Justin
Who never did any dustin’
Every surface, you know,
looked covered in ‘snow’
It really was quite disgustin’

Or Version 2

There once was a laddie called Justin
Whose body was one I was lustin’
His kisses were sweet
He seemed kinda neat
To marry him, I was bustin’!

I found this kids site on poetry.. It was fun to write some limericks – I challenge everybody to have a go. 🙂 🙂 Can’t wait to read some others. Thanks for reading!